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  1. Second graders on their way to becoming top quality restorers. They have to start somewhere.
  2. Love those old Nashes. This looks like a nice car and a great price. Wish that I could find my '29 Special Six 3-window coupe that I sold in about 1962.
  3. Now this is something different Get's two thumbs up. We lived near South Bend for about sixty years and saw lots of Studebakers, but I don't recall seeing one like this. Unusual car at a great price. Good luck finding it a new home. Regards, Henry
  4. Gun smoke Posted May 22 "Nice survivor but....Problem is a decently restored and running 4dr 1928 Ford can be had for circa $8K-$12K." I agree about restoring this car. I'm a buyer for any year, decently restored and running Model A Fordor sedans for $8,000 to $10,000. The closer to FL, the better. P.M. me if you've got one for sale. Thank you! Henry F.
  5. Non-ethanol gas is readily available around Ft. Myers. Yes, it costa a little more, but I only buy it for the '36 Ford. Our '61 Bentley is happier with premium unleaded and the Model A's don't care what goes in their gas tanks. Regards, Henry
  6. OK, found the photos in the earlier posting. Still interested in price and location. Thank you, Henry Feinberg
  7. Ah, the high school memories of driving our family car, a pink '58 Special sedan. I wasn't consulted on the color choice when mom and dad ordered it.
  8. New ad placed in Hemming's, online and next edition.
  9. It sure does look nice and the front seats look comfortable. The rear jump seat, not so much. Henry F.
  10. Thank you for your comments. It is a very nice car. It's a shame that we get old to the point of being unable to drive our toys, but it's still better than dying "too soon". Henry
  11. Email address bounces back. Error or scam? Henry