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  1. Dang just what I want but its about as far away as you can get.
  2. I think what everyones saying is that its real easy to think a car like this "just needs X" when it is probly not that easy. If you read Matts thread about his Lincon someone who was supposed to be an expert told him his car just needed tires to be ready to tour and now hes looking at a full engine rebuild. Even if this engine is good inside it is a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG way from being ready to drive both in terms of money and time and effort. That isnt unfair to the seller or the car its just the facts.
  3. Floor jack? Unhook the trailer from the tow vehicle and tilt it up?
  4. No way a little flathead V8 can move that much car.................. You need TORQUE............
  5. I have the BFG Silvertown's on my 56' Olds 98 and have been happy with them and never had any balance issues. Stay white unless I drive in the rain or something makes them dirty but no brown haze. You are making me think I should be replacing them soon I bet their almost 10 years old now..........
  6. THeres a signature on some of them can anyone make it out?
  7. It needs more than just a fuel pump. Wheres the destributor? That car is a loooooonnnnggggggg way from running......
  8. He sadly passed away a few months ago.
  9. Is shipping not an option? I buy parts from all over the country and Canada.
  10. You make good points Terry and I definitely didnt mean to say that Matt isnt doing a good job. I'm still just wondering why this car is so much harder to fix then others like it??? I read the first thread on this car and Ive read all of this one and his one on his Buick which was interesting to me because I'm lookking for a big Buick too. I saw his Buick in PA a few years ago and it ran sweet so I guess he knows what hes doing. It looks like Matt tried to do everythign right on this car and started with a car that was OK just with a hole in it. NOw he has no oil pressure and it overheats even tho all the hardware is new. That doesnt sound like a mechanic problem. It just made me wonder if Liincolns are harder to fix or have more "built in" problems then other cars of the same time period. Are they just bad cars and Matt is stuck with this one unknowingly or is something else wrong? He's done more work on this car then most people do on theirs and still it doesnt run while everyone else does gas and oil and spark plugs and their out having fun after a weekend of work. I dont mean to sound like I'm saying Matt isnt a good mechanic or is doing it wrong but maybe the car just has built in problems that he cant fix??? I dont know anything about these cars but it seems that doing everything right and still getting bad results maybe isnt the mechanic's fault in this case and maybe there are problems that were built in from the beginning?
  11. Then how to differentiate between a car that has 21,000 miles from new and a car that has 21,000 miles on a restoration where the speedometer was reset to 0?
  12. Let the insurance companies work it out. its what you pay them to do. It isnt the client's job to protect his insurance company from a claim. You think your doing them a favor that they will appreciate somehow? Make a claim with your own company.......they will go get the money from the other driver and-or his insurance company. You pay your insurance company to protect you. Why not make them do they're job? this isnt about "fair" its about getting yourself made whole again.
  13. It's a Buick, not a cheap car. The original owner would have sprung for whitewalls. It was designed to wear them.
  14. Hoping to make this my 5th Hershey trip. Still looking for a big straight 8 Buick!!!
  15. Amazing to see how many car's on this cite get pulled out of barns and just started with gas and ffresh spark plugs and have no problems and this car gets all the money and tlc in the world throwen at it and it just keeps breaking. Are Lincoln's like this known as bad cars is that why prices stay so low? Is there a design problem they have that other car's dont? All the stuff you have done to it it should be running great. I cant see what could be going wrong but I'm not a expert on these cars. Is their something else going on that most of us dont see? I'm sorry your going through all this frustration. Wish I could help somehow but this is above my pay grade.
  16. You cant do a wheely and spin the tires at the same time. One or the other.
  17. Stop calling your Mustang a "Stang". Convertibles are not "verts". Stang verts are for morons.
  18. Is a moden hemi engine a DOHC? I thought they used pushrods?????
  19. How big are your cables? Did you add a ground from starter to frame or battery ground?
  20. Always check fluid levels first, maybe bleed the cylinders.
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