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  1. Lots of info there and other places on the "39 to 47" Dodge trucks, not much out there though on the civilian 42 carryall suburban though. I have owned mine since 1973 and find it pretty darn cool to find two more on here. Only difference is the back doors, clam shells on Dave's and barn doors on mine, and Ben's with a suicide door behind the passenger door, which his picture does not show. Apparently the 42 carryall suburban was headed for the civilian consumer but then the production went to the military to support the war effort. Mine was one of the early ones for the civilian market. I have never seen a 39 to 47 Fargo Suburban, I do have a 39 Fargo panel and 46 Fargo Paddy wagon and a 46 dodge panel. ( and 10 other 39 to 47 Dodge / Fargo pickups, one tons and 1.5 ton trucks).
  2. Hey David, very cool 42 Carryall. Your back doors are different then mine, I have two regular barn doors. I don't think I have ever see those type of doors on a carryall before. I will send you a PM. Brian
  3. Welcome to AACA! I also have a 35 Dodge Brothers KC pickup which I have owned for about 23 years. I am located in BC. Enjoy your new truck!
  4. Thanks guys! No this is a single sided embossed porcelain with rounded edges. Apparently the Canadian version. There is a "Fargo" version as well that I am on the search for. This sign could come as is or lit with neon. I have seen the neon version and it is impressive. But as is the color is great. I am a happy camper!
  5. I have traded a few messages with him but no luck so far. thanks,
  6. I have traded a few messages with him but no luck so far. thanks,
  7. Thanks for getting back to me. I am a Dodge / Fargo guy so was not positive but thought I recognized them as 37 Ford. I was doing a little work in the back 40 and they were laying up against a tree. I better go back and take a closer look and see if there is anything else there. I will clean them up and put them up for sale I think. They are actually in pretty good shape. Seeing that you are a Dodge guy do you run into any 35 DB pickup parts. Looking for a grill shell and insert and headlights and 6 hubcaps. Brian
  8. Can anyone confirm that these are 1937 Ford Front Fenders? Thanks, Brian
  9. Hi Ben, That is a nice carryall you have there. I have sent you a PM. Brian
  10. In the 70's it was going to be some kind of party truck with a small block v8, the 80's it was going to be a rod, the 90's was the same, Y2k and it was going to get the full deal street rod build, now with a little bit of patina ( on me and the truck) the 1942 Dodge will most likely be restored to stock. It has only 43,000 original miles. It deserves to be brought back to it's former glory. When I had bought it from the family that drove it out to BC from Ontario in the late 40's tehy used it as there SUV of the day. About a year before I bought it the owner had given it to their two sons and there idea was to make it into a "bush buggy". They had removed the doors, the window winds and windows, rear seats etc. They then proceeded to try to cut it in half just behind the passenger door. The line is scribed across and there is a cut the width of a hacksaw blade. Thank goodness they only had a hacksaw. I was told that the Dad had promised to get someone in with acutting torch to help them. I came along at just the right time. The 42 has a few other interesting stories as well. But rest assured it will be back to "new stock condition" in the next few years. It is pretty well complete and I have everything for it as it was. I have 3 other panels the same vintage. One of them is a 1939 Fargo which is the first year of this series. The 39 Fargo is for sale if anyone is interested. B
  11. This is my 1942 Dodge Carryall. I have had this since May 1973. Actually drove it for a while in Grade 12. It moved around with me to a few different places over the years. It sat outside for quite a few years when I was on a long tour of duty. Then sat in my barn for another 15 years and now it is in my shop. I have gone from doing it stock to resto rod to full street rod. ??? It has a soft top of course, all the windows down the side roll down and ahs three rows of seats. It has neat little compartment with door under the dash that holds tow coal oil pots ( the size bowling balls) that I guess were used in case of a breakdown on the road. I have never seen another one like it except a photo of one that was in Holland. Any information that anyone can offer on this truck would be cool. I would like to know how many were made and if they were specifically for civillan use. I do know the "military carryall is on a 4x4 chasis and does not have the "fat" regular fenders. The picture is from 1973. So I am circling for a landing on which way to go with the restoration. Brian
  12. Thanks. Don't quit now buy more old Dodges and preserve the history. Ha Ha I do know what you mean though. B
  13. Hey Jack, Isn't that the truth......I am in a somewhat rust free zone so the balance of the inventory sits lined up outside. I still need the bigger or another shop for sure !!!!! Brian
  14. I assumed that early 35 was suicide doors and late was standard doors. If I can find a grill shell and insert I will be stoked, otherwise this one will get the treatment. Brian
  15. Hi Jason, Thanks for your comments. Yes I agree if all else fails in my search than the current grill will do fine. Always looking for backup NOS parts though. Here is the 35 as it sits today. It is starting to get a little crowded in the shop! There is also a 1942 Dodge Caryall ( civilian), a 1946 Dodge 1.5 ton and 1935 Chevrolet dump truck in there.......need a bigger shop! I will move it outside in a few months a photograph it in detail. I need to scan some 35 mil print pics from quite a few years ago when I was driving it regularly. ( these photos were prior to the digital and computer age) It spent a lot of years on a ranch doing light work hauling whatever around. It is a survivor for sure. Brian
  16. Hi Jen, Thanks for replying. Mine is a late 35 KC 1/2 ton ( not suicide doors and soft top). I have had this truck for about 22 years and it is a driver. It had an amateur resto at the time, but it is a strong runner. Nothing fancy in the resto except running gear really and wiring, brkaes etc. The outside was done in a grey primer. It for sure looks like a barn find that has been sitting, but i kind of like that look for now. I will take a picture of the grill and post it. It does not have the crank hole in the bottom? Thanks, Brian
  17. I am looking for a stock chrome grill shell and grill insert for my 35 Dodge Brothers pickup. Also looking for a rad cap with the Dodge ram. The grill I have could be saved but has a horizontal crease across the bottom from way back when. The ram is an aftermarket ( I think). Does anyone know if the grill from a sedan will fit? They do look very simliar. Does anyone have one or they can give me a reference to one? I am just getting back into the Dodges & Fargos which have been sitting for some time. Some in a shop soem outside ( non rust zone). A lot of them were drivers when I parked them. Also looking for literature and old brochures and dealer books for Dodge / Fargo of that period. And this is a bit of wild card but looking for an Airflow ( 1935 to 1940 ) I know this will command a few chuckles but I am seriously on the search. Even a airflow style tank to adapt to one of my other trucks would be a start. I did see a 1940 Dodge truck with airflow tank and that looked very cool. thanks, Brian BC, Canada Here are a few of my vehicles. I have a ton of parts and pieces for the 39 - 47 Dodge / Fargo vehicles below and just sorting through them to see what I have. Some dupicate parts / pieces could be available. And within 500 miles I would buy 35 Dodge pickups, parts, pieces and the same for 39 to 47 Dodge / Fargo ( dead or alive). - 1935 Dodge Brothers KC Pickup - 1942 Dodge 1/2 ton Carryall (civillian model) - 1946 Dodge 1.5 ton - 1947 Fargo 1.5 ton - 1942 Fargo 1 ton tow truck ( short wheel base dually) - 1946 Dodge 1 ton Paddy Wagon ( short wheel base dually) - 1942 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup - 1946 Fargo 1.5 ton - 1946 Dodge 1/2 ton panel - 1939 Fargo 1/2 ton Panel ( for sale) - 1946 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup - 1935 Chevrolet 1 ton dump truck ( hand wind box) - 1950 Chevrolet 1 ton flat deck stake - 1928 Chevrolet pickup - 1977 Chevrolet Blazer - 1968 GMC 1 ton flat deck - 1970 El Camino SS 454 LS6 M22 3:31 ( #'s match GM doc'd) - 1938 Ford Military 1 ton ( short wheel base dually) This was a bit more then I intended to post, hopefully it is not too exhaustive and rambling.
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