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  1. What are you thoughts after living with the disc brakes for a bit?
  2. It takes some getting use to to learn to look past the strobe
  3. Yellow mark sounds right.. Most likely it's to advanced to see the mark.. Start turning the distributor until you start seeing it
  4. I know on the 1957 models not only did they add that year u joint not they also put in a rubber plug to grease it.. Does the 1960 have a way to grease it?
  5. https://innova.com/en-US/Product/Detail/5568a?r=0.333787465088577 This is what I have does everything had it for a few years no problems Amazon about 100
  6. What's it idling at now 500?? It'll barley affect it not worth stressing about espe if you can't get it to 350 anyways
  7. I would just adjust it at where it's idling at don't loose to much sleep over the 350 idea
  8. Check the timing 99 percent of the time it changes when you install the pertronix.. Start there
  9. I'd bump the idle a tad up see how it likes that also after you installed the pertronix did you check the timing??
  10. Just an fyi for anyone down the road.. Found the duralast gold 2 gauge 25 inch cables at autozone were the best fit for both the factory ground location and the positive to junction stud on the 56
  11. I'll keep it short.. Stay away from drilled and slotted.. Sounds great but in practice not so much..I can also tell you highest driving with this set up is no problem 😊
  12. Well darn it I found the correct location.. Got out my Dremel and cleaned the heck out of it.. Only to discover my ground cable was to short lol.. Oh well at least it's clean I guess lol
  13. Interesting I could only find reference to the mount...
  14. Where was the factory location for the ground coming off the battery on a 56 special??
  15. That I'm not sure about I guess I'm theory you could bend the cap off most likely destroying it in the process
  16. Hmm you sure you don't have a vent cause mine definitely does.. Driver side up top of course.. They tend to get greased over...
  17. If it functioned flawlessly with the test button then something isn't right with that wiring.. I'd just run the button straight to the starter just bypass everything keep it simple
  18. This might sound odd but bear with me.. Hook a spark plug wire to a plug... Ground plug and see if the plug is sparking..I once had a whole set of plugs not fire on a friends car.. Ran fine pulling in.. Few hours later nothing.. Had spark coming from coil had fuel but nothing.. Plugs were all carbon fouled which caused them to short out... If you have spark at coil but not at plug either it's the plugs or the distributor cap
  19. Oh I can definitely lock up the brakes.. Stops well and even.. Little pedal effort.. Didn't do a damn thing with the original proportioning block.. I'm just running basic semi metallic pads maybe I'll try cermic next time around.. Plus tapered bearings
  20. Beemon I can tell you that I've been running the scarebird disk brake set up with the factory power master..probably not the optium set up but I haven't had any real world problems with it in the two years of daily driving it...
  21. You might wanna try the starter outside of the vehicle just to see what it does.. Just lay it on the ground.. Hook battery negative to the starter case...positive to the big stud.. Just use jumper cables.. Then take your tester and hook one side to the big lead and the other to the small solenoid lead.. Put your foot on it and hit the button it should kick out the gear and spin like there's no tomorrow.. Release button and it sound retract gear and stop spinning
  22. I don't see a need for a fuse there..I don't run one..I guess if you decided to then put it on the constant hot side.. The battery to switch side
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