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  1. Don’t forget Gary I still want 2 thank you
  2. Hello I’m interested in the bumperetts off of the m thank you 508 400 0622
  3. I was wondering if you had a photo or sample of one I might be able to come up with something .Unfortunatly these moldings were missing when I got the car and I have found moldings but have nothing to go on on the clips so anything is helpful thank you 508 400 0622
  4. Good evening folks I’m hoping somebody out there might be able to help me I am in need of the headlight stands for 36 dodge hopefully I’m calling the right things they are the pot metal stanchions that mount on the side of the grill shell thank you xfishcar@msn.com 508 400 0622 thank you Jerry Furthermore wondering if anybody might have some information or a source to purchase the clips that hold the stainless molding around the grill shell thank you again
  5. Hello folks I recently acquired a 1922 studebaker light six it was seized from sitting or at least I assumed it has the aluminum head which I was unable to remove for the fear of ruining it so I was able to unseize the engine and I remove the rods and pistons and crank from below upon inspection before putting it back together I noticed that there was a crack between the two front cylinders and the two rear cylinders crack also extend it into the cylinder bore wondering if anybody might have an engine that I can purchase thank you