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  1. Okay I can’t figure out what you’re talking about, can’t find a reference to that in the manual, I do know that I have the needle under the pump jet and the check ball under the hat underneath the acc pump, is it in the pictures I provided earlier in the post? are you talking about the “plug and gasket “ in the above photo at right? That’s in there
  2. No offense at all, I was waiting for your reply, I’ll double check that
  3. I was able to stake that cover down, what was interesting was the hole the check ball is in, it looked a little tight, I guess it just goes up and down slightly, anyway, that wasn't a big deal. I bought a very old carb kit on ebay and used the leather pump in it hoping to make the difference, no change whatsoever. So is the idea so far improper acc pump seal? where does the vacuum come from to hold the vacumeter piston down against the spring?
  4. took carb apart bench tested the acc pump with some gas, squirted fine pushing it up and down, good steady stream out of the two top nozzles, when I installed on the car, it doesn't work like that, it stumbles hard right off the bat, if you increase throttle super super slow it comes up as it should but if you try to apply in any normal fashion, it instantly stumbles. I pulled the little pump cover off and noticed when I tried to give it gas, the needle bar setup was popping right up at the same time it bogged, loosing vacuum with piston perhaps, when I increased throttle real slow, the needle bar came up slowly Fuel line checks out clean and fuel pump is putting out a real good pulse of fuel so am I loosing vacuum somewhere? Still hard to start but idles okay once you get it. Help please
  5. It does, don’t have much of a place or tools to fabricate so much, but if I can’t find something suitable then I’ll have to this my first visor and my first old truck, I’m not sure how it attaches repro center supports seem easy enough to find for $30, it’s really the sides that I can’t figure out
  6. Got a swinging deal on this visor for use on my dodge truck, hopefully someone here can identify what hardware is needed to complete and possibly where to buy it there’s no identifying marks on it for help
  7. Dang! A ‘59 convertible with a stick, that’s gotta be extremely scarce
  8. Don't need a whole carb kit, just need a new Accelerator pump check ball and retainer cap for a WCFB 2197 for a '55 buick I'm hoping someone has this from a spare carb kit, can't find it on eBay without buying an entire kit, thanks Jim in Tulsa 1955 Buick special
  9. I’ve got those, it’s in there so tight it bent the cheapo hook, that’s the first thing I tried sounds like I’m down to the drill bit, I was afraid of that
  10. No the bugered up check ball retainer thing also does this look like the right acc pump for the ‘55 wcfb?
  11. How do you get this out, messing with a super thin screw driver to try to pry it but that’s not working, any tips are appreciated
  12. Not really sure where I’m at with these adjustments, got as close as I could with trying to make sense of the shop manual, please look at the pictures see if action and position of fast idle cam and the choke parts looks like it should first picture, car is cold, nothing happening second, I’m holding choke valve open third, throttle pulled all the way on
  13. Thanks all, and any length of reply is always welcome, the more information the better. This color is a little darker and has more blue than a Brewster or British green, those are more olive with yellow toner plus black which muddies it up, very close to Dodge truck dark green of the 40's I was the color matcher at SW auto for years, I'll just do what I always have to do, go to the store, get the closest chip and start making adjustments from there.
  14. A fleet chart, ok, is that just general color chips that you have a paint store add to for your desired color or are you saying the fleet chart might have that exact color intentionally?