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  1. Positive it is positive since I have one. 😄
  2. One interesting thing is your car was ordered with power vent (wing) windows according to the data plate
  3. If you haven't already please join the National Cadillac Lasalle Club, you can find your info there here is a link to a color and upholstery data base http://www.rrrclc.org/the-cadillac-color-upholstery-accessory-database-1940-1979/ You have to love Flattops !
  4. I wish I could see this in person, there are some areas besides the obvious dents etc that need attention, I went to 13,700 and was outbid which isn't to far off of what I would be willing to pay even if it I had seen it up close.
  5. Here is the car I am sure I have some before and after but it has been about 8 years ago and I will have to do some searching.
  6. I did mine on my 64 Eldorado the veneer was is good shape just sun faded. I removed the door panel and then removed the plate that the veneer is attached to. Use some Formbys to remove the varnish lightly sanded and applied some new stain , then clear coat.
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