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  1. Thanks for your diagnosis - when you use the "tongue" is this the same as a spindle ? I am not familiar with the word "tongue " in a lock . I am based in UK so our English does differ from US sometimes !
  2. One of my door handles /latches has started sticking recently so when you open door ,the handle stays down and the latch sticks inside the door .I then play with the handle a bit and it loosens . I have taken the inside door panel off, which then gives part access to the levers which are connected to the latch but I cant see inside the door as there is metal panel , to see where the problem is . I will try and load some photos and video which I have posted through You tube .You may need to copy and paste it into your browser if it doesn't click though . Any ideas to fix ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vrg1P6E4FM
  3. Thanks for your message and tip . I will get cracking to book now !
  4. This year is my first trip to Hershey . I am flying in from the UK to Washington Dulles and driving to Hershey on the Tuesday 6 October 2020 . Can you give any me insights to which area I can book a hotel within 15 - 30 minutes drive to Hershey ground. I am happy for any recommendations of hotels as well. Thanks
  5. I have attached the measurement of the chrome pole which holds the the bracket which supports the spare wheel . Also some more photos around the spindle .Let me know if this helps
  6. I can get you some measurements and photos of the set up .Will do it on the weekend
  7. Good to hear from you as I had given up on my request . I am currently using platic ties to hold the wheel in place ! The part I need is the circular hub holder shown in your photo and hex nut . Unfortunately I don't have a spare long rod which sounds what you are after . If you want to sell the circular hub I am interested ? Thanks Farrol
  8. I am seeking the bracket which fits inside the spare wheel rim to hold it steady to stop it moving whilst in the fender housing .I am not sure what the technical term for this bracket is but have attached some photos .I am sure during the 1930 s these brackets were semi universal and not bespoke to the particular year and model . I am currently using cable ties to keep it from rocking about but really like to purchase the bracket . Although I am based in London , UK It can be shipped to a friend in Florida who will bring it over when they visit later in October Thanks Farrol
  9. I have attached a few photos showing the hand brake in relation to gear stick in the cab and under shots where you can prop shaft and handbrake . Does this help identify if the Plymouth box is a direct interchange ?
  10. Thanks for all your feedback Any insight on whether the gear box shown in photos is usable in my 36 Dodge As the carb is manual I am assuming Canadian - ? The measurements Rusty gave for the block 25 " vs 23 1/4 should help me identify
  11. Thanks for both of your advice My Dodge was assembled in Australia and has the TJ Richards initials embossed on the firewall , so not sure if Canadian or US . Will check numbers .It has a manual choke . My current carb is a Stromberg EXV2 and works very well What is the Hollander ?
  12. I am based in the UK and have a 1936 Dodge D2 . I have been offered some parts which I a told came from a 1938 Plymouth in the UK . There is no engine block or any other parts The seller has sent me some photos below .I would like to know if they are compatible for my car .They are 1. Carter C -106 Carburetor 2. Exhaust and inlet manifold 3. Starter motor 4. Gear box I currently don't really need then but if they are usable I can buy them relativity cheaply . Thanks Farrol
  13. Nick Carlisle looks more modern cars -muscle etc Thanks for the pointer
  14. Walt - good advice and will do
  15. Thanks everyone for your excellent tips and advice . I am ready to start booking and looking forward to my 1st Hershey .
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