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  1. Two of my most "powerful" cars were my 1970 El Camino SS 454 LS6 TH 400 and my 1970 El Camino SS 454 LS6 M22. Both #'s matching with GM Docs and on LS6 Registry. Not necessarily the fastest top speed but for sure the most powerful off the line. With your foot into it you felt you were pulling "G's". The 454 LS6 was rated at 450 HP to meet EPA but they were actually around 500 HP out of the box from the factory.
  2. Would anyone have a pair of headlight stand horn brackets that they would part with? I have searched on line to find a diagram or schematic of the headlight stand and the bracket and the mounting of the horns but no luck. These photos from a AACA forum posting show the bracket. I am wondering if there is another bracket configuration that bolts to the stand as opposed to fitting between the headlight base and the stand..? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  3. 1935 Dodge Brothers Speedometer Lense with Trim Ring and Seal. $75.00
  4. 1935 Dodge Brothers Speedometer and Full Gauges. Speedo is complete with drive head, Gauges complete and ready to install. Detailed photos available if requested. $1,000.00
  5. 1936 Dodge Crank Hole Cover - Sold - and on its way to Texas......
  6. Here is a 1938 Fargo crank hole cover that could be used for a 1938 Dodge as well. There is a replaceable Cloisonne Dodge badge that are available. For the Fargo it is the western world map emblem. Good condition with some pitting that could be light wet sanded out and polished. $750.00
  7. Check out www.oldgas.com I am almost certain you will find one there. Good Luck
  8. I am pretty heavily invested in Signage for automobile, gas & oil, marine & auto lubricants and other. I have purchased signage throughout the US & CDN. Like a vehicle (VIN) most signs have a "marque" or "mark" or "TM" or "R" with the date of manufacture. There were a lot of manufacturers for Auto signage and gas & oil. In CDN there were a few big time manufactures such as "P&M" ( Porcelain & Metal Products Ltd ") in Ontario and they did Coke, Texaco and the big 3 Auto Cos. and several other brands. There were several on the West Coast as well and some of these signs varied in sign dimensions. The best signs are porcelain and the best condition is a survivor in the best condition you can find with or without chips. Auto porcelain signs came in straight porcelain or the same sign with neon which I have several of. Sometimes the size of the sign causes confusion with authenticity but it sometimes the manufacturer preference and which side of the 49th it was produced. A common porcelain Texaco sign was 6' in the US and the exact same sign was 5' in CDN. The biggest fake sign source today is out of India and I must say they make a pretty good reproduction and I steer clear of those. Painted signs are tough to find in good shape and valuable if real. Cardboard are elusive as well but are very valuable if you can find a real one. So the way to find a Real sign from a fake sign is check the mark and date and then do the big internet search to find one in a collection or one that has been sold. Knowing the manufacturer and the location is good because you can in most cases source info from the local archives and libraries and even in some cases find brochures and order forms for the signs and other dealer advertising. Sometimes signs in volume turn up on the internet and it just speaks fake. But you never know. A few years ago I bought a 7' acrylic light up Pacific 66 sign and the guy threw in a box of other stuff. One package turned out to be 25 pieces of "Firestone" tire inserts which were still wrapped in the brown paper packing tissue. They are porcelain and one side white and one side red. A couple of years ago I visited friends in Nashville to pickup some DB KC parts and ended up with a good inventory of Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth / DB signage. I think signs will always have an attraction for car guys for Automobile marks or gas & oil as it all relates to our Auto passion and hobby. I also think that the values will stay static and in most cases and my experience increase so it can be a good investment. I am not much of a seller at this point and pretty well just a collector. I have been offered though some attractive prices for some signs. There have been signs and auto and gas and oil related advertising sold on Barrett Jackson that are staggering. So if the sign represents your car or the gas station you went to as a kid it just feels good to have it on the wall. At any rate that is my opinion.............
  9. Dodge "Job Rated" Trucks Wall Banner for 1951 (Satin Rayon 40" x 54") Porcelain Dodge Trucks Sign - double sided plain and single side neon. (circa 1942) Dodge Dealer Handout - Note book. ( circa 1942)
  10. In my honest opinion this is the typical Nigerian scam letter. "Please help me I am inheriting 3 billion US dollars and I will give you half if I can put it in your bank account". "Send me all your banking information I will transfer the funds". Geez delete this jackson 3404 from the system. If I am wrong I will eat crow.... But hey anything is possible. This post stinks....
  11. The back 1/4 windows were an add on at some point. You cant see it in these photos but at some point a past owner was a radio tech / repair guy and it had Marconi nicely painted on the side. It had a long life as a tradesman's panel and work truck. The only stock side windows on these were incorporated on the carryall suburban's with two roll up windows each side with two rows of seats. My suburban also has barn doors which is really rare as the war effort produced 99.9% with the clamshell door in back.
  12. Yes the M22 does have that infamous whine and just adds to the sound going through the gears off the line or just cruising the boulevard in second and giving it a bit of punch to watch that cowl induction flap go up an down.
  13. Thanks Mark..! That particular photo was take at the Abbotsford International Airport on the wall of a bar that used to be called the Red Baron. Unfortunately the new owners in their lack of wisdom or not having any sense of nostalgia painted the whole wall over one color. I had used that as a backdrop for several cars over the years and it just added a great nostalgic touch. I agree on all your comments as well. If it is a clone it should be stated as that. Otherwise I wouldn't trust any statements of Numbers matching and so on and specifically a GM muscle car. GM Canada did a good job of documenting all GM cars coming from Detroit over the border muscle or plain Jane. I have received information and history on cars and trucks going back to 1935. The only other group that comes close to providing this type of factory info was the Chrysler Museum which now that service has stopped. Hopefully George at GM Canada carries on and I think he has trained his protégé to grab the reins soon. The only other entity I would trust to document an LS6 far would be Rick Nelson from www.musclecarrestorationanddesign.com Rick is a real decent guy and an expert and honest as the day is long. I am on the search for a CDN GM doc 70 SS LS6 coupe Cranberry Red Tan interior like the one in the original brochure........gotta keep the dream alive to keep the dreamer alive. Take care keep safe............
  14. You are welcome 58L-Y8. Overall besides the year it is a nice truck and it is low production. As a note the ornament or small globe with the tail on the head light is worth a bit if they are in good shape and a pair. It looks like the right side is missing. If someone on here buys it I have an extra one to make a pair. Probably got the nose piece ornament and the Fargo hood badges as well.
  15. This is a comment on the start of this subject of 1970 Chevelle real or clone. I have owned 3 -1970 El Caminos. 1- 1970 El Camino SS 396 TH 400 2- 1970 El Camino SS 454 LS6 TH 400 3- 1970 El Camino SS 454 LS6 M22 All 3 of these are numbers matching and documented by GM Canada historical services and the LS6 Registry. The only 1970 454 LS6 cars that can be verified as real and not clones are the ones that have a build sheet and are documented by GM Canada and have a 3rd party numbers match. Also the 3rd party LS6 registry and Dale Mcintosh does his assessment and confirmation. Canadian Documented GM muscle cars are blue chip and a good investment. Buying a 1970 Chevelle or 1970 El Camino SS 454 LS6 without that is just another clone or tribute car and should be priced based on that. The same goes for any big block GM muscle car up to 1970. If you are not worried about numbers or pedigree and the price is right and someone is not selling you a supposed numbers car then any 1970 Chevelle or El Camino is just nice to look at and a lot of fun to drive. But if you are looking at buying a numbers matching real 1970 Chevelle SS or El Camino SS 454 LS6 car beware as there are some very good cloners out there. These photos are of my LS6 cars.
  16. That is not a 1939 Fargo Truck. It is a 1942 Fargo. ( decoding the serial number will confirm that) ( a 1939 will start with a 955 and the 1942 should start with a 956 or 957) In 1939 Fargo and Dodge trucks had the headlights inset on the fenders and no cowl lights. That is the same for 1940. 1941 to 1947 the headlights went to the center of the fender and cowl lights added. The grills (nosepieces) and stainless and badges and nosepiece ornaments changed on various years throughout (1939 - 1947). All of the nosepieces are interchangeable throughout 1939 - 1947. All Fargo trucks and panels were built in Windsor Ontario. As everyone knows Dodge Trucks were built in Detroit and LA.( I have a low production number truck from LA) In my inventory I have a 1942 Suburban (built in Windsor production 1), 1939 Fargo panel, 1942 Fargo panel, 1946 Dodge panel, 1 ton Fargo Dually tow truck, 2 - 1.5 ton Fargo trucks and a 1946 1 ton pickup built in Los Angeles. For the 1939 - 1947 Fargo / Dodge Trucks and Panels I have period literature, parts books, manuals, brochures, posters, porcelain signs and boatload of sheet metal, parts, engines, tranny's etc. Collecting the above was a bad habit starting in high school which I am attempting to cure myself of and reduce the load. I am currently doing a frame off restoration on the 1942 Dodge Suburban Carryall. Photos are of a 1939 Fargo Panel of very low production. The front nosepiece / grill would have been the same on the pickup.
  17. I have shipped a car to Australia from Canada and I have shipped a car from Australia to Canada. I even loaded up with extra parts both ways. It is seamless and easy if you have your paperwork in order. You just have to be patient as the ship(s) hits a few ports along the way. I use containers for offshore moves. The only issues are temperature and humidity fluctuations and can cause some mildew on the headliner. It is an easy fix though with common cleaners. I shipped to and from Port of Vancouver BC. The only other thing to make sure of is to have insurance coverage on it prior to leaving its home port. I have not suffered any damage to date. It is just as easy to ship cars and parts from Canada to the USA and from the USA to Canada. Either doing the haul your self or using a common carrier to get it to the designate border to pick it up from. For bringing cars up from the US I ship to the nearest border crossing and go down with my car trailer. For Canada to the US or other foreign Port I use an International shipping company. They stuff the container for an offshore destination. For a land based destination I use a common hauler. I just shipped a 1946 Dodge 1/2 ton from Vancouver to France. And that is a painless process as well using an international shipper. I have shipped many cars to the US and brought many cars up from the US to CDN.
  18. For Dodge, Fargo and Plymouth trucks 1939 - 1947. Those are called cowl lights and acted more like park lights then signal lights. No cowl lights in 39 & 40. For 39-40 headlights on fenders were inset on fenders and had small park lights on headlight bucket. Headlights went to center of fender and cowl lights added starting 1941 through to 1947. That is a really nice green Plymouth truck and the tailgate for sure is the best part. One screw on the back of the cowl light gets everything inside. the cowl light bucket is bolted to the inside of the cowl. So the lenses and bulbs and ring are easy to disassemble. In the original photo above it just looks like the lense and bulb are missing and probably got broken.
  19. Fair enough....... Have a great day and all the best in the New Year...!
  20. So who is offering to help sell it? I just offered some comment to anyone looking at it. What are you bored and just need to say something?
  21. Nice truck. And they were a low number build. With the VIN you can do a search and it is possible to get the build card. The nose piece is similar to a Fargo which were the same from 39-47. The stainless strips on the grill bars are the same for Fargo. All the parts one would need for a restoration are available from any supplier of 39-47 Dodge truck parts. Except the hood badges and the vertical stainless strip down the center of the grill. In saying that I would almost bet that vertical piece is the same as a Fargo just the badge is different. There have been a few Plymouth trucks for sale up this way. Probably the rarest piece with your truck and almost impossible to find is that original tailgate. That was the first thing to get tossed or placed in the barn or garage that never saw daylight again. So for that price it is fair and a good candidate for restoration. By the way track down Eric Bannerman on here. He can probably give you some good intel from the VIN. Also I highly recommend his book. Good Luck
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