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  1. Chevrolet Nova Concours mid-1970s.
  2. Puma Veiculos e Motores Ltda and Avallone Aciei Lda were two different manufacturers - both loceted in Sao Paulo. Most likely the dealer (or somebody else) has added the Puma badge.
  3. These cars were distributed in the USA by Bremen Motor Corporation. As they also sold Puma cars (much better known than Avallone) I believe they registered the Avallones as Pumas in the States. Avallone was a separate make having no connection to Puma.
  4. As fas as I know Puma (of Brazil) never made an MG copy. There were two major manufacturers for these copies in Brazil; Avallone and Lafer. If your car was made in Brazil it is most likely one of those. How does the ID plate in the car look like?
  5. I agree; note the round radiator badge.
  6. This hood ornament looks familiar but can't find the application. There are markings in the base 77208'5 WBB. Which car?
  7. hanski

    What emblem?

    The 'Triumph' is actually Standard, the one with a key is Borgward Hansa and the one with 'tridents' is Ford Taunus (shield of Cologne).
  8. hanski

    What is it

    1953-54 Studebaker Commander chassis, I believe.
  9. Not Hillman but 1956 Humber Hawk Estate.
  10. The car next to Porsche is not Opel but German Ford. Hard to tell if it's a 17m, 20m or 26m. The second car from right is an Opel Kapitan.
  11. It's a rear (trunk lid) badge of a mid-1930s Vauxhall 12.
  12. Stearns-Knight of mid-1920s.
  13. It's a Toyota hood ornament, I've seen it in some 1980s Camrys but I don't know if it's original or aftermarket part.
  14. Seems to be a hood ornament of late forties and early fifties Citroen 11 CV traction avant.
  15. The red car is Ronart W152; based on Jaguar.
  16. The Valkyrie was made by Fiberfab and had no connection to Sterling/Nova/Puma/Purvis etc.
  17. It seems to be a Praga Alfa c.1934.
  18. British Asquith Motors make this kind of vintage vans on modern chassis. You can google their website.
  19. LeRoi was not a common engine as all the cars listed for using it were rather obscure makes; Astra, Barbarino, Bartlett, Birch, Seneca and Steling (AMS-Sterling). There may be others as no list is complete!
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