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  1. Always check fluid levels first, maybe bleed the cylinders.
  2. billorn


    Are you just bumping until you get the answer you want? Looks like all the opinions your gonna get are already there.
  3. It does not appear to be a real Saleen, just a GT with Saleen wing and decals. Hood is aftermarket, wheels from a 94 Mustang, standard seats instead of Flo-Fits that came in Saleens. Turbo gage is a puzzle since Saleen never offered a turbo. 5.0 Mustangs are getting popular but they have to be exceptional originals to bring top money. Modifications by owner usually hurt values. Great 5.0s can bring $20-25k but most are still under $10.
  4. I dont think the guy who buys this car is worried about paying for anything. He could buy this car AND all the stuff 1937HD45 mentions AND his great grandchildren will still never have to work.
  5. So your asking if it is OK for you to decide how much money someone else makes? Do you tell plumbers you know how much pipe costs and therefore you think they are over charging you?
  6. Im sorry to hear about all the problems with the buick bit that audi is awesome.
  7. Internal vs. external resistor? Not a 6V coil? Napa sells new 6V coils that will work in your application. That hot rod stuff isn't right for 6V cars. I'm not even sure they're good coils, I hear a lot of complaints about the Pertronix coils.
  8. Are you also unhappy with all the subsidie's we give oil and coal companies? Its just as much of "your" money going to businesses that already make billion$$$. I think I would rather have "my" tax money at least support things that have a chance to make things better instead of just free government hand outsto corporate cronies. I do agree with you on nuclear. Its not a total answer and it has a bad rap but tech has changed and it is worth another look.
  9. Yea why aren't they out there raking the forest to stop the fires like the cave men and indians did? After all the same guy who said raking the forests was the answer also said tree's explode. Guess its settled.
  10. Well the important thing is that you have found a way to feel superior to everyone else without even having to look at any facts or form a real opinion .
  11. So your saying that since the alternatives arent perfect and dont solve 100% of the problem with no compromises we just shouldn't even try?
  12. If you're political beliefs makes it impossible to discuss a non political problem that just about every country in the world except one political party in America agrees is a serious problem, maybe its time to re check your belief's. Either you're leaders are lying to you or the entire world is in on the scam. Which seems most likely?
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