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  1. Looks like fun. Brings out a smile at this serious time. 😎 Henry F.
  2. Lung ailments? Like we don't have enough with CORVID`19? I won't be going there! Henry F.
  3. Thank you, I stand corrected. My first car was a '29 Oakland AA6 back in 1959. I thought that the oval back window was the neatest thing going. I see a 1931 Oakland coupe regularly here in Ft. Myers. Henry F.
  4. Anyone else notice that it's likely a 1931? I'm certain that 1930 still had the flat head six and the distinctive oval rear window. Henry F.
  5. Check out the Auburn Boat tail that has for sale. That car's in Indiana, too. You'd almost think that they were made there! 😎
  6. Sweet! I had no idea that Ford offered such a beautiful color in 1929. I do see that the armored ignition cable from the switch to the distributor has gone missing. Minor thing relative to the overall car. Henry F.
  7. Or our 1950 with a pre-WWII styled coachwork for a lot less? Needs a new home ASAP. $18,995/offer. Henry Feinberg Ft. Myers, FL 219-730-1684
  8. It's time to part with our 1950 Bentley Mark VI. In storage for twelve years, I retitled and licensed it last year. Running and driving with stylish aluminum custom built body. Maroon and gray two-tone with dark red leather. Looks nice but it's still a candidate for additional TLC. I want my Ford garage back! Lots of photos. Calls preferred and personal inspection in beautiful Ft. Myers, Florida encouraged. $18,995, negotiable!, Henry SOLD, THANK YOU
  9. parrts


    When walking in an old commercial district in Montevideo, Uruguay about ten years ago, I spotted what looked like an old automobile dealership building with "Minerva" carved in the stone facade. Does anyone know, was there a Minerva dealer in Montevideo? Yes, I took a photo. Yes, I can't find it. Henry F.
  10. I've seen it and it is gorgeous! Green, not gray. Look at the door jamb in the interior photo. Henry F.
  11. Love it. If it was only a two-tone green 210 four door like my parents bought. I remember going to Bates Chevrolet in Springfield, Illinois in our '46 Chevy club coupe to get our new 1953. I remember being amazed that our '46 was sold before we left the dealership in the '53. Henry Feinberg
  12. My former '31 Lincoln 7 passenger Sport Touring ex-Homer Fitterling Collection. Shown as an example of a 7 passenger without a rear windshield. Henry F.
  13. Thank you. I believe that is an Advanced Six. Henry
  14. Thanks for your response. At the same time that I owned the '29 Special Six coupe, I also had an Advanced Six Sedan, no rear quarter windows and with the built-in trunk. It had wood spoke wheels and a rear mounted spare. The coupe got all of the miles because I liked the styling. I guess that you would sat that I was a '29 Nash collector in the early 1960's.
  15. Towing capacity unknown but many years ago I bought a similar '52 Bentley convertible that had a massive Class III hitch. Previous owner towed his boat with it. First thing that I did was remove the monster hitch.
  16. In search of a 1929 Nash, Special Six, three window coupe with dual side mounts, wire wheels. It was painted yellow and black in the early 1960's, and lived in Fon-du-lac, Wisconsin and Gary, Indiana. Any chance that it still exists? Any info appreciated.
  17. I guess that my failing memory has done it again. I did see that it started easily but will need to thin my herd before considering another toy. Wanna trade for a Bentley?
  18. I thought that was a Maxwell that you were driving around at Hershey 2019. Hank
  19. As a kid in central Illinois circa 1949, I distinctly remember lights and siren blaring on a Chrysler like this on its way to to our local hospital from one of the surrounding "farm towns". I would say that these LWB sedans did multi-tasks, including emergency service. Why do I remember seventy years ago like yesterday but I can't find the 9/16" socket that I used yesterday? Henry F.
  20. Possibly not the original color? 🙂
  21. Neat Model T. I wonder if all those huge windows are safety glass? Henry F.
  22. A complete, running, driving '14 T roadster was available for $8,000 in the R-M Fall Auburn Car Corral. Henry F.
  23. Thank you. I can't remember where or when bought it but its taking a one way trip to Hershey! Stop by C2F51-53 and say hello. Regards, Henry