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  1. Hi, I can't be 100% sure but everything points out to Metallurgique. True, the bonnet looks more rounded than usually. I can't really see difference in the radiator. An interesting car!
  2. Belgian Metallurgique 18 CV c. 1914.
  3. Not Flanders 20 but Flanders Six. The radiator is very similar as in Everitts; Flanders Six was actually Everitt Six-48 with some updates.
  4. The radiator badge indicates Flanders...
  5. German Ford Taunus 17m from 1957 to 1960.
  6. Looks like a German car. Resembles a Dixi of late teens; radiator and hood louvers especially.
  7. It's not a Saviem but Willeme LD610 of mid-1950s.
  8. This is not an European car but American; Apperson of early 1920s. Probably 1921 model 8-21 by the shape of the radiator badge.
  9. Opel Kapitän 1938-1940.
  10. Federal truck hood emblem of early 1950s.
  11. This is Russian KrAZ truck. They use V-8 YAMZ diesel engines. This truck is probably of 1980s vintage (there has been very little changes during the years).
  12. Both parts are from a 1950s Peugeot 203.
  13. This is definitely a late 1930s Jawa Minor of Czech origin.
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