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  1. Now that is what I call a shop...! Very nice......
  2. Very nice shop and signage and advertising stuff. It should look great when you finish. But it looks good now too. And you can always put an addition on to add few extra bays.........
  3. Scott, That is a nice sign. This one on the back of my wall is similar to yours and is a real one and pretty well mint.
  4. Thanks it took a few years to pick them up. I don't really need to sell any signs to build a shop though. I just need to consolidate to one location. Here are a few of my shops and they are currently a bit crowded as well. The first is basically for a few cars at home, the second (offsite) older shop is jammed with trucks and signs. The last one (the new shop) with the Kubota and my ranch trucks a 68 GMC and 67 Ford is where everything is going to end up one day. The tractor and work trucks and other overflow vehicles will go into other shop(s). This one I will set up as my main auto shop with hoist etc. and lots of signs on inside walls and then create a sort of old time gas station outside. Well at least that is Plan A which is always subject to change. There are some really nice shops that have been built by members and posted on here that are absolutely beautiful. I love seeing those photos and hope to create something as unique. These things take time................
  5. Any signs relating to Automobile Dealers and Gas Stations are fair game. The market for good vintage porcelain signs and neon porcelain and gas station advertising is healthy and alive. I am only interested in "real" signs with an identifiable mark of where and when they were made. The Dodge Desoto Dodge Truck sign for instance was made by several different companies back in the day. I have been collecting signs for a long time and try to collect signs that relate to some of my vehicle or old gas station memories. I also have a passion for "marine" related oil and gas items like square oil cans and porcelain signs and some o/b motors. This room is what I call the "overflow" room and is a small part of the inventory. One day when I shift down to a lower gear I will hang them in the shop / show room / old gas station setting that is on the drawing board. This same sort of semi controlled addiction has applied to cars and trucks and all the related accessories for them. But I have been purging a few vehicles lately. Such as a 42 Dodge pickup just sent to France, 46 Dodge 1 ton locally , 35 Dodge coupe locally, 35 Dodge slant back locally, 70 El Camino SS 454 LS6 M22 #'s match CDN GM Docs locally and I have a few others looking for a home.... Currently doing a full frame off restoration of a very rare civilian model 1942 Dodge Suburban with barn doors and also doing a frame on restoration of a 1935 DB KC 2nd series pickup that was special ordered by the IRS in Fargo ND in October 1935 with a few "extra options". Happy New Year to everyone...! Onward and upward and pedal to the metal throughout 2020.
  6. Looking for a 1935 Dodge Brothers KC 2nd series engine, 218 cid, full water jacket, 23" head. Will take complete engine or just block. Great if it is in the PNW. thanks,
  7. Rebuild or replace an engine in my 35 Dodge KC!
  8. Sounds good let me know if you have one. thanks,
  9. Looking for a 1935 Dodge Brothers 2nd series KC Engine, 218 cid, full water jacket, 23" head. Either complete engine or just the block. Great if it is in the PNW. thanks,
  10. Looking for a 1935 Dodge Brothers Engine, full water jacket, 218 cid, 23" head. Either complete engine or just the block. Great is you are in PNW. Thanks
  11. My search is on for a new supplier. I am sure that we have someone in this area who can think out of the box. thanks for all comments on this.
  12. The ( high north ) local store ( Lordco) paint expert called me up and informed me that they cannot provide me the paint as it is banned in Canada (since 2010). The PPG codes are in the book for Bombardier Blue ( 10010) and La Plata Blue ( 10024). I believe she said California does not allow this paint as well. PPG can supply the formula though. Go figure. So my only recourse now is to get a 2.5" x 2.5" flat piece of paint chip from the truck. They would scan it and come up with something close. Problem is the only thing that I have now is under the dash on the firewall. I have asked my body guy to retain this for provenance. The rest is now sand blasted. So I am sort of at a standstill now on sourcing this paint. Alternate plan is to go south and bring it back across. I don't know if customs actually would ask what type of paint if I did claim it on crossing. I am thinking this would or could be easier in the East as opposed to the tree hugging West. No offence intended I like trees too but......
  13. That is the theory. I have had paint chip samples scanned before and paint created by code which was not a problem. I have contacted PPG and confirmed the PPG code and now hooked up the local store to contact them to get the formula. The local store was able to reference the code and color. Once the store confirms they can blend and create it I will get them to make a spray bomb up. The store says they do not have the ability to create a sample card as they have no booth. This contradicts PPG as they said that is what they should do. The store quoted 30 to $40.00 for the bomb. Whatever gets the job done to confirm the color. Anything out of the box that you want done up in this neck of the woods is always a challenge. Thanks for everyone's input on this.
  14. I have sent an email to PPG. I don't have the ability to take a piece of the vehicle to a paint dealer. The original color was on the both sides of the firewall. I have taken in other small parts though in the past and had them scanned and had the paint made up. Another option is to blow up the paint codes above and see if they can scan that. I am hoping to hear back from PPG though. thanks for your comments.
  15. It is no problem getting the paint blended once I get the crossover PPG code. Apparently it is available but I have not found it yet. I will for sure post it here when I find it. I am hoping though someone within the group here will have it and respond.
  16. Does anyone have the PPG codes for 1942 Dodge paint colors? Paint suppliers I have contacted cannot use old codes. I am specifically looking for Bombardier Blue and La Plata Blue. One of these is the stock color of my 1942 Dodge Carryall Suburban civilian model. I need to make a spray bomb up to match to paint to determine correct color. thanks, .
  17. Hey Alan, Thanks for your comments. I will check all those things out. How do I contact Eric?
  18. Thanks for your comments. Got all that. I believe it is a 201.3. Most likely engine built in 1941. Apparently the truck was built December 41 / January 42 as the civilian production stopped February 22, 1942. I have factory photos of the production line where you can see subtle changes after the war effort took over and the production of them became command vehicles. I had hoped to extract something from the Body Tag but from what I can gather it is just a number with no decode.
  19. Looking for assistance to decode some numbers. Just started a full frame off restoration. No VIN plate (RH door pillar) and no identifiable numbers on frame ( LF frame) 1942 Dodge Carryall Suburban ( I am assuming Detroit built) This is one of the few that made it to civilian use. It has stock roll up windows in back, RH spare wheel mount and body depression behind RH door and barn doors back. Looking for some assistance in decoding some numbers. On this vehicle the VIN plate on the RH pillar was removed by previous owner ( pre 1960 apparently). Also there appears to have been previous damage to LF frame and serial number on frame is not legible. (damage apparently also pre 1960) What I do have is: Body Tag number: 4149584 ( I did attempt to decode this from ply33.com but no luck as info came up as 1936 I guess based on thinking it was a VIN ) Engine serial number: T112915511164 C (which I have been unable to decode) Frame VIN / Serial number: is there any other possible place that this could be stamped on frame or body other than LF of frame and body tag. Any intel on decoding this truck to date of build or location of additional serial number would be hugely appreciated. Thanks,
  20. Thanks for comments. Not currently for sale. What manufacture / production year do you believe these signs are. thanks,
  21. Can anyone offer an opinion on the value of these signs. Trying to establish some current values. - 42" Dodge Plymouth - Same condition both sides. - Plymouth Chrysler Motors Product - 29 1/2" long and 21 1/2" across top wide. Same condition both sides. - Dodge Brothers 40" x 18" same condition both sides. - Dodge Brothers cut down to 37" x 18" - same condition both sides. Was mounted evenly in a frame when I got it. Don't know why someone did that and can only assume they salvaged a damaged sign. Thanks,
  22. Can anyone provide a photo of a 1934 Dodge or Chrysler Jack. thanks,
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