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  1. Taylmade, I have a technical builtin, I got from Harry on adjusting Gimmer box, if you PM me your email , I will send you a link
  2. I had her digitize my car and truck for the front. And the wings for the back, for monogram
  3. Tom, get with Kim at the DodgeBrothers store, she may be able to do it for you https://mkt.com/dodge-brothers-store
  4. yes that is the visor the cylinder is mount for windshield wiper it is mounted on windshield frame
  5. my 30 dA has the hinge i had to grind off heads then carfully drill screws some i had to tap to 12-24 in the plate on car the hinge on my windshield was spot welded also i have a rubber seal between hinge and car got it from steele it prevent water from getting push up in car when running down road
  6. Try mac's https://www.macsautoparts.com/early_v8_ford_truck/headlight-wiring-2-bulbs-use-original-sockets-ford-372499.html?crosssell=Homepage_Featured_Category_Electrical+Wiring+Harnesses
  7. had the same problem on 16 rebuilt waterpump same checked timing same radiator flushed my shop reinstalled same checked torque on head low torque one loose stud repaired retorqued fixed problem happy!
  8. you have lacing in between?
  9. You may not find breakdown ,. The second series was only built 6 months, It was a truck in transition to the 36,. We find with all model changes during production, especially in early years with Engineers always trying to improve
  10. Dennis , I mounted the crossbar to frame with a 1/4 rubber by 2 inch sheet as a bumper , once fender mounted and shroud put on radiator, it has to be adjusted together to align. ,adjusted engine cowling with rods
  11. Looking great! Lots of Chrome what webbing are you using between cab and frame?
  12. Kim from DB store worked on a project for my Christmas present to myself , We had Uphostery shop Digitized a picture of Dodge Brothers Wings, my car and truck to embroider on my Denim jacket. I love the way it came out! If interested she has Digitized pattern.
  13. Looking good, thinking of going down under in 2018, any shows , will your car be ready, I might need a ride? Jesse
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