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  1. Skip the car cover. They can do more damage flapping in the wind than the rain will do. Unless it has missing windows or something I wouldnt bother.
  2. Didn't we have this conversation once before?
  3. Doesnt the action of the engine spinning create positive pressure in the crankcase? That plus the blow by plus negative pressure in the air filter should have no problem pulling fumes out. Matt mentioned the couls see steam coming out the cap vent when he was driving with the hood off. I dont think these old engines seal up good enough to need the vent tube. I would personally prefer less places for dirt to get in.
  4. You could tell the guy who won didnt much feel like partying at the finish line after just killing a guy to do it as far as he knew at the time.
  5. billorn


    If you do that you need to have a control sample for comparison. And various viscositys. I bet the differences will be too small to see with your eye. Maybe you should get a different shop if you think the current one is so dishonest that you're willing to do all this extra work on a very slight possibility of cheating. And if you do find something, then what? Show the shop manager a cup of frozen oil? Find another shop you won't trust? I think others are right that the chances of this happening are very very small. Why are you so worried? Does this kind of cheating sound like a good idea to you?
  6. Thanks everyone. Going to auto zone to pick up some evaporust. Nice!
  7. I have some parts to de rust but there is still some chrome on parts. Is there a rust eater that will kill the rust but not hurt the chrome?