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  1. With my bad luck it figures that the tube is bad! Besides welding the ends shut does anyone have any other suggestions? And like I mentioned before it does not have the stock carburator, the previous owner replaced it with a Eldelbrock carb.
  2. I think you are correct because before I disassemble it I could feel air leaking and that is why I asked if there was a way to cap it. I will put it under pressure and see if it's leaking. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the information. When I purchased the car the previous owner had replaced the original carb with a Eldelbrock, I don't like it I am already searching for a Rochester.
  4. Thanks for the lesson, the shop manual doesn't show much. Again thank you!!!
  5. So I have an exhaust leak on the passenger side and I found a nipple on the manifold that is open, can someone please tell me what it's used for and is there a way to cap it? Thanks in advance!!
  6. That's what I thought. Thanks!!!
  7. Thank you, I will look into it!! Unfortunately it's my daily driver and it started to run rough today after a hard stop, so I think the easiest thing to do first is replace the fuel filter. Since the local parts stores in my area does not stock the original style I wanted to know if the universal style would work by eliminating the vapor return line.
  8. Thank you!!! I thought that it could be eliminated but wasn't 100% sure.
  9. Time to replace my fuel filter but I noticed that the original filter has three hoses. I know that one is from the pump and the other goes to the carb but what is the third one for? Can I eliminate the third line and use a universal 2 hose style filter? Thanks in advance, Marco
  10. Thanks Mr. Page! It's a complete set that also includes the tire cover.
  11. Thanks! It does come with all the hardware and the tire cover.
  12. Thank you! I guess what I should do is measure my fender first, the only problem is the car is about 100 miles away being restored.
  13. I have a opportunity to pick up a passenger side mount fender but before I spend the money I want to make sure that it will fit my 36 4 door sedan. Can anyone tell me if the fenders are universal through all 1936 Dodge models excluding pickups? I was informed that on Buicks the fenders are different lengths depending on the model and after hearing that I am concerned that it might be the same on the Dodge cars. Thanks, Marco
  14. Thanks and sorry for the late reply. I already tried your suggestion but it still doesn't go all the way up! I might have to take it to the shop if I can't figure this out.
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