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  1. Very interesting , would love to see where you mounted the Kawasaki switch controls?? Mind sharing some pictures?
  2. Yes I’d appreciate that, I’d like to go electronic if possible on my 1927 Buick’s standard six!! i look forward to hearing from you soon.... thanks again! William
  3. I am not professional on these by any means but I looked on the Pertronix site and they don’t have them listed for my 1927 standard six so my guess would be no go for anything older?
  4. Thanks so much Bob, this is exactly what I was looking for! Yes I am pretty sure it’s exacrly the same as the 27/27! i will be ordering the kit as soon as I get the regulator freed up, it’s been sitting since at least 2004 when the prev owner passed away so the regulator is frozen in place and the crank handle is broken off (fantastic pot metal!) so I need to free it up then ordering all new rubber for the entire car, most of it missing anyway.
  5. I have an exhaust leak at the outside point where then pivot rod gets thru the butterfly. i am definitely going to do what you did and block off that two butterfly flies, at the collector and the heat riser, soon as I may just spot weld that point where the exhaust leak is and grind it off so it looks smooth. Just figured if I could pick up a new collector I’d be nice to just bolt it in now.
  6. Ok I need some help, I want to purchase a new exhaust collector that houses the butterfly that goes to the heatriser for my ‘27 Buick Standard Model 27. i know I saw this as a new piece available on a website somewhere and can’t find it again for the life of me! Anyone know where to find one?
  7. Awesome thank you Sir! So it looks like the section I marked in red is quite wide and basically nonexistent on mine right now!! So a new rubber seal on the base of the windshield should cover any paint issue I believe! this section I highlighted in red is all rubber and looks a little over 1/2 inch wide?
  8. If anyone has a good picture From the outside of the base/bottom weatherstripping that seals the roll up windshield on a 1927 Standard Buick (not sure if Master is the same) and could post it? I’d appreciate it.... This rubber is broken up and needs replaced on my car however whoever painted my car painted slightly up onto the little bit of molding that’s left. My issue is I’d like to replace the rubber weatherstripping and I know Steele Products sells it however with the paint going up onto the current rubber my worry is removing the rubber and not damaging more of the paint! I am hoping that a new rubber weatherstripping would cover down onto the paint a bit to cover any small paint issues that WILL occur when I remove the current rubber! I apologize I am not at the car but here is where i am referring to:
  9. Ok so does anyone else have a different style “needle and seat” like I do? Seems a I don’t have the same style need and seat as others have posted so I’m curious if anyone else has this style and any reported issues w it? i believe this is a newer style carb than the 1927 model year car is.... maybe a 28-29? But I’m more curious about the style of needle and seat than what year carb.
  10. Does last 2 weekends count? Took the old girl to get her first bath since purchasing our 1927 Standard! Before and after, IMHO for a quick wash and one coat of yellow wax by hand I think “she shined up real good” as my Grandmother used to say! Enjoy..... ps, white walls will be hit with bleach white the next time I have her out!!
  11. Purchased the car after the prev owner passed away in 2004. The car sat in his garage u touched since then.... We purchased the car last Summer and had to build a new fuel tank, clean and rebuild the carb, flush everything, and rebuild the Stewart Warner Vacuum Fuel System. I finally was able to wash it and a light coat of wax by hand this past weekend, just thought it was time to share it with you fine folks! The list of to do’s is long but a huge thanks to the many folks that have helped me so far!! Without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am at with the car! I must say she doesn’t look bad for a quick wash and wax! Disregard the dirty white walls, I didn’t have the correct cleaning agents when I washed it Sunday! I hope everyone enjoys the car, I certainly have enjoyed it so far and have enjoyed this learning process! This is my first classic car as I’ve always been a muscle car guy…
  12. Gotcha, I think I sent you a picture of my set up inside the carb which doesn't seem to have a needle and seat like yours does. I sent you a picture didn't I Hugh?
  13. Ok so I’m thinking the float needs adjusted in the carb but I’ll ask anyway! so as soon as I shut the car off gas IMMEDIATELY starts dripping out the weep hole from the cab! thoughts? its a pita to jump out and put the hood up every single time I stop !