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  1. Picked up two 34x4.5 tires recently. Found out I need a 26x3 rim. What car would this have been used on? Looking for a used rim for a non vehicle project. Thanks, Jon
  2. I was collecting parts to build this but life has got in the way lately. Maybe someday.
  3. Am tempted to use 26"x2.5" bicycle tires. Original car did 120mph in 1907.
  4. What size tire would be on a typical motorcycle of the 1906 era? One off race car raced in 1907 and guessing he used motorcycle rims and wheels. Rear wheel still has sprocket on it.
  5. Driver is suppose to be Ray Harroun (First Indy car winner). The more I look at the frame rails the more they look like wood. Looks like black paint behind the front wheel. What was the sprocket on the outside of the rear wheel for?
  6. Been staring at this picture for a couple weeks now and trying to wrap my head around it. Guessing the tank in front is gasoline. Tank under his feet is probably oil. Engine looks water cooled but I see no cooling tank. There are 3 pedals by his feet but see no transmission (direct drive?). Could the 3rd pedal be oil pump? Engine looks like 2 v4s bolted together (cylinder spacing). Steering looks like moving axle. I have dreams of reproducing this but I have to make it workable. Did anybody make a transmission built into the rear axle? Thanks, Jon
  7. Not mine but looks interesting. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/atq/5395360043.html
  8. Iron Wolf, Do you still have this engine? Would like to get some more pictures of it if I could. Jon
  9. Have some 1928 parts I am not going to use and thought maybe someone would have a use for them. Mostly engine and engine compartment stuff. Do not want to ship - pick up only. Jon
  10. George, I am in the same boat as you. I have a 1928 model 58 but no body. My engine is a rusted boat anchor. Have a 300-6 ford engine and 3 speed tranny sitting in the garage but have not figured out how to connect it to the original enclosed torque tube rear end yet. Had 3 of my kids scraping grease with me yesterday afternoon.
  11. How do I get the v-belt pulley for the cooling fan off? I have the nut, lock washer and D-washer off but it will not move. Thanks, Jon
  12. Just listed a bunch of parts in the Buick for sale area.
  13. Antique car hood found in a old barn. Had a guy tell me it is off of a vintage REO but I can not find any pictures to support that. Piano hinge is pretty much shot - Good for wall hanger or pattern only. Have some other parts that you can have too - Bumper guard??? and sill plates???? (very rusty). Located just north of twin Cities. Local pick up only please.
  14. Can anybody ID these parts? Hood side panels and bumper guard? Thanks, Jon
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