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  1. Not a bad idea.. Any auto parts store will have a remote starter as well..10-15 bucks
  2. You can leave it hooked up or tape it off.. The wires going to the starter relay I'd disconnect from the relay and tape off as well...
  3. Completely ignore the carb switch stuff it will serve no purpose and have no affect on the ignition
  4. If you wanna do a push button I'd keep it a simple as possible.. In my case..10 gauge wire from directly from the battery to one side of switch..10 gauge wire from other side of switch to solenoid.. Yes it's hot at all times been like this for years in my daily driver never a problem in fact sometimes it's handy to be able to crank engine with ignition off
  5. What is triggering the starter... In other words are you still using the pedal start or is there a starter button? Something is still sending power to the starter.. You mention relay so I'm assuming still the pedal system??
  6. Refresh my memory what ignition wires do you have to keep away from each other to prevent cross fire..322 nailhead
  7. I run the ngk xr4.. Stock number 5858 plugs...
  8. Maybe its just me but it looks like there's a gap there?? As in the gasket isn't compressed??
  9. Did you ever end up installing a modern edelbrock carb?
  10. Ouch that is a good amount even by my standards
  11. Not a bad idea I'll try it on the next oil change...
  12. But what about all the nailheads running the canister filter that can't be pre filled..
  13. I'm running a spin on filter but no I don't pre fill them
  14. No I haven't I did ask my wife where she thought the noise was coming from.. She thought top of motor maybe towards front.. Thinking lifters losing prime.. Although it sounds way worse in the car lol
  15. So everytime I change my oil on first start up until pressure hits I get noise..I think knocking.. As soon as there's any movement on my oil pressure gauge dead silent...I can let it sit for weeks and silent on start up.. Never any bad noises or bad pressure just that first start up after a change.. I've had other vintage engines do similar things.. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this.. Been doing it for years and is driven Dailey so I doubt there's any real problem...
  16. Hopefully the carbs are screwing with the mixture and you're seeing black.. Or maybe a little blue from wash out?? I know you keep having issues with them
  17. In my experience engines with what is called a wasted spark ignition system do seem to run a little off.. But maybe that has more to do with the v6 reality.. Also pretty early on they discovered abnormal wear on the plugs so they switched to double platinum to address that issue.
  18. Umm that's an interesting article there Beemon lol well I can honestly say mine keeps up with traffic just fine including highway.. Starting off on a hill is a tad slow but no one has ever honked or rode my tail so it must not be to bad lol. I've had this car for about eight years and been truly daily driving it for about three now.. Tranny has always shifted the same... Just out of curiosity how does yours shift if moving at say 25mph or so and shifting from low to drive Beemon? I've seen specs on many different classic cars and a lot have very low idle speeds.. I've never been able to get them that low almost always around 600-650 is where they settle at and they don't seem to high I'd be curious how many people really do have them idling that low.
  19. Schumacher sc1319 does both 6 and 12 volt works great and on sale at O'Reilly for 24.99 this month
  20. Then again it could also be the slop in my diff but with no bad noises and no gears available anyways I'll keep on keeping on
  21. The fast idle is a possibility I'm running an aftermarket carb that likes it at about 650...
  22. Lol makes sense I just chalked it up to nature of the beast and rarely shifted from low to drive as it really is harsh..I believe this tranny was rebuilt but I have no history or paperwork on it.. Other then a few leaks it performs great..daily drive it and have to add about a pint every six months so I guess I can't complain to much.. The mounts are newish but every nut was completely loose as in not making contact.. Now everything is tight.. Helped some but far from enough.. I'll have to take a closer look see if something is cracked.. Also kinda harsh going into reverse but not to bad going into drive.
  23. I agree with everything said.. Any ideas what would cause my harsh shift while moving from low to drive.. Mounts are pretty new and tight... Didn't know holding it in low that long wouldn't seem to cause it any harm.. Might just cruise from light to light in low and not worry about shifting into drive
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