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  1. Heah Bill, I have never been and thinking about going also. What day would you go? Not sure I would drive the 56 though. Let me know.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I am waiting for my new dome lamp lens to arrive. I will then cut the old lens out, use your recommended technique on the posts and then insert the new dome lamp lens. I'll report back on how it all worked out.
  3. Took Red Dawn out today to stretch its legs and as I was taking a corner a little faster than I should have been, the Dome lamp came swinging down. When I got back home I made several attempts to get it popped back in place. One strong arm attempt, I cracked the dome lamp lens. No problem, I will order another one from Fusick. Now the real problem, I can't determine any real way the dome lamp rim attaches to the four posts on the dome lamp receptacle coming from just inside the headliner. The four posts are not notched in anyway and are straight up and down with no bends whatsoever
  4. Made a 120 mile round trip with the 56 yesterday attending the East Coast Jalopyrama in Easton MD. A series of pictures with other Buicks from the show to follow:
  5. Had a nice drive with the 56 Special this morning to a weekly cruise-in at Hunt Valley in Cockeysville, MD. Temp was about 34 degrees and wind gusts were around 20mph. A little nippy for me but, all in all I had a fantastic time.
  6. Bill, You are right on. It was a great event. Thanks for the reply. Mark
  7. Attended a local car show at Middle River MD. Took "Best of Show" trophy.
  8. Holy s#$t, I know you don't want to hear this but, at least you were not injured. If you decide to, hopefully the 54 can be fixed.
  9. Bought, received, and installed a 1 inch front sway bar on the 56. Price including shipping was $380.00. It is recommended the car be on its weight in the front. So, I went and borrowed a drive on lift to do the project. The removal of the old bar and installation of the new bar took a little over two hours to complete. The 60+ years old bolts were a little difficult but, made easier when I put the impact tool on them. The shop manual could not be followed completely with the new set up. The tips on the new bar are quite a bit thicker than the old bar so, you could not get the recommended dist
  10. Just got back from FT Meade MD, where I put a 1 inch front sway bar on the 56. Boy can you tell the difference in handling. The cool thing about FT Meade is they let you use their lifts, tools, etc;, for a small fee.
  11. consider putting the third brake light on a rear license plate set up. I have one there and have been told it is real easy to see at night.
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