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  1. As a kid in central Illinois circa 1949, I distinctly remember lights and siren blaring on a Chrysler like this on its way to to our local hospital from one of the surrounding "farm towns". I would say that these LWB sedans did multi-tasks, including emergency service. Why do I remember seventy years ago like yesterday but I can't find the 9/16" socket that I used yesterday? Henry F.
  2. Possibly not the original color? 🙂
  3. Neat Model T. I wonder if all those huge windows are safety glass? Henry F.
  4. A complete, running, driving '14 T roadster was available for $8,000 in the R-M Fall Auburn Car Corral. Henry F.
  5. Thank you. I can't remember where or when bought it but its taking a one way trip to Hershey! Stop by C2F51-53 and say hello. Regards, Henry
  6. Zenith Carb sign. Cases of 6v and 12v bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs. Auto dealer yardsticks. '56 Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac-GMC-Datsun-AMC
  7. Lots of miscellaneous stuff for sale at Hershey by two guys with over 60 years each in the hobby. Rolls-Royce and Bentley to Ford and Chevy. Lots of 6 and 12 volt bulbs, US, foreign, Lucas, Marchal, Bosch, singles, boxes, or buy them all. Ancient back lit, two sided "Zenith Carburetors" sign. Bentley center lamp from the late forties or early fifties. Buick Clock from the fifties.
  8. You have to love some of the really oddball vehicles that were manufactured. Henry
  9. I've become a Model A Fordor fan and Cap't Jeff's car looks absolutely great. But do I need another one? No white walls here, either. Henry Feinberg Ft. Myers, FL
  10. Perhaps it could be donated to a museum? AACA? Scrap is pretty low so there's not much value here, and once it's gone, it's gone. Henry F.
  11. Cash is king. Bank to bank wire transfers are safe, too. The pens that "check currency" are useless if a $5 bill has been bleached and reprinted as $100. The pen only detects the legitimate paper. Best check for most bills in circulation is to hold it up to a light and make sure that the watermark face matches the printed face on the bill. Personally, I'm more comfortable with a personal check than a cashier's check. Have you noticed how long it takes a personal check to be debited from you account when the payee negotiates it? These days it's minutes or hours instead of days. Best bet is to profile the buyer during the negotiations and you can usually get to know the buyer. It's worked for me, hope it helps you. Henry F.
  12. Not mine but it's on our local (SW FL) Craigslist. It's been advertised before but I think that the price is lower.
  13. John Weinberger's Ferrari dealership on Ogden Avenue in Hinsdale, IL. Fly in and drive one home? 😎 Henry F.