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  1. Providing we don’t get the planned snow or rain Sunday I’ll be out in the car Sunday and will try a little of my magic polish on the spokes and report.....
  2. I love this group!!! So much knowledge and willingness to help others, again I love it. i have wondered what my 1927 Standard steering wheel “spokes” were supposed to be finish wise?? They almost look like worn nickel to me, can anyone confirm what my car should have? i appreciate it....
  3. Seems fitting, not a 100% quality job but you get the point and on a 38 Buick!!
  4. You could either try wood graining yourself, that’s my plan, have someone else do it, or even look into hydro-dipping if you remove and strip the parts your want wood grained?
  5. If you goto Steele Rubber Products website and request a free catalog they will send you a custom catalog that’s just the products for YOUR car!!! Even has a label on the front of the catalog that it’s for YOU w YOUR name and YOUR car make and model!!
  6. This?
  7. I’d be ok w that as long as I can access it when I need fuel!
  8. Mark I don’t know how I got it done, I have degenerative disc disease in my L3/L4, L4/L5, and L5/S1 levels along with arthritis in my facet joints! So honestly, I don’t know how I did it but let me add, I did cuss A LOT! And I mean A LOT! I am thinking about removing the dash and window trim to paint it, that would be the ideal time to work on the switch again. My problem is I am OCD and Adult ADD so I get an idea in my head and I won’t let it rest until I tackle it, be it a blessing or a curse!😂
  9. I guess I will take the switch a part again and try to figure out the dash light and why it’s not working. Larry where can I get my hands on some new contacts for the switch? When I had it a part I did see mine were heavily worn as was the wafer they were embedded in as it had a groove worn in it.
  10. I’d love to have a trunk mount and trunk like that, If anyone comes across one or wants to part with one please let me know!
  11. wow I have never seen something like this offered on eBay, I’ll have to put my searching skills to the test! yes, I know it’s a big odd but I have a 1927 tag on my car and it’s showing it’s age, though for its age it’s in pretty good condition! Just not the condition I’d like, and having it done in porcelain like the DE Black Tags are scream quality! They are extremely heavy but really nice! ill keep everyone updated on how it goes and which way I go w it.... any additional input is greatly appreciated as well!
  12. So I am playing with the idea of having my 1927 License Plate that’s on our car refinished in porcelain. I really don’t want to paint the tag, nor do I really want to have it powder coated. In Delaware there is a huge market, and I mean like in the millions of dollars, for low digit tags. Locally they are known as “DE Black Tags” and boy are they are in high demand! Each year there is an actual tag auction, aside from all the one on one direct sales, that takes place and tags have fetched millions and I knew millions of dollars. The lower the number the more it’s worth, even numbers that are duplicates run big bucks! DE Black Tag #1 is owned by the State and is reserved for whomever is Governor, #2 goes to Lt. Govenor, and then the general public, I’d you got the bread, gets the rest.....again if you can afford such luxuries! A friend of mine owns number “16” and bought it for $225,000. Yes nearly 1/4 Million USD!!! So, I know that an original finish in a tag means it’s worth more than a restored or altered tag however, I am considering having my 1927 license plate finished in porcelain just like the DE Black Tags I mentioned above. I love the look of these porcelain tags however I wonder where in the world I would find someone who could refinish the tag in actual porcelain??? Any ideas??
  13. Nice job! Great info!! when I rebuilt my 1927 Combo Switch I had to do so laying on my back and rebuilt it with the switch assembly still FIRMLY stuck in the dash!! I did everything short of a jack hammer to get the switch housing out of the dash and no luck! So, the car wants to continue to fight me then so be it, I again rebuilt it inside the car! Everything works as it should EXCEPT the knob that turns the dash light on does not work for some reason! I replaced the bulb and still no go, is there something I should be looking for that’s a common fault of the dash light knob?