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  1. Flivverking: Thanks so much for the details, I appreciate it! My spokes are varnished but finish is drying out and cracking. Could even be polyurethane that was sprayed on as I don't even see brush marks.
  2. Flivverking: What would you recommend for the scuffing, Scotch-brite or sandpaper? I know varnishes tend to load up sandpaper easily from past experiences. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the advice. I recently purchased the car so it has been refinished over the years and probably wasn't sanded down before applying. I'll see how much I can sand off and then use your tip about thinning the first coat 50%. Will be doing this as soon as weather warms up enough. Thanks
  4. Hi guys: I wanted to ask who makes a high end marine spar varnish or synthetic that will bond well to my 24 Chevy's spokes and will last more than a year or two before doing it again? I've used Hellman's Spar but only lasts 1 or 2 years and starts cracking and flaking off. Any advice appreciated!
  5. I too have a W5 Marine conversion engine similar to this in condition. I bought it for spare parts for my 24 Star in case I needed parts. I wanted to ask though, since the floating oil level gauge is not present and the hole in the block isn't drilled for the floating wire, how did they check oil level in these converted marine versions? Just curious as I suppose it still can be drilled as the high and low level marks are still cast in the block.
  6. I think I can use the basic band and fabricate the rest and weld them on as needed. I just sent you a PM. Thanks
  7. Looks like 1.5" width and 10" diameter drum.
  8. Do you think its the same otherwise? I can make the channel and weld them on.
  9. I need the inside band which is for the emergency brake. Thank you.
  10. Hello: Looking for a right side emergency brake band assembly. Have attached photos from left side as a reference. Let me know what you might have. Thanks
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