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  1. Can someone tell me where I can get those black sleeves that are at the plug end of the spark plug wires? Thank you.
  2. Hello: I recently am a new proud owner of a 14 Buick Model 24 and wanted to ask about the point gap clearance and the procedure on setting the gaps? I am also looking for a parts manual and an owners manual if one ever existed? Thanks in advance! Mike
  3. Yes, I know of that shop and did deal with the previous owner Harry who has since passed away. He did the seats on my 1937 Chevrolet pickup. They really don't do the real old 20's and under cars but I will ask them. Thank you.
  4. Hello: Can anyone recommend a good upholstery shop here in Mass. that can work on the Early Brass Car Tops? Lot of the good ones are gone I hate to say. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello: Can anyone tell me if this axle will fit a 1914 Buick Model 24? I would like to have a spare or pieces thereof. Thank you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/265224921107?hash=item3dc0a32013:g:QvwAAOSw-3FZAf4P
  6. Andy: Thank you! I'll call them in the morning!
  7. Thanks, I'll call them tomorrow.
  8. I called Linale Spring and they said they can't help me, too busy they said. Anyone else to try in the Northeast? The few that are around now only replace springs, not rebuild and repair anymore. Thanks
  9. Thanks Guys, I'll check with Linale tomorrow and see what they say.
  10. Hi, who have you guys used for custom leaf springs? I'm trying to replace my 24 Star's front leaf springs and am having trouble finding a company. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Mike
  11. Flivverking: Thanks so much for the details, I appreciate it! My spokes are varnished but finish is drying out and cracking. Could even be polyurethane that was sprayed on as I don't even see brush marks.
  12. Flivverking: What would you recommend for the scuffing, Scotch-brite or sandpaper? I know varnishes tend to load up sandpaper easily from past experiences. Thanks!
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