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  1. It looks more like a Simca Beaulieu that is cheaper version of Chambord .
  2. Is this a lapel badge of a car or car club? Any ideas?
  3. hanski


    Looks like an Erskine..?
  4. I have never seen any pictures of a NAG with that shape of radiator. Can you tell me more which model is it?
  5. Here's a page of Harry Pulfer's catalog. It mentions that 250 watch fobs are available.
  6. I don't think Andre Citroen went overseas to study Cord; in his neighborhood Tracta had made fwd cars since 1927.
  7. 1954 cap looks odd; V in the crest is upside down. Aftermarket?
  8. Looks like teens NSU?
  9. Looks like a speedometer in a Mercedes 190 SL.
  10. Fiberfab Avenger/Valkyrie. Bradley GT is a totally different car.
  11. It' s a Fiat 8V but who made those horrible fins I have no idea.
  12. These were made in Argentina based on Mercedes 170. This looks to be a pre-war one.
  13. 1980s Mercury Marquis hub cap emblem. May have been used in Ford LTD as well.
  14. These miniature badges were available from Harry Pulfer at price of $1.00 each...enclosed is a poor picture of his catalog and list of the makes.
  15. The winged one is an interior badge mounted in the door skin in a British car. I can't recall which one but it might be an SS (that's I've been told years ago but I'm not totally sure). The oval 'badge' may be not a badge at all - perhaps a cover moulding for a loudspeaker or..?
  16. I have this NOS chrome moulding that I try to identify. The stamping inside looks like a GM logo. It is a heavy piece and I find mounting quite odd. Any idea what it is?
  17. A friend of mine owned a 1941 Americar. As far as I know they were not officially imported to Finland but here is one in 1958! The grille is not original but taken from an Opel.
  18. The triangular plate is that of Ambi Budd Presswerk and goes together of that Hanomag serial plate. These were added later on as this car has nothing else to do with Hanomag or ABP.
  19. As mentioned the top one is from a Renault Dauphine (horn button). Can't recognise the other but somehow it resembles AHA Coachworks emblem but probably is something else.
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