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  1. Boy a lot of thoughts on this subject I think the official feeling is three months it starts to go bad.. Not into a gel but still... That being said I had let my Buick sit for almost three years and it was just fine.. I'm sure it was bad but it still smelled ok and ran fine with no problems popping up
  2. Any auto parts store has them for about 20 bucks.. This is for an alternator
  3. Maybe the msd unit doesn't need fixing lol..I did see they have firmware updates for it
  4. I had forgotten about the msd set up cause they don't offer a 2 bbl version.. But now that I'll be going 4bbl guess that doesn't matter
  5. As far as I can tell they all still need a return line.. The only one that didn't was the fi tech one but that was kinda bs to.. It said you didn't need to run a return line if you were running their fuel command unit with it.. So I download the fuel commander instructions and the fuel commander unit needs to run a return line lol.
  6. I'd think you'd gain a ton
  7. They offer it in a Holley 2300 bolt pattern.. So just a simple adapter
  8. Wow that isn't even close I'm so glad I didn't spend the 900 on his kit.. He wouldn't sell me just the bracket.. Although I probably could have opened a case through PayPal etc but still
  9. Take a look at the 55 Chevy tank.. It's filler is the same as ours on the driver side quarter panel.. Close enough that it just might work..
  10. Acutely Holley does make a plug and play tank for mid 50s chevies
  11. I am referring to the Holley 2300 series... Not sure why it would flow worse I was actually using a nice adapter that matched the ports on the original intake and gently enlarged to the Holley.. But anyhow.. Got an edelbrock avs2 650 carb.. Right now running an adapter to that other adapter so obviously not the best set up but it's actually running pretty well.. It'll by me time until I can get a 4bbl intake
  12. The Holley is an aftermarket 2300 series 350 cfm
  13. Yeah maybe but more expensive and more headache plumbing wise
  14. Ok I know it's not ideal from a performance stand point but will it run smoothly etc... I've about had it with this Holley 2 barrel and thinking about getting a new edelbrock and running one of those adapters until I can get an actual 4 barrel intake.
  15. Anyone convert their old Buick to efi... Seriously considering it at this point..
  16. Have a few original power brake parts off a 56 Buick special for sale Power booster/master with reservoir and brake line as well as the original functioning check valve... Used it on my daily driver for two years worked fine occasionally pedal was sluggish on return but nothing bad at all...$150 plus $45 shipping to the lower USA. Vacuum tanks I have two they're in the same nice shape and hold vacuum $50 ea plus $25 shipping to the lower USA. Also have the power brake pedal and mounting plate for it.. I'd do $50 plus $20 shipping to the lower USA for both the pedal and plate
  17. Hmm good point lol assumed the gasket not the obvious lol
  18. Yeah there's that to.. Figure if it's working.. The only odd thing about it is the pipe is loose.. Not sure if that's a real concern or not
  19. Anyone have any experience good or bad with any of the new fuel sending units floating around out there? Mine still works but the seal is leaking so I'm thinking of just replacing the whole thing while in there.
  20. Not on mine I was expecting to have to replace some fittings with 90 degree ones but surprisingly I was able to reach all 23 just fine
  21. After years of fighting with grease gun couplers leaking all over the place besides into the zerk I sucked it up and spent the 30 bucks on a lock n lube coupler... Read numerous reviews including on here how great it is etc etc.. But thirty bucks for a coupler seemed awfully steep to me.. Well I got around to using it today and all I can say is wow it actually works and works well even on the fittings that were known to give me problems before no problems now..I also bought a flexzilla brand hose it's 18 inches and super flexible that also helped... Anyhow if anyone has been wondering if it's worth it.. Yes it is. https://www.flexzilla.com/lube/grease-hoses/ https://locknlube.com/products/locknlube-grease-coupler
  22. Been running halogen for years even with the old gen.. Now running an alt... They use the same amount of watts no issues
  23. Same for a factory electric option on a 59 Chevy truck
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