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  1. The cars carried IzH emblems even if they were sold as Moskvitches in some countries. They were made in Izhevsk not in Moscow. Only the 1500 cc Moskvitch engine was, as mentioned, BMW inspired.
  2. Tempo Matador seems to be 1952 to 1955 vintage. In 1955 they came out with a totally different design.
  3. IzH started the hatchback in 1973; their products were based on Moskvitch cars.
  4. Looks like early 1920s Allen.
  5. Belgian Minerva 8 cylinder (sleeve valve = sans soupapes = S S) about 1930.
  6. Looks like a De Vaux dash..
  7. You'd better check the engine again as it should be a V8 instead of 6..these are nice cars. A friend of mine restored one. Some parts can be difficult to get but in general parts are quite easy to find in Czech republic.
  8. That's a Nash Lafayette 400 (the emblem is different than in Keiser's picture).
  9. Not Austro-Daimler but another Austrian car; Gräf & Stift of early 1920s. Note the lion radiator mascot.
  10. hanski

    Car Emblem

    Looks like an insert of Pontiac Grand Prix emblem.
  11. Quillery was a French accessory manufacturer. They mostly made steering wheels (volant). I haven't seen a wheel cover before; I wonder if the centre section was originally part of a steering wheel.
  12. Thank you for help. I think it is a Packet but I can't be sure either.
  13. Agreed. Possibly 1926 by the look of radiator badge.
  14. I believe it actually is a Gräf & Stift. VK 1 and SR 3 models look a lot like this car. The fender tips are of different shape but the radiator, lights etc. match. Also if you take a close look at the badge you can see it is a typical Gräf & Stift triangle - even the last letters are visible.
  15. Thank you. I just wonder if there was anything written below FARGO? It can't be seen in the picture. In an ordinary Fargo emblem there is 'Express' below FARGO.
  16. I wonder if anyone had a picture or knew about the radiator emblem of Fargo Clipper or Packet? Is it different than in bigger trucks with "Express"? Just curious...
  17. The white car at foreground is a Lloyd/Borgward Arabella.
  18. A friend of mine has a problem with his mid-1960s Fiat 1500 Cabriolet that was imported from the USA several years ago by somebody else. The car is now restored and needs to be registered. The car still carries the California licence plates from 1972. He has the bill of sale but the title has been lost! Is there anything he can do to obtain a copy of the title? Are there any authorities that can be contacted in California or..? The car can't be registered here without the title.
  19. What makes you think that there are no other photos in Google? There are but it takes time to find the correct ones; when googling 1962 Toyota Crown you have hundreds of pictures of Crowns from 1950s to 2000s.
  20. The station wagon looks like 1963...check 1962. I had some troubles to find a picture of 1962 Crown but here's one: http://bestcars.uol.com.br/cpassado3/toyota-crown-2.htm
  21. UAZ didn't made dump trucks. This is a ZIL.
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