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  1. You could tell the guy who won didnt much feel like partying at the finish line after just killing a guy to do it as far as he knew at the time.
  2. billorn


    If you do that you need to have a control sample for comparison. And various viscositys. I bet the differences will be too small to see with your eye. Maybe you should get a different shop if you think the current one is so dishonest that you're willing to do all this extra work on a very slight possibility of cheating. And if you do find something, then what? Show the shop manager a cup of frozen oil? Find another shop you won't trust? I think others are right that the chances of this happening are very very small. Why are you so worried? Does this kind of cheating sound like a good idea to you?
  3. Thanks everyone. Going to auto zone to pick up some evaporust. Nice!
  4. I have some parts to de rust but there is still some chrome on parts. Is there a rust eater that will kill the rust but not hurt the chrome?
  5. Because of that if you ever have a problem you wont look at the knob cutoff as the problem and will have a hard time diagnosing a problem and solving it. They work on some cars and dont work on other cars. Definitely a no go on 6 volt cars tho. That screw is what is passing current and only where its touching the other thin parts. You can have cables as big as you're wrist but all the power is still trying to go thru a connection smaller then a pencil. It works despite the knob cutoff not because of it.
  6. Just use RTV for the rear end cover. Most modern card dont have gaskits. Sounds like shoddy work but is acceptable for most new cars. Should be ok for this car and might work better then a gasket anyway.
  7. Are you sure thats still a Packard Keiser?
  8. So wait wait wait. Your saying this kind of line for gas is an advantage to owning a gas car rather than being able to "fill up" at home with electrical? Or are you saying why bother with electric cars that have unused "filling stations" that are always available when you need them when you can have this kind of paradise instead? I mean no offence but I dont get this line of reasoning. No they do it on purpose. All about showing people whose boss I guess. Its the same water heads who shove their faces in their exhaust pipes to prove diesel is great and people are stupid for driving cars that get good mileage. Admit it most of hating on electric cars is because you dont agree with the politics of the people you think who own them. Its OK we all know anyway. You can say it out loud.
  9. I'm not going to base my car buying decisions on the fear of a end of the world event happening while I own it. If my survival is based on what powers my car then I'm probly already screwed anyway when the zombies come. Where do you live where such bad things happen that you need to flee for your life farther than the range of a electric car? Maybe time to move someplace where the end of the world doesnt happen all the time?