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  1. Thank you, I will look into it!! Unfortunately it's my daily driver and it started to run rough today after a hard stop, so I think the easiest thing to do first is replace the fuel filter. Since the local parts stores in my area does not stock the original style I wanted to know if the universal style would work by eliminating the vapor return line.
  2. Thank you!!! I thought that it could be eliminated but wasn't 100% sure.
  3. Time to replace my fuel filter but I noticed that the original filter has three hoses. I know that one is from the pump and the other goes to the carb but what is the third one for? Can I eliminate the third line and use a universal 2 hose style filter? Thanks in advance, Marco
  4. Thanks Mr. Page! It's a complete set that also includes the tire cover.
  5. Thanks! It does come with all the hardware and the tire cover.
  6. Thank you! I guess what I should do is measure my fender first, the only problem is the car is about 100 miles away being restored.
  7. I have a opportunity to pick up a passenger side mount fender but before I spend the money I want to make sure that it will fit my 36 4 door sedan. Can anyone tell me if the fenders are universal through all 1936 Dodge models excluding pickups? I was informed that on Buicks the fenders are different lengths depending on the model and after hearing that I am concerned that it might be the same on the Dodge cars. Thanks, Marco
  8. Thanks and sorry for the late reply. I already tried your suggestion but it still doesn't go all the way up! I might have to take it to the shop if I can't figure this out.
  9. Does anyone know what can cause a rear electric window not to shut all the way? It was working fine before. The window goes down and back up to that point with no problems. I would appreciate any help. Regards, Marco
  10. Mr. Page, I assembled the parts I had on pic one by looking at pics that I took before taking it apart and everything looked good until I found the thin piece that is on pic two. If that is a spring tensioner and their is supposed to be two I guess I am missing one. As always thanks for your help!!! Marco
  11. Hello, I need help identifying parts that I removed about 17 years ago. I will post parts as I find that I don't where they go. The first part is part of the throttle linkage bracket but I don't know what side it goes on. The part is very thin maybe about 1/16" thick. Thanks, Marco
  12. Yes I did keep the original drive train. I struggled for a while with the brake and clutch assembly, everyone I talked to said to go modern but like I said before I want the car to have the appearance of it being original as possible. So I came up with this idea.
  13. This is the modified steering column using a steering column saver and the new u-joint at the end. The u-joint still needs to be welded on but I have to first cut the shaft down by about 4". I will then powdercoat the column and finish restoring the steering wheel. If anyone is wondering how much I cut off the Steering Column it was close to a foot.
  14. Taylormade, This is a mid 30's car which is different than your 48 Plymouth. Another thing is that you guys didn't know that I have a Mustang II front suspension with rack and pinion and it's air bagged. The reason I don't much talk about this is that I want the car to look as original as possible with the exception of the front and rear suspension and some people won't bother helping when they find out that your car has been modified. I had to modify the original steering column also so that it attaches to the rack and pinion steering. What I want is when someone looks at the car they will never notice any modifications except for the car sitting low. I will post some pics of some of the mods later but I will post a pic of the column even though I'm not completely done with it. Before I forget I was not offended at all by your comment, but you did sound like I wasn't listening to your idea! Hahaha.....
  15. I want to thank everyone for their advice! They are all good ideas and now that I know that no one reproduces what was originally installed I will try one of your ideas.
  16. Gunsmoke, Thanks for the pics. On the 36 it is smooth so I guess since no one reproduces what originally was installed I will try what other members have suggested. Regards, Marco
  17. Mr. Page, The anti-squeak material is actually double sided tape that the previous owner installed since the door is missing a tab to hold it in place.
  18. Thanks! Your idea was my last plan if I can't find what originally was installed from the factory.
  19. I'm trying to find out if a gasket goes between the steering column and the bracket? As you can see from the pic I was able to stick a standard size screwdriver head in between the column and the bracket, lots of play! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. So Saturday I ran into my cousin at a party. His first words were, "Stop looking for skirts, I was going to surprise you before you paint your 36 by giving you the skirts that I let you barrow." He then said that he has all the moldings and locking parts but he will not give them to me until the car is almost done. I have much love for my cousin who has always looked out for me!!!