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  1. parrts

    1932 Ford Model B Pickup - $15,500

    Looks "B" to me!
  2. Thank you all. We understand how to accept payments. I would still like to know if any Regions are accepting credit cards and/or online payments? Maybe the Naples-Marco Region will be the first. Henry Feinberg Ft. Myers, FL
  3. Meet and tour registrations?
  4. OK we know that it’s doable and now how to do it. Thank you for your help on that. Question remaining is, are any AACA US Regions or Chapters that are accepting credit cards and/or electronic funds transfers (EFT)? I would like to make direct contact with them. Thank you again. Regards, Henry
  5. Sounds like NZ is ahead of us in making checks obsolete. Thanks for your help. BTW We loved seeing many pre-WWII cars on the Sunny North Island, especially around Napier.
  6. Thanks, John. That's pretty much the way we do it, too. Only about 1/3 of our members are year-round residents of SW FL, so we have some unusual demographics as far as number and age of "volunteers". We may be old but we're driving cars older than we are, year round and having fun, too. 😎
  7. I'm Membership Chairman for the Naples-Marco Region. We've had some requests for members to pay dues and to pay for event registration fees other than by check or cash. Are any Regions set-up to accept Credit Cards and/or EFT's? Please let us know how it's done and how successful it's been. Personally, I'm looking for less work collecting dues, not more. Any advice. Please let me know either by PM or posting. Thanks for any help. Regards, Henry Feinberg Ft. Myers, FL
  8. parrts

    Late 1931 SW Town Sedan Fordor for touring

    Nice '29 tudor in SW FL just fitted with a/c. Works well, almost too cold. Want to know have many? Call up the guy (Texas, I think) who makes the kits. He'll probably tell you how many he's sold. I can find out his name, if you're interested. Henry F.
  9. parrts

    36 Auburn speedster on ebay

    I've driven this car. If you like the best, go look at this one.
  10. parrts

    1934 Packard Eight 1101 Coupe

    Mailed HQ for an Ocala registration today! Current project is a late '31 Model A DeLuxe roadster. Always looking for another old car. See you in Ocala. Henry
  11. parrts

    1934 Packard Eight 1101 Coupe

    Was this car in the Chicago/NW Indiana area in the mid to late 1960's? It looks like a car that a friend bought and I was along while it it was towed from the City of Chicago to Gary, Indiana. I noted your 815 area code and wondered if it's just a coincidence or the same Packard. Regards, Henry Feinberg Ft. Myers, FL
  12. parrts

    1936 Fire Truck Diamond T

    Nice, yes! Petite? No! It compares favorably in size to my "small" '38 Ahrens-Fox. Wish that I had kept that one. Regards, Henry Feinberg
  13. parrts

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    While living in NW Indiana, I bought the twin to this in SW Michigan some 40 years ago. Unfortunately a subsequent owner lost it to a garage fire. His son managed to fine another identical '41 Limited and still has it. Big and beautiful cars
  14. parrts

    Bulbs, Bulbs and More Bulbs at Hershey

    Packing today and found some NOS Hupmobile cloisonné radiator shell emblems. They're coming to Hershey, too. C2F 51-53