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  1. Hi there Spinneyhill! It seems they can be troublesome. The "Power Assist" option was only available for a short time. If it isn't working, it isn't shifting, or shifting poorly and incompletely. It basically makes the moving of the shift lever easier. (When it's working properly) Don't know why they went through all the trouble, manual shifting isn't a difficult task. I have an early Motors manual. I have info on it.
  2. Is the "Power Assist" shift feature on my '41 worth repairing, or should it be eliminated? Thanks, Bill
  3. I did find that coupe I was looking for. It's in wonderful condition. It needs the typical things a car does when it's been sitting a while, but runs great. Can't find any rust or rust repair anywhere. This one has the power assist shifting mechanism. It works and drives, I think it needs a little adjustment, or the vacuum actuator may have needs. It's had a repaint long ago, but it's in wonderful condition. (Minus a few small dings) Found this one in Maryland.
  4. I have a clock that needs work. The plastic lens has sorta dried and disintegrated. There is also some boarder color on the lens. Where would a person get something like that?
  5. Are the tail light assemblies different on the coupes?
  6. Hi guys, The '41 clock is different than the '42. The '41 matches the speedo. Thanks for the "tips" for where to look.
  7. Looking for a clock for my car. Also interested in other miscellaneous parts. Would like chrome strips for the running boards, interior knobs, radio, and other things. Whatcha got? Let me know, Bill
  8. I'm looking for a set. I found a pair of Chrysler business coupe skirts, but they are different than all the other '41 Mopar cars. Dodge and Desoto (all models) look the same, even the Chrysler sedans look the same as the rest (pictures) but the Chrysler is obviously unique. I reall doubt if the '37 skirts will work, and I don't care for the aftermarket style. It looks as though they overlap the fender opening. I want originals that fit inside, and "flush" with the fender. If I'm mistaken, please inform. Thanks, Bill
  9. Thanks for the link Hudsy! That's real interesting.
  10. Don't know if you're still looking or not, but there are cars out there. Last search I did a few weeks ago, I found three for sale on one day.
  11. Thanks for all the input fellas! First; I like old stuff. Not only do I love the old cars, which is my #1 addiction, I appreciate just about anything from the past. I'm sure there are a number of reasons for that, as many of you know. The seat cover is in real good condition. There is one small tear in the drivers side upright cover on the side. I may attempt to fix it. It looks like very nice original fabric underneath, which is realtive to the uncovered lower and back portions of the seat. Even though the fabric may be "cherry" underneath the cover, and the color of cover doesn't really compliment the tan to brown interior, I plan to leave it in place. It just adds to the uniqueness, and old look of days gone by. You can't buy "new" old, if you know what I mean, but many try to duplicate it these days. Once the old is gone, it looses "charcter". I had it in my head to "streetrod" my next purchase, (this car) and could have been one of about 6 different cars on my wish list. I don't think I can do it to this car. It's just too nice. Although it looks to have had a repaint at some point in its life, I could find any rust repair, or any place where rust was starting. The underside of the car, from frame to pan etc, is just lightly surface rusted. No pitting. I was really surprised, especially for an east coast car! Just goes to show you, they are still out there! AND, in great shape! Ironically, 2 weeks after I bought this car, an original 22,000 mile car popped up on ebay. (same 3 window coupe)
  12. Looking for a set of original fender skirts for my '41 Dodge. Anybody? Thanks, Bill
  13. Thanks Rusty, I'm kinda excited about the car. It was a long shot to see if someone had some kind of positive I.D. The cover has that "old" look to it, and wondered if in fact installed when new. I'm going to try and find more history on the car. It was grandpas, but he has passed.
  14. Thanks for responding Dave. There is one small tear in the cover on the drivers side. I could see some nice original fabric underneath, but didn't want to make the hole any bigger. I sure hope the piping wasn't cut off! Lol Just trying to get an idea of the vintage of the cover. It looks pretty old. Bill
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