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  1. here is another Cole. It’s a sport sedan with a custom body by willoughby.
  2. here is another cool photo of a cole this one came out of a news paper I believe it was a local paper but am not for sure. Anyways cole would always do there best to entertain politicians when they would come to town. The car is a 1912/13 cole series 8.
  3. One of my favorite custom Coles that the company made. It was made by combining three different body types that they offered and had a massive wheel base of a 152 inches. The price of this particular Cole is unknown but definitely was not cheap hopefully some of you find this one pretty neat.
  4. Discovered this in an original Cole Motor Car Company bulletin! Thought it was pretty cool to see he Drove a cole
  5. You don’t have an opinion on the topic at all you have just complained that it should be removed why because you do not agree with what is being said that is called censorship not an opinion. An opinion would be I do not see any political parties banning cars anytime soon and than state your reasoning as to why but I have not seen you do that yet? Like I’ve said before if you don’t like it than don’t read it’s no different than if someone posted saying we believe that old cars should be converted to electric power I would not agree with that but I would not ask for it to be removed or complain
  6. I’m not scared about anything because I believe in the constitution and if any government tried taking anything from me than I can tell you that would probably be the end because I wouldn’t go without a fight. I do not think it will happen especially anytime soon however that does not mean you can’t have a conversation about it so it bothers me when I see people whining and crying about how it should be removed when I find it quite important for the car hobby as a whole. Also I do not follow any specific party I only vote for truth and honesty and my beliefs which I am very strong about. I am
  7. quit crying about it it’s this simple you don’t like what’s being talked about than don’t read it not that hard dude. If you want to contribute to the conversation than do it without complaining and acting like a child I just turned 20 so I find this topic quite important for me especially since I have many old cars with my dad
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