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  1. All great info and exactly what I was looking for!!! Very interesting!
  2. Crazyfamily

    Vacuum Pump Fuel Shutoff

    THanks Brian, I took a look at their catalog and don’t see one like this one but I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see what I can find out. i greatly appreciate you and everyone else who are helping me not only understand these cars but also field my repeated berage of question after question and assisting me in locating the parts I am in need of! i really really appreciate it, and as I said from my first introduction “I hope to one day give more confrontations than I take from the group!”
  3. Crazyfamily

    Vacuum Pump Fuel Shutoff

    Ok so now I see why people say “old cars fight you along the way” so im restoring the original SW Vacuum Fuel Pump and this fuel valve broke right off. Does anyone have one available or know where I can purchase it from?
  4. Crazyfamily

    Who has had a Trans/Shifter Lock Key made?

    Thanks Hugh, I think I am going to try yessers out and see what comes of it. if that doesn’t work then I’m going to let it rest for a bit.
  5. Crazyfamily

    Interior kits?

    Ok I know and love the saying “It’s only original once!” However as much as I do like the fact that our ‘27 Buick Standard has its original interior, I am thinking I’d like to be prepared and go ahead and purchase a new interior! Does anyone make a ready made replacement interior kit for these cars? I am am not sure what the interior color was called for our car but it’s a dark blue color mohair I’m told? If anyone knows of a kit for the interior and can point me in the right direction I’d be most appreciative! thanks so much....and Happy Holidays! William Crazyfamily
  6. Just curious if there is a list someone has composed of the differences Or changes made from each model year to the next for Buick’s? Would be nice to know what the major differences were for each model year vs the previous! Would certainly be an interesting read for someone new to these cars.... like me!
  7. Crazyfamily

    Pines Manufacturing Company “The Winterfront”

    I think this 91+ year old “technology “ is pretty darn cool myself! ^Not that I’ll ever actually install it on our car! However I wouldn’t part w it as you never know lol!! Where we live we wouldn’t worry about driving it when it’s that cold out!
  8. As some of your know I posted some pictures of my Winterfront that was given to me, along with a bunch of spares, for our 1927 Buick Model 27 “Standard” a few months ago by the previous owner of the car. Well tonight I decided to get it out again, wipe it off real quick and ask the Mrs if I could borrow her hairdryer! Well, the Mrs said yes and the “Winterfront” with it’s 90 plus year old technology still works just fine! It didn’t take long at all with the hairdryer on low to start opening the louviers of The Winterfront! I just wanted to share my excitement with my fellow car fanatics!
  9. Crazyfamily

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    I can replace the rubbers, mine are pretty hard but then again I don’t know how much “squish” they should have?
  10. Crazyfamily

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    I think I need someone who knows what they are doing to adjust these doors!
  11. Crazyfamily

    Coatings for cast iron exhaust parts

    I’d love to see the correct color paint on each area/parts on the 1927 Model 27 so I can make sure it looks correct on our car.
  12. Crazyfamily

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    Do they adjust in any way?
  13. Crazyfamily

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    I looked for a few minutes yesterday and it seems the little rubber stoppers at the top and bottom of jam are preventing the door from making it to the inside stepped jam! whats the secrets with these rubbers stoppers?
  14. Crazyfamily

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    I’ll give it a try and report back
  15. Crazyfamily

    Door Latch Question ‘27 Buick

    No the screw tightens fine, the wood and car are solid. I just don’t know how the stepped door jam part where the door latch meets this stepped jam section adjusts so I can get the doors to latch onto the tightest position. anyine else have a door that would only latch on the first notch of the stepped jam and find a way to adjust it so it latches tight in the tightest position?