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  1. hanski

    Steering wheel ID

    Looks like 1950s Canadian Monarch steering wheel. The emblem is from a Monarch.
  2. hanski

    What vehicle is this from?

  3. Looks like a Reo Royale.
  4. hanski

    Car identification

    Nissan Cedric 1991.
  5. hanski

    Car in old magazine clipping

    Yes, Spyker C4 30/40 PK (HP).
  6. Anyone collecting modern (post-war) emblems? I am looking for a fellow collector to swap emblems (also pre-war ones). I have some 2000 different emblems in my collection between 1918 and 2018 worldwide. I also have about 600 duplicates from teens up to today. I probably have everything else but not what you are looking for...
  7. hanski

    Can you identify this 1912-era vehicle?

  8. I believe Larry is right. The car in question looks like an early 1920s Gardner.
  9. It's a mid-1950s Willeme LD610.
  10. hanski

    Found three of these - hubcap covers?

    1980s Mercury Grand Marquis (maybe other models, too) wheel cover center emblem.
  11. hanski

    Another mystery roadster

    Late teens Kissel?
  12. hanski

    Antique Headlights

    They look like 1962 Imperial lights.
  13. hanski

    Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Innocenti Mini Cooper. Made in Italy.
  14. hanski

    Mystery Hubcap

    Chevrolet Nova Concours mid-1970s.
  15. hanski

    Large Collection of Early Emblems.

    Can't find any emblems there.....