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  1. Modern term of “goosing the accelerator” when downshifting is called “Rev Matching”and is a common technique when downshifting modern manual trans cars too. Some new cars and motorcycles have what is called an “Auto Blipper” that does this same thing…..helping to rev-match for easier downshifts!
  2. I’ve been awol for a while due to crazy life getting in the way of the pleasure of your all’s company on here but…. do you recall what they wanted for the car? NEVER MIND I SAW IT ABOVE!!!!!
  3. “Honey I had to buy another 1927 Buick, I didn’t want this spare water pump to go to waste!”😊😳😂🤣😉
  4. gotcha I didnt know this! Well hopefully all arrives in the condition is should, another reason why I only pay via protected methods! i never send money via “friends and family” and I’ll gladly reimburse a seller the 3% PayPal fee to have a middleman if there is an issue! id love to have Dan’s contact information if someone can message me w it just in case!
  5. Yeah I know what you mean, I really wasn’t looking to get a Goddess right now but thought if she only has one left it’s now or never! And finding an original one In pot metal is the ever “growing issue” or swelling! so I went ahead and ordered it! there is apparently one of the 1928 Goddess left, as of Sunday anyway!
  6. I don’t think the website is in operation any longer but I’ll text Cindy/Cyndi Sommer and ask her. i know last week when I attempted to access the website it was found and I just tried again and nothing.... Looks like they shut down the site at some point after Mr. Sommer passed away unfortunately!
  7. I spoke to Don Sommer’s daughter “Cindy/Cyndi” last week and was able to purchase the last 1927 Buick Goddess they had. According to my conversation with Cindy she said they have made a decision to not manufacture anymore ornaments “at this time” and that they make them down the road but as of right now they are not making any more. When I spoke with Cindy she did have one 1928 Buick Goddess left as well, so hopefully this information helps someone who may be looking for one! Cindy sent me picture of both the 1927 Goddess I ended up purchasing and the 1928 as shown below.... I was sad to see that Mr. Sommer has passed away in 2019 as I had seen him on various car related shows such as Barry Meguires’ Car Krazy and I believe Leno’s Garage. (I don’t have the best memory!). It seemed Mr. Sommer has a wealth of knowledge about the industry that we all love and he was a true artisan of his craft!
  8. Thank you Michael! It’s the same gauge face in both pictures above, just cleaned it up really well and when I did it removed the lettering so I decided I’d do some DIY etching and I’m quite happy w the results, not perfect but the difference between before and after is staggering!
  9. The before and after shows the improvement for sure!
  10. I finally got around to stopping to visit the car for a few, popped the fuel gauge in and while it’s not in for good it doesn’t look bad! The etching I did came out good, I’m happy w it! I used KBS Coatings inside the markings/letters after I etched in the new markings so it should stay this way long past my time on Earth! I hope....
  11. Steele Products even has a kit to help you model the stripping/molding you need and they will replicate it for you, again if they don’t already offer it....
  12. Larry I’d love to see any info you have on the 1927 Standard ?
  13. I just used a company here in the USA to restore my 1927 MD plates but I had them done in porcelain, while not original any longer, I like the look and durability of porcelain ! I also have a matched set from 1927 MD, that I might have done in porcelain as well come spring.... great score on the Nj matches set!
  14. Hugh as you know we switched out the problematic 1927 pot metal distributor for a 1929 unit(cast), it dropped right in with zero modifications! I will be happy to see if I have the old parts laying around, I do have a brand new set of everything, including points for a 1927, however as you can imagine I don’t want to cut them up.
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