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  1. Adam. Call me I may be coming your way this week.,,,Ed
  2. I have a little experience in useing the Pertronix systems, I went to work for UPS in '79 and all their "package cars" (this is wht they called them) had been converted to the pertronix system. These p cars were 292 GMC, 300 Ford 225 Dodge 6 cly engines. When a pertronix ingnition works it works great but when they fail they fail immediately and without warning, just like a failed condensor. This would involve a tow and "service" failures. not good! I worked nights and was on call all day to respond to break downs. I learned quickly to carry an extra Pertronix with me. When I would get a cal
  3. There were two nail head engines available in 1955, 264 and 322 cubes. They both used the same block, only the bore was different. Others will have to answer you other questions as I have no idea.....RH
  4. Put a smaller hose on a shop vac, reduce to a 5/8 or 3/4 heater hose with some duct tape and suck out those shavings!
  5. I'm pretty sure they got the wrong engine picture posted! That car appears to have A/C also...I believe 53 is the first year for it...pretty rare!
  6. A lot of vehicles used bolts til about 1960 (+ -). I had a 56 Ply with bolts.
  7. Art, I had this problem with my 322 nail head several years ago. One lifter would tick at start up, after the engine had set a while. I was advised by a friend to get a can of Slick 50 engine treatment. S 50 is a highly concentrated synthetic oil treatment. He said his (chevy) engine was doing the same thing and Slick 50 cured his. My engine is an original with 125K miles on it so I thought. what can I loose? Its S 50 or an expensive engine tear down. I got a can and added it according to the directions. The tic went away and has never returned even with several oil changes. Normally I am not
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-Buick-Electra-225/233783596956?hash=item366e96979c:g:x3EAAOSwlvpfscCG
  9. Red, Just what kind of ponies does you engine put out and what was done to convert to open driveshaft????
  10. THATS NOT CRAZY TALK!!!!!!!!!!😁 I have thought about that same swap since I got my "56 Special many years ago! I was thinking of of upgrading the motor, trans and rear end, all Buick of course. 401 or 425!!! But why not show it of with 3 deuces or even a dual 4 barrel set up????🤩
  11. Oh, I see you can buy a ford pump for $80 and "adapt" it. 😆
  12. Old tank. Where can you get a NEW pump for $80.00????????
  13. AI just went through this problem. A complete 56 fuel pump kit is $90.00. You can get a rebuilt pump from Russ Martin at Centerville auto for $110 exchange... of course there is shipping involved....Ed
  14. Is this event still scheduled? September 10-12, 2020:Chesterfield, MISSOURIThe St. Louis Gateway Chapter will host the 2020 Heartland Regional Meet at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel — Chesterfield, Missouri. Thanks to the St. Louis Buick Dealer’s Association this is the “$20.00 Heartland Special” with $20.00 registration fees and $20.00 banquet fees. This event features tours to Fast Lane Classic Cars, historic St. Charles, and the Daniel Boone Home along with a driving tour through Missouri’s Wine Country. This is a peer-judged car show with special awards for convertibles and mo
  15. PS, don't know if you are trying to clean up sludge or stop a lifter tick but I have put auto trans fluid to clean up sludge, I inherited an old 4 cyl. tractor that had set for many years and a valve was stuck. I removed the valve cover, freed it up and changed the oil. It did have some build up in the valve train, but not too bad. It ran fine all summer but the next spring, after sitting all winter the valve was stuck again. This time I freed it up, changed the oil and added 1/2 qt. of auto trans fluid and it ran great for several years after! I added the trans fluid at every oil change...Ed
  16. I have a '56 Buick special with the stock 322 2 bbl engine, roughly 125,000 miles, engine internals are all original. It developed a "tick" on cold start up after sitting for a while so I changed the oil and that didn't help. I then added a can of Slick 50 and the tick went away, it has been over 10 k miles since then with more oil changes and the tick has not returned. I tried the slick 50 from the advice of my brother who owns a vintage GM product who used it for the same reason to cure his cold tick problem,,, Well it worked for us and I would not hesitate to do it again if the problem ari
  17. Someone needs to buy this, If I was anywhere near there I would have it! (Idyllwild, California) , BTW the seller offered it to me for $2500, probably take less with cash in hand!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Refurbished-1964-Buick-425-Nailhead-Dual-Carb-Engine-includes-Heads-man-block/254409008629?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  18. Dennis, those "French" locks are available now, look on e-bay
  19. I don't think I used any flat washers, just bolts out of the bolt bin with lock washers , it was soon after I acquired my Buick, I just had to put dual exhaust and glass packs on it! I found the correct left dual exhaust manifold, NOS for $99.99!!!!!!,,,Come to think of it, this was probably before 1999!!!, its all still intact!
  20. Hello, Does any one know of a engine rebuilder familiar with nailheads in the St Louis area or the Midwest?...THANKS,,,Ed
  21. Mr Earl.. when I saw notification that you had responded to my post I was sure it was gonna say, "Bring her down here , Ill do it!!!!",,,Ill post it in other forum too. Thanks, Ed
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