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  1. 1931 Hanomag. The horse radiator mascot is correct for this car.
  2. The radiator script looks much like the Aerocar one...
  3. The bottom one is from an early 1950s Ford. It's an interior emblem in door panel. As Terry said the top one is from 1940s Dodge.
  4. Looks like 1950s Canadian Monarch steering wheel. The emblem is from a Monarch.
  5. Yes, Spyker C4 30/40 PK (HP).
  6. Anyone collecting modern (post-war) emblems? I am looking for a fellow collector to swap emblems (also pre-war ones). I have some 2000 different emblems in my collection between 1918 and 2018 worldwide. I also have about 600 duplicates from teens up to today. I probably have everything else but not what you are looking for...
  7. I believe Larry is right. The car in question looks like an early 1920s Gardner.
  8. 1980s Mercury Grand Marquis (maybe other models, too) wheel cover center emblem.
  9. They look like 1962 Imperial lights.
  10. Chevrolet Nova Concours mid-1970s.
  11. Puma Veiculos e Motores Ltda and Avallone Aciei Lda were two different manufacturers - both loceted in Sao Paulo. Most likely the dealer (or somebody else) has added the Puma badge.
  12. These cars were distributed in the USA by Bremen Motor Corporation. As they also sold Puma cars (much better known than Avallone) I believe they registered the Avallones as Pumas in the States. Avallone was a separate make having no connection to Puma.
  13. As fas as I know Puma (of Brazil) never made an MG copy. There were two major manufacturers for these copies in Brazil; Avallone and Lafer. If your car was made in Brazil it is most likely one of those. How does the ID plate in the car look like?
  14. I agree; note the round radiator badge.
  15. This hood ornament looks familiar but can't find the application. There are markings in the base 77208'5 WBB. Which car?
  16. hanski

    What emblem?

    The 'Triumph' is actually Standard, the one with a key is Borgward Hansa and the one with 'tridents' is Ford Taunus (shield of Cologne).
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