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  1. 1915 Model T arrived Thursday. Drove into the garage under its own power.
  2. I just read some of the replies regarding my Monday post regarding negotiating with the haulers/brokers. In no way did I say or mean to infer using the cheapest method! I stand by what I said about calling the "name brand" companies and asking if the have a truck in the area of the car and asking if they can discount the price. If they've got a partial load going your way, why wouldn't they want a full load? I have a great broker that I use regularly if I can't get a deal from the fancy trailer boys. So far, great service, some drivers aren't as fluent in your preferred tongue, but all have been careful and handled my cars with care. If you want to pay more, go for it. Now let's talk about medical/dental costs. After lots of years in dental practice, the majority of it in a specialty, referral practice, I think it's safe to say you don't want the cheapest doctor but you probably don't want the most expensive, either. You want the best practitioner. Kind of the same thing with car dealers, new, used, and specialty, if you think your car is better because you charge more, maybe not. Above all, be nice and play fair, we're in this hobby for enjoyment. And that's a bit difficult in these trying times.
  3. Also, shop for price! Call the individual big name companies, I've hit them with a truck in the area of the car and going my way for a big discount. Ask for a discount, senior, first time doing business with the company, it may not be a huge discount but it's a discount.
  4. Open, sometimes, maybe. I'm expecting a newly purchased 1915 Model T touring coming from Indiana to Florida this Wednesday. It's a real nice barn find but I'm paying about $300 extra for enclosed shipping even though it's an inexpensive car. The cost is under $900 for the 1,250 mile ride. A few years ago I hauled our '30 Model A sport coupe on the same route on an open trailer. In south Georgia we hit a horrendous thunder storm and the top was literally shredded. Yes, insurance covered a replacement top, but the time and aggravation wasn't covered. My bottom line says if it's old and/or in any way fragile, send it enclosed.
  5. It's one of those good Hoosier folks, Goss.
  6. Something strange here. The ad is from a Miami dealer but the text reads Midwest Car Exchange (on I-294 and Cicero Ave, south of Chicago). Photos look very Chicago. There is a shipping canal near Midwest Car Exchange, any coincidental comparison to a barge? Actually I like this this car, wherever it is. BTW Our next door neighbor bought a new '76 CDV, orange paint, white top, and the same interior.
  7. Thank you for the responses. I've rethought this and due to the Corvid19 and the stay-at-home rules, I'll only consider cars a day trip away. Only cars located Florida, please. Henry Feinberg Old Car Guy Since 1959
  8. I would like to buy a Model T Ford with a brass radiator, prefer touring or roadster but consider any brass T. Henry Feinberg Ft. Myers, FL Garage full. Thanks to you.
  9. Try this link: Regards, Henry F.
  10. Looks like fun. Brings out a smile at this serious time. 😎 Henry F.
  11. Lung ailments? Like we don't have enough with CORVID`19? I won't be going there! Henry F.
  12. Thank you, I stand corrected. My first car was a '29 Oakland AA6 back in 1959. I thought that the oval back window was the neatest thing going. I see a 1931 Oakland coupe regularly here in Ft. Myers. Henry F.
  13. Anyone else notice that it's likely a 1931? I'm certain that 1930 still had the flat head six and the distinctive oval rear window. Henry F.
  14. Check out the Auburn Boat tail that has for sale. That car's in Indiana, too. You'd almost think that they were made there! 😎