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  1. Good point. That is something that I did not previously compare to. In your opinion what would you say a fair price would be on the skirts above I posted. thanks,
  2. Thanks Keiser. The emblem is different on these from the Chrysler though. But the year range I think is correct.
  3. Can someone assist with identification of these skirts. I am thinking they may be 1937 - 1938 Desoto. Also in the shape they are in what would be a fair price for them. Assistance appreciated. Thanks,
  4. The biggest "new car & truck" pet peeve for me is "DEF" ( Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and everything related to the system. Not sure if the US vehicles deal with this. This pollution control program equipment came in 2011 for CDN models. A real pain in the butt adding DEF at regular intervals. It is expensive and you have to have a couple of 5 gallons jugs on board all the time. Chevron offers bulk at commercial card locks but you can get a "poor DEF quality error message" from this product. My truck which I bought new is a 2011 GMC 3500 duramax so I buy Delco DEF by the case from a GM dealer to avoid the poor quality DEF message and related reduced speed mode if it does not clear. There are so many issues with this system a lot of people pull the complete system after warranty expires. Not to mention the tank freezing in sub zero winter temperatures and shutting the truck down. All these problems are from the day you drive off the lot. After the warranty expires things get even more problematic. As Mark Twain once said the "the inconvenience of modern convenience" DEFinitely applies here. The rest of the problems with new vehicles are minor minutia in my opinion.
  5. Nice looking building. So with your breaks and deals it will be about $62.00 a ft2? That is not bad in todays building market. Now if you did build that mez with a suite and rented that out to Mr. bobg you would have debt service income to add in more extras. Good luck with the build and post photos of the grand opening...!
  6. Auburnseeker I can appreciate your logic. I am up to four locations with 3 shops stuffed and one barn filling up and many trucks and cars outside sitting like ducks in a row not to mention oil & gas signs and pumps and so on filling up all available other space. It is a controlled habit and a therapeutic pastime. As they say in life you should seek all you desire as moderation is for monks. I am promising myself one day to build one of those big new buildings you speak of so that I can consolidate to one location. I am told by my in house "accountant-ess" that maybe I can purge a bit when this happens. I say don't be sore cause I would like to buy more. So that is my story and I am sticking to it.............................
  7. Thanks 1912Staver......That is one of my shops and it is getting a bit crowded.
  8. Well here is one for comparison. This one is a 1935 Dodge Brothers 2nd series built in Detroit. I have owned it for 28 years. Some unique provenance to this one is that it was special ordered by the IRS in Fargo ND. I did the full info package with the Chrysler Museum and got the build card plus other info. One option listed on the build card was dual spare wheels. I guess they wanted to have a set of winter tires with them if they had to go visit "clients" back in the hills and it was muddy. Somewhere along the line it got painted with a paintbrush in grey but hey that just adds to the provenance. Apparently the farmer who owned it did this to go court his future wife back in the day. I guess it worked. I wouldn't sell mine for any less than 30K US and it is a survivor, licensed and driven. So I think Greg's truck has a fair asking price as some people think the 1st series with suicide doors are more desirable. I have a friend in TN who has a 35 2nd series beautifully restored and correct and has turned down 50K USD for it. So pricing of these vehicles anywhere it seems is within those scales of economics. There are and have been over the years several on the net and in various publications throughout the US between 15K and 50K. The only CDN 35 1st series I know of is Greg's (CDN). The attached photo is from a few years ago with incorrect wheels and caps. It now has the original rad cap and wheels and caps and the spare covers back on it. As soon as winter comes to an end here I will roll it out of the barn and go for a spring drive. Good Luck on the sale of your Truck Greg...someone will step up...! PS: US treasury guy looks like a reasonable sort and even has a camera to take some family photos during his "client" visits. The additional photo has one of my 1946 Dodge flat deck CDN built and my 1935 Chevrolet dump truck CDN built. Not sure if all this was relevant to the original post but I like trucks and see their value either Detroit or Windsor Built.
  9. Hi Greg, Just noticed your post here. Surprised you are selling. I tried to PM you but wont go through. Send me a PM. Brian
  10. Yes that is for sure. That is a good thought on Bob's posts. Not sure who would or could approve that. I would suppose the website moderator. I am sure Bob's wife would approve of it.
  11. Just to inform a few people on AACA that Bob passed away February 2017. His wife asked me to post this. If anyone was communicating with Bob on other sites please post this update. A great guy and a super knowledgeable source of information for everything 33 -35 Dodge Brothers and more. Always willing to assist where he could and add good feedback to all conversations. He will be missed in a lot circles for sure. Thanks, DodgeKCL
  12. Thanks to everyone for your input on this and the links provided.
  13. Thank you gentleman. I kind of thought it was a 1928. Knowing now that the K178 is the date and the 4 is a four cylinder. Can you direct me to a site to decode all the numbers. I would like to see what else I can glean from those numbers.
  14. Can someone assist with potentially identifying the exact year of a Chevrolet pickup I have. All I have found to date for numbers is off the RH side of the block. Any assistance to decode these numbers would be great. Apparently the serial number tag was factory nailed to the passenger side floor near the moulding. Nothing found yet. Also looking for a hood, rad shell, and tailgate for this truck. thanks,
  15. Yes we discussed this back in January. And I see the bottom rear corner on the skirt. I used a pair of 38 Desoto skirts on my 35 Dodge Coupe. These have a more pronounced flare at the back and fit almost perfectly except the front portion of the skirt does not align or go low enough in the front. I showed that in our January conversation. Unfortunately these airflow and airstream skirts I seem to find so many of are not a fit for my various 35 Dodge cars. Thanks again.
  16. Jack & Hudsy thanks for your comments. Excellent comments, research and opinions. So I will go with a 36 Chrysler Airflow. The tail lights and gas filler look to be the same as the photo above. I have several other skirts that I posted previously to determine year and model. I think I will take them all out and lay them on the floor with these for another comparative. You are probably right about separating them out and selling individually. This skirt business started when I was looking for a pair for my 35 Dodge Coupe. I have in the interim used a pair of 38 Desoto skirts on my 35 Coupe.....not perfect but close and got the look that I was looking for on this project. Still looking for a pair of 35 Dodge skirts though.
  17. I am correcting the ad to 1937 Desoto Airstream. In doing a bit more research I am only seeing the fuel filler and tail lights on the fenders on the 1937 model. I am open to that being corrected as well.
  18. I have a pair of 1936 Chrysler rear fenders with skirts. No rust holes but rusted surface metal. There is a small crease in one fender and skirt. Photos in detail of any area if you ask and are serious. $2,500.00 for the pair.
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