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  1. Could be Seychelles Blue over Shell Gray, but the bottom may be more of a silver. Possibly not factory colors, but not sure?
  2. My ride home from the hospital in 1943 was in my grandparents' '39 Plymouth 4-door. It was traded on a '47 Pontiac, but since dad was home from the war, by then we had our own '46 Chevy coupe. Car guy since age 10 days who wouldn't mind a Plymouth like this. 🙂
  3. I'm not sure that I'd want to be in an AMC anything if there's any change of an encounter with a full size Olds, Pontiac, Mercury or Plymouth. Yes, I like AMC cars but I'd like bigger and heavier in a crash. Henry Feinberg
  4. I have a Mitchell in one Model A, a Laycock from a Volvo in the other A. IMHO Mitchell is they way to go. Henry F.
  5. My first car was a 1929 Oakland, at age 15, in 1959. You can do the math. 🤓 Too bad this '29 Oakland got this far down hill. Hopefully someone out there can bring it back.
  6. I agree about it being a potential Hershey hauler. If only we have Hershey 2021 to go to.
  7. I wish that the Cars For Sale would be in the same location as before. I look at it everyday and wanted to give it a chance but it was easier for me when it was closer to the top. I also note that the listings are predominately dealer ads and very few member cars are being listed. Perhaps that's just today's market, but it sure seems like we're being less individual sellers. Anyone else prefer the old location, too? Regards, Henry "Hank" Feinberg AACA Life Member and old car guy since 1959
  8. The twin to this gorgeous Park Drag is in a private "Cars and Carriages" museum, also in the Midwest and same livery. Always an antique car enthusiast, the carriages were a new learning experience. Having owned a Brewster bodied Rolls-Royce for many years, it was fascinating to be around many Brewster horse drawn vehicles in the collection. It was like visiting our R-R's grandparents.
  9. Too bad not many people are doing their own work and have need for a quality tool like that. If I didn't already own three assorted valve spring compressors, it would be tempting.
  10. Price reduced to $12,000. We plan on reducing the price by $500 every Sunday evening until sold or we take it off the market.
  11. No offers, yet, so it's now on e-bay for Best Offer. We are ready to sell, hopefully someone is ready to buy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/193626963524
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