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  1. I am looking for a pair of Model A Ford ash trays they are unique to the A400 only produced one year. The 1931 Studebaker ashtray had a lot of similar parts. Any info or help finding a pair would be great.
  2. I have a '31 for sale asking $30,000. if interested smj621@gmail.com
  3. Has anyone here used Ideal Logistics to haul a car out of Canada? Thanks for any information
  4. Here is a look at the new never been installed LaBaron Bonney top kit that will go with this car. Also the new LeBaron Bonney carpets.
  5. I am importing a car from Canada, British Columbia. I live on east cost of US. I am having a small, one man operation, friend transport the car for me. I will not be able to be with the car when it is brought across the boarder. The car is a Canadian made car, it is eighty eight years old. From what I understand, if I were to accompany the car across the boarder there would be no issues and the process is very straight forward. Where I am not with the car I am told I need a broker. I am hoping to find a broker that is familiar with importing antique cars from Canada, for someone using it for personal use. There is very little paper work required if I were with the car, the requirements seem to become quite complicated without the owner present. I am also getting conflicting answers when questioning about the process. Any help with this would be great. Thank you in advance
  6. 1931 Model A Ford Convertible Sedan 400A restored chassis and engine, unrestored body and interior. The body is in excellent condition and could be kept as is with the patina of an original car. I have a new LeBaron Bonney top that has not yet been installed( debating on keeping body as is or repainting). I also have new leather material for the interior( this also has not been used because of painting body question). This is a great opportunity to purchase a truly unique "A400" at a very affordable price $27,500. Photos and information are available smj621@gmail.com
  7. Thank you to all that replied. It is very nice to know that we have some very good options when it comes time to insure our cars. I ended up going with Hagerty, they were very pleasant to work with. I do think they all are very good as was earlier described. Thanks again
  8. What company to choose? I have several cars , low annual mileage on each. Have quotes from Hagerty, J.C. Taylor, Condon & Skelly, Grundy, are there others to consider? They all seem to be very close in premium cost. Is one better than the other? Any help would be great.
  9. How hard is it to win a First Preservation Award? There is a car for sale that I am interested in purchasing that won a first preservation award in 2009. The car is not close to my home and I will need to travel to inspect the car. The question is does receiving that award indicate a high level restoration or is it less than that? I know a lot can happen between 2009 and 2017.
  10. AlCapone, what Model A body styles do you have? Are they restored? show or driver. These cars are addictive.
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