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  1. I believe all these caps to be 1934 Plymouth I have quite a few of each of these and other years. Image 1872 1934. 5 caps 1 locking. $650.00 Image 1881. 1882, 1887 1934 4 caps 1 locking. $550.00 image 1879, 1873 1934 5 locking caps $150.00 each
  2. Could you decode a engine serial number for me. D49-18672C 1 believe it is a 1954 Dodge 230 CID. thanks,
  3. Home on the Ranch................
  4. Actually Dodge1934 maybe you can confirm or comment on the DT as well. Thanks,
  5. Knobless the DT was Canadian built for domestic and export. Very low production. I think I was told DT was Deluxe Touring. But maybe someone can out there can confirm or correct.
  6. For Sale 1934 Dodge Brothers DT four door sedan. Built Windsor Plant Canada. Low production and somewhat rare. Has all emblems, crank hole cover, ram rad cap, rear spare cover. A good running driver, all gauges and lights work, good glass. Older restoration recently out of retirement, paint is peeling in places. Interior is very good. Needs cosmetic TLC. Located in Abbotsford, BC near Sumas WA border. Can assist with import / export and shipping. Asking $12,000.00 Thanks, Dodge Brother
  7. Hey Hudsy, Yes the attention to detail of that era and the automotive industry today has lost that fine art. I guess that is why all of us appreciate our old iron.
  8. I think the lower left black skirt of my photo is consistent with what I see there and looks to be the same as the skirt on the bottom right.. You were right in your original observation and comment. Thanks for the reference.
  9. This is my 35 Dodge Brothers Coupe with 38 Desoto skirts. Not for the purist but a ton of fun for evening cruising. Old school look with a 350 HO crate, 700R4, all Lokar, Heidts, 9", vintage air, Auto meter etc. The other photo is my 34 Dodge Sedan which I will put skirts on when I find a good fit and a luggage rack and few other bolt period options. This will remain stock. Car is CDN built and came out of Ontario. Very solid one repaint apparently with little else done. Plan is to not make it perfect but make it right and reliable. The Desoto skirts fit but are about an I" short on the bottom forward creating minor gap. Height is good and shape is good for fit. 1935 Dodge Brothers 2nd series Pickup Detroit built is stock and a survivor driver. I have owned this for 27 years. Very interesting history and purchased by IRS new with a few special order items. 1935 Dodge Brothers Slant back CDN built was a one family car. Just picked that up last summer. It was dismantled 30 years ago. Very good condition overall and complete with everything and boxed. 1935 Sedan Deluxe CDN built car is a another project in waiting. Out of SK and a bit weathered but solid and mostly complete. So that is my current Dodge Brother family photos. I have about dozen 39 - 47 Dodge and Fargo trucks, panels, pickups and a Dodge Suburban. Hope I haven't bored everyone to tears here! ha ha.
  10. Thanks to Hudsy and Jim for your comments and ID info. Jim the top two are for a 1935 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. Apparently the 35 and 36 are the same. Being a Dodge man I don't need the Chev skirts so will offer those for sale. Apparently they are fairly rare. I currently have a set of 38 Desoto skirts on my 35 Dodge coupe and they are almost a perfect fit. The black lower left skirt is the same size as the 38 Desoto. I am going to put a pair on my 34 Dodge sedan slant back.
  11. Here are the measurements for the white pair of skirts as requested by mikewest. Basically they are; 16 5/8" high, 31 3/8" wide at flare tip on bottom, 28 1/2" just above flare at bottom, 25 1/2" wide at middle. Anybody got a 35 Chevrolet to compare these measurements to? Sorry about it being upside down but that is the way it loaded onto here. is there a way to rotate it on the site?
  12. Update to fender skirt question. I am not positive but 99% sure now that the top two white skirts are for a "1935 Chevrolet Master Deluxe". Found several on google that match. Now the impossible search for chrome trim.
  13. I only have the face of the spare tire covers. Will measure and search google. thanks for the comments.
  14. Thanks for the comments. The top two white ones remain the mystery. I will do a little more research on google. Any idea what the spare tire covers are off?
  15. Can anyone assist me to identify these fender skirts by make, model and year? I am assuming they are Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler. Also the set of spare wheel covers. These may be Chevrolet. thanks, Brian
  16. Can anyone direct me to a source for a Canadian built 1935 Dodge Brothers 4 door sedan? Or can anyone elaborate on the VIN and body tag. VIN plate: 9463968 Body Tag:2076, DVD 4 Tour. I just recently purchased this which was a true barn find. Well it sat beside the barn and was driven to that location. Tires rotted off and on the rims. Last driven in 1949 and still has the license plates on it. Interior is toast but body is solid and is reasonably complete. Engine compartment is complete and looks like it would fire right up. Even had all the keys sitting on the head in a old leather pouch. When I first saw it I noticed some subtle differences from a Detroit car. Front fenders, bumpers, hood, tags, chrome trim, etc. I will assume the Chrysler Historical cannot provide a build card but checking anyways. I had initially bought it to supply some parts to my 35 Coupe. Now I think I should not part it out it is too complete and deserves a restoration. I am thinking the 35 DB Touring Sedans are somewhat rarer than their Detroit cousins. At any rate any information and comments appreciated. Thanks, Dodge Brother
  17. I just measured the caps that I have and they are 7 1/4" ID. And they are the style that fits onto the clips on the wheel. 8 3/4" are pretty big caps. That was OD of the inner hole? Do you have a photo of any caps you have and of your wheel? Send your e-mail and we can communicate directly.
  18. I am looking for the same hubcaps. I have several of the other style that insert in to the wheel with the small locking knives. I have four 35 Plymouth caps that use the clip on the wheel. I have many other Dodge and Chrysler caps from the 30's. I will part with all or some of them but only to trade for the 1935 Dodge Brothers hubcaps that clip to the wheel clips. Same as your are looking for I believe. Maybe we can network on this. I need six caps for my 1935 DB 2nd series pickup.
  19. If the parts are coming into BC then set up an account in Sumas Wa at "Ship Happens". Send the parts UPS or USPS to them. They charge $3.00 to handle it and you have 60 days to pickup. When returning to BC you will need to clear customs your self but it is no sweat, GST on total price and make sure you say it is for personal use. If you need contact info them. I use them all the time. Brian
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