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  1. I ordered the kit from CARs yesterday, either way, i'll look into that electric option as I plan to drive the crap out of this side note: who makes a really good line bending/flange tool? And I appreciate the offer Fr. Buick!
  2. '55 WCFB most of the old fillister top screws are buggered and a few are cross threaded, where can I buy new? I've seen chevy stuff on the bay like Eckler's but not sure what I need as far as thread pitch and all that.
  3. Ahhh, perfect! Thanks one technical question, my choke butterfly is really open when it’s cold, not having much carb knowledge, I have to hold it closed to cold start the car, how is this adjusted?
  4. Finally started this 322 I bought after it was dormant for eight years, choke wasn’t working then I noticed the missing screw on line on the backside of the choke, what does this look like and where should it come from? Take a very careful look at these pictures and also tell me if anything is missing or wrong looking in a mechanical way
  5. My grandfather was a mechanic at Chick Norton Buick in Tulsa for over 30 years now that I have a ‘55 special, I’d like to find whatever might be out there but especially something for the car like an old tag topper or dealer script as long as it’s in a vintage style, say 50’s or older, his son Jim took over in the late 70’s I think, not interested in anything that says Jim Norton send a pm please
  6. RivNut, that was my plan fo sho! Beemon that looks like it would work, thanks, I’ll get a couple and update the post
  7. 15x6 code 895 JJ road wheels, 5x5 bolt circle, some rust on inner lips, typical beater quality but look great from ten feet hub diameter 3" backspace 3-7/8 center cap hole 2" not boxing up, either pick up or make every arrangement please located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, send PM to Jim
  8. ‘FREE 55 Buick body parts and bumpers A perfectly straight hood with surface rust for super/RM two doors for a special two door post model 48, drivers is very straight, passenger has large dent across the middle front and rear bumpers for spec/century with extra bullets plus a grill and two grill center cross bars all stuff is salvage yard quality, rust, dents all that also a glove box door for same models I’m in Tulsa Oklahoma, will not box up, pick up or make all arrangements
  9. After a few hours and too many cuss words to count, it now has a century dash to match the drivetrain
  10. 15x6 code 895 JJ Buick road wheels, 5x5 bolt pattern, some rust on inner lip on a few, can provide pictures of each wheel hub diameter 3” backspace 3 7/8 center cap hole 2” buyer to make any shipping arrangements including packaging pm if interested, thanks!
  11. All free, one hood for Buick Super or RM , perfectly straight, surface rust two doors for special model 48, drivers is very straight, passenger damaged in the middle pretty good, salvage yard condition complete front bumper plus additional bullets for spec/century also rear bumper for same, minus guards, both dented and rusty salvage yard stuff also one grill for same models and two grill cross bars, don’t have room for this and it’s no better than what I already have if you can’t pick them up, you must handle all shipping arrangements, interested parties please send pm
  12. Can’t find a grommet to fit these for a push in type breather, the flange is too deep for a regular grommet or a twist on breather, am I just sol? these are going on a ‘55 322 keeping the stock oil fill tube in the valley, the goal is to rig a proper pcv system to eliminate the draft tube
  13. That's a slick little incognito filter, I like it!