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  1. Question: Why are there so many BBR-1's on the remaining '36 Dodges and not original EXV_2's? (I have always wondered.)
  2. Hey "1936 Viper" Lee, Ever get the brakes sorted out? Been driving it at all?
  3. Here are some photos of the Headlamp Stands and the shell mounting side SS Trim pieces. (I looked for photos of the grille trim clips but no luck.)
  4. Here are some more shots of the discussed parts.
  5. Yes. The one in the first shot is the horn button cover plate for 1936. It should have three tabs on the back if it is nice. The second photo emblem year I am not sure. It is not '36. Could be 1935? But the "USA" across the bottom is a sure indicator that this one is for "Export" vehicles only. The big wings are from a trunk lid. Again, without measurements of the studs on the back, can't be sure of the year(s) but you are very close with '36 '37 '38. Good luck!
  6. Now "there's" a different definition of "restored"! ?
  7. For those now reading this thread because of the bump, there is another source for running board matting that is earning respect among restorers. Check out: http://www.runningboardrubbermats.com/home.html I am not affiliated with this company but have read a couple articles about them in the last two years. Also may I comment... There isn't really a "need" for a separate '38 Dodge message board. Most questions can be posted here on the "Dodge and Dodge Brothers Forum" and will be read by many. People other than specifically '38 guys may be able to contribute answers to '38 Dodge questions p
  8. I would guess that if you can't remove the shaft you could split the hose piece with a long spiral cut so the cut line is never taking all the pressure in one spot. Maybe at least half way around the hose. A careful small drop of super glue on the two ends of the spiral cut may also help the longevity of the new "roller".
  9. Just remember this guy back in August of 2012 !!!
  10. Oh Nooooo!!! Come on Drew. Hang in there! Now is the time that progress starts showing itself! It may not LOOK like it but progress is happening! Your Dad would be happy just because you took on this project! It has this family connection and who better to see it through than a family member! I'm glad you MAY only be tempted! So, it sound like you have gotten quite a way along since you last reported! The "ratty" part of the interior is gone so "the boss" should be happier now (and you too I might add). With the front clip off you have massive access to the engine and front frame areas. So no
  11. IMHO... Shouldn't we be supporting the path that "120mm" started some years ago rather than trying to "pick the bones clean"? Maybe check with "countrytravler" in a PM. He has a parts car I think. Also, there is one in Canada that a contributor is trying to part with.
  12. This post relates to the one just prior (#196) from "countrytravler" checking up on "120mm". It would be proper Forum etiquette for "allsteel" to either start a new thread asking for parts or to send a PM to "countrytravler" with the question.
  13. This is a response from posts made August 15th & 16th of 2012. (#'s 49,59 & 60). Time warp!
  14. Yea...I should have known with the "imported_" part added to the user name. Duh'O And THAT's why the link doesn't work!
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