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  1. Thank you. Would you have the related picture showing the parts?
  2. Looking for the horn button for a 1938 Dodge. I especially need the chrome ring around the emblem assembly.
  3. Delaunay Belleville (1904-1947) by Pierre-Henri, Philippe and Francois Richer.
  4. I don't think there is any significant difference visually. The difference is in the mechanical side (engine, brakes etc.).
  5. When taking a closer look I believe that's right. Thank you, Keiser.
  6. It looks more like a Simca Beaulieu that is cheaper version of Chambord .
  7. Is this a lapel badge of a car or car club? Any ideas?
  8. hanski


    Looks like an Erskine..?
  9. I have never seen any pictures of a NAG with that shape of radiator. Can you tell me more which model is it?
  10. Here's a page of Harry Pulfer's catalog. It mentions that 250 watch fobs are available.
  11. I don't think Andre Citroen went overseas to study Cord; in his neighborhood Tracta had made fwd cars since 1927.
  12. 1954 cap looks odd; V in the crest is upside down. Aftermarket?
  13. Looks like teens NSU?
  14. Looks like a speedometer in a Mercedes 190 SL.
  15. Fiberfab Avenger/Valkyrie. Bradley GT is a totally different car.
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