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  1. Is that really a thing that happens people just getting into cars? I have been doing car shows for more than 40 years and have never ever seen that happen let alone have it happen to me. I cant imagine that the public going to a car show thinks its ok to just get into any car they want without asking. MOst people at shows are respectful even if they dont have cars they know that they are special and not toys. I see stories like that here all the time but I just cant rap my head around the idea that people would just open a door and get in with their family or let their kids climb on the cars like their playgrounds. A person that dumb wouldnt live long enough to make children. I also dont like the loud music and Im totally sick of 50's doowop crap. How about some Floyd?
  2. I also found this one in that looking around on Google...... Restored Roadmaster convertible sedan with slantback. Is that rare? Sold for $51,000. Also looks to have red wheels and if thats how the factory did it maybe they would be OK on Dynaflash's car. Just thinking out loud here. I will stop now. Good luck with the sale!!!!
  3. I think this is a Roadmaster but heres a good idea of what Dyaflash's car would look like without skirts and with red wheels..... I like the first car but I think I like how this one looks a little better without fender skirts. The black top helps too. Just a personal preference so I dont mean to offend Dynaflash or say his car isnt pretty too. I love his car too. I just find that on light color cars a bit of contrast seems to really help like the black top and red wheels. Just something to show some details and make it look interesting. The wheels would be hard to change color but it might be worth taking some pictures without the skirts just so a buyer can see. Not everyone knows these cars like experts but they know what they like to look at and I have learned you have to get them interested in the car at a glance when your selling. People on the internet have a very short attention span! LOL!
  4. I think young people would be interested in pre WWII cars but they cant afford them. I think theres going to be a correction coming sometime and the cars will be worth alot less. All of them. Most of the people here me included grew up in a time when your father working was enough to have a house and a nice life. Today alot of familys need two workers just to make ends meet. That doesnt leave room for expensive toys. For many familys like my daugher even a $20,000 hobby car would be unthinkable today. They both have good jobs and two kids but they just barely make ends meet. They drive inexpensive cars and pay mortgage payments on a regular house. Their in they're 30s but they are happy if they can put a few dollars into they're retirement each month. My son in law Kurt would love to have that Buick but he knows he will never be able to afford it. They arent stupid with they're money they just have less of it to spread around than most of us did. It is easy for us who grew up and lived in a different time to think that young people are different today. Their not. The world has changed and even two good jobs dont feed a family as good as one good job did a generation or two ago. So many older people just look down on them like their lazy and if they would just work harder they could have nice things. I use to think that too. Now I know its just not true. Everything else is different for them and owning even one hobby car is a dream that probably stays a dream. Dont look down on young people. They want what you want and what you have. They just cant afford it and probly never will. That will cause a big shift in the hobby because cars that older rich people dont want will loose all they're value in the coming years beacuse there will be no buyers at the high prices. At low prices people like Kurt will buy them and love them but they cant do that until they can afford them. Their's a change coming and it will be financial.
  5. The old "as long as your at it" problem. Everyone knows it around here!!!
  6. Why delete ad? Some one might come along weeks from now and be interested. Never hurts to leave it right?
  7. I must respectfully disagree that tubes are problem solvers. They do prevent slow leaks but if they give way they go all at once. I would much rather have a slow leak than BOOM! Flat tire. If they were better they would still use them. I dont mind putting some air in my tires once in a whiel if they leak down alittle but the tubes have to many things that can hurt them and they are all or nothing in terms of holding air. Pick up a screw with no tube and you can probably limp home. Pickup a screw in a tube and your going home on a flatbed or changing a tire. If your wheels will handle no tubes that is what I would do. No disrespect just another opinion.
  8. Did the factory paint them twotone like that?
  9. That's a neat car. I agree that the pace cars were supposed to be flashy. Why own a pace car that looks like all the other cars? The more flash the better!
  10. If you look at the "brakeover" height of the opening you will find that it should fit. The car isnt going in to the trailer flat it is going up a ramp so it will not be at full height thru the door opening. It might take some geometry exercises but I bet it will fit as long as the inside height is enuf to handle the car. My pickup went into a buddys trailer even tho it looked like it was too tall but since the rear wheels were on the ramp and lower than the trailer floor it went in no problem and was OK once it was inside. I would not deflate the tires which as they said above could cause damage. Sounds like it will be very close with that trailer no matter what.
  11. Like your doing to him right now? Glass houses and throwing rocks and all that. I didnt see him criticizing anyone but I did see you kicking him when he was down. Everyone has a bad day but you didnt miss a beat to be cruel. Perhaps this is your opportunity to be smart and be quiet sir.
  12. It seems there are two schools of thought here. One that is going to hate electric cars no matter what and find ways to say their wrong for they're life and poke holes in all the positives. No matter how good it gets it will never measure up for them because they have personal reasons to be against it. Thats ok. Then there are those who keep an open mind to technology and see that if the masses are driving electric cars we who truly enjoy the feeling of owning and driving gas cars will be able to do it for longer. Theres an understanding that no technology is perfect and electric cars are about where the Model A was in terms of development and it will get better and wont be the end of gas cars. Readers can see who is who pretty easy.
  13. Can you buy a brand new gas car that is as simple as that car in your pictures? If you need any car you own to be as simple as a Model T then you have been out of the new car market for about 80 years. That isnt a fair comparison and complexity isnt a valid reason to choose electric vs. gas. They are both very complex today and will not be getting simpler. And be straight with us. You would not drive that car to work every day where you live even if its simple and reliable. That is not a alternative to something like a Tesla even for you. Simple is great until you have to stay warm or dry or safe in a crash. Simple might be good but I dont think electric is extra complicated. No transmission in an electric car. No fuel injection or valves or spark plugs and all the electronic stuff that control those things. No oil to change or filters to get dirty and I bet not needing oil changes saves money and helps the planet. Electric cars have electronic controls but probably not alot more than any other new car. Just different. People are building their own electric cars in their garages same as gas cars. Trains have been using electric for decades so its not unknown tech. Gas cars still have a bunch of computers driving a lot of parts too you know.