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  1. Here's a page of Harry Pulfer's catalog. It mentions that 250 watch fobs are available.
  2. I don't think Andre Citroen went overseas to study Cord; in his neighborhood Tracta had made fwd cars since 1927.
  3. 1954 cap looks odd; V in the crest is upside down. Aftermarket?
  4. Looks like teens NSU?
  5. Looks like a speedometer in a Mercedes 190 SL.
  6. Fiberfab Avenger/Valkyrie. Bradley GT is a totally different car.
  7. It' s a Fiat 8V but who made those horrible fins I have no idea.
  8. hanski

    30's pickup

    These were made in Argentina based on Mercedes 170. This looks to be a pre-war one.
  9. 1980s Mercury Marquis hub cap emblem. May have been used in Ford LTD as well.
  10. These miniature badges were available from Harry Pulfer at price of $1.00 each...enclosed is a poor picture of his catalog and list of the makes.
  11. The winged one is an interior badge mounted in the door skin in a British car. I can't recall which one but it might be an SS (that's I've been told years ago but I'm not totally sure). The oval 'badge' may be not a badge at all - perhaps a cover moulding for a loudspeaker or..?
  12. I have this NOS chrome moulding that I try to identify. The stamping inside looks like a GM logo. It is a heavy piece and I find mounting quite odd. Any idea what it is?
  13. A friend of mine owned a 1941 Americar. As far as I know they were not officially imported to Finland but here is one in 1958! The grille is not original but taken from an Opel.