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  1. I'm trying to assist someone who is long distance, possibly buy this car. He needs to locate the data plate, i.e. paint code, interior, etc. I told him it should be on the firewall, near the master cylinder and wiper motor. He sez its not there??. He located the VIN on the L/S front door jamb. Thanks for some guidance.
  2. OOPS! Wrong phone # listed at top of ad. Correct # 847/487 9755 Possibly why its still For Sale! Thanks, Bunchabuix
  3. This '64 Wildcat is still For Sale! thanks! Bunchabuix
  4. Rebuilt engine, Bucket seats & operating console with Tach. Dual Exhaust, Buick Road Wheels, Repainted Black Cherry (House of Color ) Garaged, not driven for several years, needs brake work & some interior work. Shows 13K miles, $10,500 Offer. 847/489 9755.
  5. Hi Pont35cpe, Good point about the measurements; I'll measure & re-post. Also, thanks for the tip about Chevs of the 40s .
  6. Looking for a pair that functions properly, finish not important. OR the springs inside to repair, or a source for the springs. Thanks, bunchabuix.
  7. When I replaced the brake lines a few yrs ago, I requested that they ( In-Line) make the long line in two pieces. A LOT easier to slide thru the frame in two pieces, and a bonus: saved some ship. costs as carton was smaller. Bunchabuix
  8. We've been to THIRTY EIGHT BCA National Meets. Some of the highlights: The first in 1971. Buick's 75th anniversary meet @ Flint in 1978, I was on the Meet committee, hosting Chicagoland Chapter meets in 1980 & 1995. Received Gold New Senior for my 1941 56C in 1997, St Louis; the Buick & GM Centennial in 2003 & 2008, on the Meet Committee for Charlotte, Carolina Chapter, 2012. BCA 50th in Allentown, 2016. We plan to attend OK this year, 2020 in OH, & Charlotte in 2021. Jerry Bodden #1518
  9. Brian, I sent you a PM last week, did you receive? I'm interested in the Brooklin ' Century. Thanks! Jerry
  10. To my knowledge, the name SEQUOIA CREAM was used by Buick from 1936 thru 1953. however, the shades of this color changed slightly over these years. My '41 Super, with the dark red leather. Jerry
  11. Brian, Who will be making this model, '56 Century? I have the same car, Dover White over Seminole Red, red & black interior, # 63D Jerry BCA 1518
  12. I have a Danbury Mint model of a '56 Roadmaster Riviera Sedan #73, (four door hardtop) with a black roof, Seminole Red hood, trunk lid, upper fenders & doors, and light beige or almond paint below the sweep spear, Striking! The interior is red & black. Photos to follow. Jerry
  13. I need one. My finned covers have been collecting dust for too long. I put my name on Clark's Corvair list several yrs. ago. They told me the person who made the bracket for Clark's passed away. Bunchabuix Jerry ROA 8691
  14. Can't believe its been five years since Brad intro'ed these bars! didn't buy one then, '56 Century needs it. Please count me in for one. Thanks! Bunchabuix