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  1. When was Craigslist ever a venue for selling serious collector cars???? Low price stuff but if you see something nice on Craigslist its probly a scam.
  2. Maybe the inverse is true. By putting in chargers he is hoping people will stay longer and buy more. Most gas stations dont make much from gas but alot from soda and a coffee and chips.
  3. If your truly worried buy a plane ticket and lay you're own eyes on it. Make sure theres a bank near by that you can get the cash out of if the car is good. That's the only way to be sure.
  4. Another 12 volt conversion success story...
  5. billorn

    41 Buick

    Phaeton is what Buick called their 4door convertibles. Most called them convertible sedans. No idea why they chose to make it confusing.
  6. billorn

    1935 Model K

    LOL don't buy it:
  7. How do you get the block's back on with piston's and ring's in the way? If your going that far why not just rebuild the whole thing? Just taking off the block's can make problems you might not see until its back together. Seems risky to me. Glad I just have regular old v8's.........
  8. Those Lasalle's used the Olds I8 engine pretty much unchanged.
  9. Leaking oil is an old car's default state.
  10. Wow that would be alot of fun!!! Just tidy it up a bit and get it running and go to shows.
  11. Your going to tow a 1900's wood wagon with wood wheels on the street at modern speeds with an antique car? You're a brave one.
  12. billorn

    radial tires

    John are those wire wheels under the cover's? Is it a radial?