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  1. In 1959 I searched high and low for a set of six 6.50 x 19" tires. Of course, i paid $150. for the entire running and quite good '29 Oakland that needed only tires. If I only still had that Oakland!
  2. Looking good. Too bad about the reason to sell. Best of luck for you and the Buick. Regards, Henry
  3. We currently have a Model A in enclosed transit from Calif. to Fla. for $1,800., so shipping cost is a factor if you're far away. The very recent issue plate might be a question? Regards, Henry
  4. We've had our '36 Ford Convertible Sedan for several years. It's a wonderful driver and best of all, the windows roll down AND UP. Side curtain cars may look better, until a rain storm pops up. Not for sale. Henry F.
  5. 1,500 wt. synthetic oil seems to work great in our Model A's and our '36 Ford. I bought ours from Mike's A-Fordable parts in Georgia. Other Model A vendors may also sell it. Henry
  6. Thanks for everyone's comments and PM's. I have the roadster on eBay and some of the inquiries seem sincere, but no one has come to see it. I thought that The Forum would give it more exposure. The sheet metal appears that it was all brand new at restoration, fenders, splash aprons, floor pans. It's titled in my name, properly licensed and driven regularly. A few prospects have been "afraid" of the "Rebuilt Title". The title may be branded, but the car is rust-free and worth a close look. Come on guys and gals, help find it a new home.
  7. Displayed on the grounds of Henry Ford's Winter Home here in Ft. Myers last Saturday. Price reduced to $20,500.
  8. Late 1931 Model A Ford DeLuxe Roadster. Washington Blue, Tacoma cream wheels, brown interior. Frame up restoration several years ago, paint is now in good "driver" condition. Completed a hundred mile tour last week with no issues. Lots of photos available but now is the perfect time to come see it here in Ft. Myers, Fla. This my 61st year in the old car hobby and it's time to sell. Asking $21,900. Henry Feinberg Daytime phone calls preferred, PM me for my number. SOLD, THANK YOU.
  9. Thank you all. We understand how to accept payments. I would still like to know if any Regions are accepting credit cards and/or online payments? Maybe the Naples-Marco Region will be the first. Henry Feinberg Ft. Myers, FL
  10. OK we know that it’s doable and now how to do it. Thank you for your help on that. Question remaining is, are any AACA US Regions or Chapters that are accepting credit cards and/or electronic funds transfers (EFT)? I would like to make direct contact with them. Thank you again. Regards, Henry
  11. Sounds like NZ is ahead of us in making checks obsolete. Thanks for your help. BTW We loved seeing many pre-WWII cars on the Sunny North Island, especially around Napier.
  12. Thanks, John. That's pretty much the way we do it, too. Only about 1/3 of our members are year-round residents of SW FL, so we have some unusual demographics as far as number and age of "volunteers". We may be old but we're driving cars older than we are, year round and having fun, too. 😎