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  1. want to make a few more? 🤷🏼‍♂️😳😂😂😂
  2. Does anyone sell new brass inserts/contacts?
  3. Robert did the sale close on the car?
  4. The limited occasions I drive our 27/27 Buick, this is exactly how I “shut the car down”, I leave the dash switch in the on/run position and then turn the fuel off at the bottom of the SW Vacuum Fuel System canister right at the sediment bowl and proceed to let the car run out of fuel or just about run out of fuel. When the car starts to sputter then I turn the dash switch to the off position. I do this after a suggestion from a few members here as I was very nervous shutting the car down that’s got so much wood in it and fuel that would drip at times after shutting the car down (before I started this shutting the fuel off first before the dash switch) and it seemed like it would be the perfect conditions to ignite!! Now I still worry but I don’t worry as much about fire!! Then when I drive the car the next time I don’t have to worry about fuel evaporating out of the carb float bowl, I reverse the process returning plenty of fuel to the bowl and tap the “tickler” fuel enrichment button on top the bowl and start the car on the first two to three cranks every time!! Hope this works for you @cjmarzoli
  5. Wow that is what spectacular looking whip!!!!! Love love love the color!!!
  6. Wow.....all I can say. It’s spectacular! Well done.....
  7. you all think it would be better to use copper or brass for the block off ??
  8. Which would be a better material to use, copper or brass?
  9. I’ll block it off, I had to get a new exhaust valve regardless as the rod holding the diverter was poking through the outside of the exhaust valve and allowing exhaust to exit/leak out. The one on the car didn’t have a screw into it to show the position of the disk inside it. this exhaust leak was so bad that I couldn’t drive the car a mile without getting a headache and smelling like exhaust! Carbon dioxide is no joke, my face was red all day! I want to start enjoying the car but I refuse to drive the car anymore till I get this exhaust leak fixed! ill cap off the cross over pipe and the engine side of the heat riser per all of your advice! @Hugh. Did you purchase a set of “Copper” or Brass from online metals? I didn’t see copper on their site but it looks like your block off is brass??
  10. Anyone have any experience or ideas on this? Bueller.....Bueller.....Bueller.....Anyone.....
  11. Replacing the exhaust valve on a 27/27 Standard and the new one we got doesn’t have much of a lip inside for the cross over pipe going to the carb to seat against. There is a little lip but it’s very slight. Not sure it’s enough for graphite packing/rope to seal against. Any ideas? What is best to use on the threaded portion of the cross over pipe on the threaded collars that helps seal it up? Right now I’m getting exhaust coming through the threaded collar so I’m sure there has to be a sealant to help seal the threads up that can withstand the heat and seal this area up?!? I look forward to your thoughts and advice, also posting on the the prewar Buick FB page.
  12. great info, happen to have the page for 1927 model year w this info?
  13. I don’t want to hijack this post but it’s on topic.... my 1927 standard, the left rear brake is hanging up. When I park and set the hand brake, release it to back out of the garage and I can feel it hanging up. If I gently rock the car a little it releases. Any ideas on why it would hang up? everything on the car is greased up.....
  14. I’ll take the wiper motor off the car and disassemble it and see what’s going on. I don’t have a issue making a new gasket and sealing the nipple back into the housing. I’m pretty confident I can get it working again.
  15. I’ll stop by the car and take a look, when I was starting the car for the first time since we acquired it I was had a vacuum leak that Hugh helped me isolate to the wiper motor. Capped off the vacuum line at the wiper motor and noticed the nipple pulled right out of the housing. It’s been since last Summer that I called off the vacuum line so I’ll have to take a look at the end of the nipple itself. ill report....