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  1. Royal Enfield Motorcycles were Whitworth
  2. My engine looks original green, I read somewhere on the forum they may have used whatever paint was available at the time
  3. Finally got mine to work properly, some operator error
  4. There are a fewcompanies that make entire unit This Ole'Coupe and street rods and memorabilia has just the tape. Just google windshield regulator
  5. jpage Finally got back underneath to check, you are absolutely correct the bracket assembly for the cowl vent blocks the removal of the windshield operator. Two large machine screws hold it in place. They have not been moved in 82 years, seem a little stiff and screws very soft metal (1930's?) have sprayed them with PB penetrating catalyst. Will try and attack them this weekend. Thnaks for the tip. Lee
  6. is there a trick to getting the regulator out from behind the dash. have the bolts out just does not seem to be enough space to pull the regulator out?
  7. Contemplated that. I had South Shore Customs up to look at the car this weekend. They just rebuilt a Galaxy that was starving for gas, problems in the tank. It will be a month until I can get into shop. So with a month to wait may implement the boat tank. Glad some one else contemplated this so not a total wacky idea.
  8. Auburn seeker said: "Are you getting good fuel supply to the Pump and past? On my 48 Plymouth and my 36 Chrysler the years of sediment in the tank started loosening up with use and plugged the screen on the pickup in the gas tank. I ended up pulling the tank, then put a few gallons of evaporust in it, once I got all the gas out I could. Let it sit, then cleaned it out. It came up spotless on the bottom as no correctly fitting replacement tanks were available. Cured my starving for gas problem I had been having. I also added a clear in line filter just to make sure nothing else was coming through." Auburn Seeker Fuel Pump seemed to be working well, had carburetor rebuilt. Engine sounded wonderful did not prime anything started right up. Idled good. Attempts to drive only last for a short time (few hundred yards) then I think carb stop getting gas. My son pointed out to me that when I move the car this happens. So maybe some logic to something else going on in gas tank even though I drained and refilled.. Do not see sediment in fuel bowl so maybe something happening back at the tank. I know if I open carb now there will be no fuel in float bowl. A bit frustrating. South Shore Customs of Plymouth MA will visit me on Saturday to see if they would take on project to help me get it road worthy. I need professional help
  9. Love the green engine block my 36 Dodge also has green engine block. Maybe a little darker.
  10. Pretty common in Vermont back in the day poor man's tractor and about the only thing that would navigate dirt roads in mud season. Saw one with two transmissions once . Still a number of them around in the late 60's