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  1. It is a 1910 Model S Mitchell. Purchased from the Crawford Museum Auction in Cleveland.
  2. Is this car surviving??? Or has it found a new home?? Hopefully not scrapped and now residing in China
  3. Viv, I may have one. Drop me a line. noeldpe@gmail.com . Noel
  4. Hello Aaron, I have only just found this. I do not believe I have ever received your personal message. I would like to chat if you are willing. All the best.......Noel
  5. Good Morning, Your seats are from a 1917 Studebaker. Would they be available to purchase??? Thankyou, Noel Adams
  6. It is neither 1917 or 18 , It is 1919 or 20 , makes a big difference in the value. There are a lot of Mitchells around, I have four. it's amazing how they keep turning up. I was watching the ebay auction and wondered how it was identified, now I know. Appears to be in very good order , I could use some of the parts and would happily bid if only it were closer. Perhaps the winning bidder might like to sell me some bits??? NOEL
  7. Good Morning, I am looking for a Radiator for my 1910 Hotchkiss. This is not Hotchkiss but will surely do until I can find the right one. I know you have asked for offers but do you have any thoughts on the sort of money you are looking for??? Thanks Heaps..........Noel
  8. Want to Buy 26 inch straight side shed tires, second hand in any condition as long as they will hold air. I need four but one would help . relevant sizes would be 36 x 5 , 35 x 4 1/2 , 34 x 4 . Let me know what have you . Thanks..............Noel
  9. Please help identifying this early engine and gearbox. Thanks.....Noel
  10. what year model are you looking for?????????? Noel
  11. Hello Dennis, I have correct 17 Mitchell ones, drop me a line noeldpe@optusnet.com.au ....................Noel
  12. I would like a look at those chassis in the background........N
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