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  1. It's only been 5 days on a message board where everybody is a expert on Model A's and already has a old car. It will take time and more then a free ad on a message board to bring big money like this.
  2. There are company's who will make any kind of pistin you want. Diesel pistins would be heavy with really thick tops. Not good for a gas motor.
  3. There are company's who will make any kind of pistin you want. Diesel pistins would be heavy with really thick tops. Not good for a gas motor.
  4. Look up the wrestler who sold his Ford GT sports car before he was supposed to. Ford sued him but they settled so I think it's hard to enforce but if theres enuf money involved maybe its worth it.
  5. I dont mean to be picky but why did you use all red wires? Do you have a wiring diagram? Someone in the future maybe even you is going to be pretty angry when they try to fix those windows again and cant figure out what was done here. That car is worth doing things right. Costs more takes more time but always a better results. You probly shouldn't take others advice as meaning to be mean to you. People here have alot of experience to share. Just because you dont agree does not mean they are wrong. Learning sometimes means setting aside what you already think you know and being openminded. Nobody expects you to need to be rich to do this but you can be poor and smart just as easy. Nobody said stop working if you cant fix one thing. They said chasing 2 or 3 related problems without solving any of them is not the best way to get a win as you say. I agree with that. If you think about it it makes alot of sense. Fixing cars is a process not a win lose thing. You can accept knowledge without worrying about how its delivered. Thats ok. Nobody is insulting you. If they didnt care and didnt want you to succeed they wouldnt say anything or give you any help at all.
  6. Surprisingly nice interior. Usually cars like this are really ripped up.
  7. Look's great!! Only thing I would do is paint the condenser black and help it blend in behind the grille. Im pretty sure the factory just sprayed everything black before the grille was installed at the factory anyway you can see the overspray on your radiator cradle. Love your car!
  8. Is this the same one sitting dead in some mechanics shop? If so I would say not to buy it.
  9. They were wondering where that weird roof line came from on that yellow plymouth hot rod. I think I have the answer.......
  10. Could the battery just be dead? It wont jump? Those early electronic distributors had control chips/modules in them that would go bad without warning and the car would crank and crank but never even try to start. I think new one's are availble now. But if theres no juice flowing and it wont even crank then Spinnyhill is right and you should start with the switch or the solenoid and see why power isnt getting to the starter.
  11. Link to auction or at least an auction number? Help us out here.
  12. Put it in you're garage and you can look all you want! Good car at a good price.