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  1. Yes, Thanks Larry. Much appreciated!
  2. Hans: Pictures don't show. Can you re-send them? Thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me what this plug is equivalent to in the newer series? I'm not sure but think it was equivalent to a 3X which then went to a C-4 then replaced by C16C and finally to a W-18. I have a set of 4 of these NOS and are a 1-pc design with cad plating. Just want to confirm how hot or cold it might be before using. Thanks in advance!
  4. George: Can I get those pictures please?
  5. Hello: Can anyone tell me who has parts for this engine for a total rebuild? I have only found gaskets so far. Also looking for a shop manual for this engine also. Thank you.
  6. Jon: Thanks for the advice. I see a lot of these on 20's cars at Hershey so someone is doing them. I'll have to look into a replacement as I see your point about the vanes and the pot metal venturi. I have seen some Durants with a Marvel-Schebler TSV or X from a Continental F-162 motor used in farm equipment. I don't know how well the linkage adapts. I'll post this on the Durant technical site and see if anyone has a carburetor upgrade. Thanks again.
  7. Dave: Actually, this is an all bronze carburetor. I'm trying to find a shop that does the early 20's versions. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Can anyone recommend a carburetor rebuilder that does the early 20's Tillotson's that they have had good luck with? I have a MV-1B in need of rebuilding. Thanks.
  9. George: Its: Thank you!
  10. Can anyone tell me where I can find a NICE # 4958 Throw-out bearing or equivalent? Been searching all over and coming up dry. Thanks in advance.
  11. Looking for a replacement or original rear window frame for the convertible top. I haven't been able to find who sells the aftermarket stainless steel versions that could be used. Best I can tell it is similar to what GM used, approx. 7" x 24". Any help appreciated! Thank you.
  12. Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to buy some rare and obsolete in-demand Babbitting Equipment as they don't come along often! Have a Waterbury-Simplicity rod lathe, Tobin Arp SB re-sizer, Hempy Cooper Pouring jig for Model T mains, KRW Model T line boring frame with adjustable cutters and setting micrometer and false cam, Fordson main bearing line boring unit, hempy-Cooper Fordson main pouring jig, Kwik-way line boring unit, Storm -Vulcan pouring jig assembly for pouring rods and mains, etc. Kwik-Way line bore units with Ford centering gauges. Connecting rod X-groover and more! Some items NOS and never used. Serious inquiries only, please! It took almost a lifetime to find this stuff so they will be priced accordingly. Thanks for your interest. Prefer pickup but can ship for extra. (508)395-9681
  13. Mitch: I have copies of the needed literature. Let me know.