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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I should have posted an update months ago. I found a shop near me that I trusted to do the work. I dropped the Buick off and the Torque Tube Eliminator kit off at the shop at the beginning of February and the work was completed by the end of March. Of course as always with these old cars more items were discovered that needed attention other that just the installation of the Torque Tube Eliminator kit. So, they blew through my budget quickly. However, I am very satisfied with the end result.
  2. Looking for a complete Dome Light assembly to include Dome Light switch.
  3. Finally got the Torque Tube Eliminator Kit installed on Red Dawn so, after five months got to go to another car show in Riverview FL. I can now get those dual quads opened up with no fear.
  4. Roadhog, see other posts by me in this section of the Forum about what modifications were done to the car. Just search under my alias.
  5. I already converted my 56 model 48 to an open driveline. Evidently the shop that I had do the trailing arm set up didn't do a very good job (I broke a weld for the third time). I have now purchased a Torque Tube Eliminator Kit. Does anyone have experience with installing this kit so that I can ask a technical question now and then about its installation. I already called Russ Martin and he told me he never installed the kit but just sold them, and not only that but, he was really a middle man for the shop that actually came up with the Torque Tube Eliminator Kit. I also called the shop that sells the kit and they said they have installed the kit but, on an older Buick not a 56. Any technical help would be greatly appreciated, I just want the car to be safe when I put the pedal to the floor.
  6. Took Red Dawn on a nice 62 mile drive to todays BOPC car show in Auburndale Florida. Show was well attended (approx 165 Cars) I was honored to receive one of the awards. However the fun just really got going on the drive home from the show. Somehow my trailing arm on the modified open driveline broke its weld. Lets just say my pucker factor really went into overdrive. I am uninjured, the car is in the garage, now I need to look into getting the torque tube eliminator kit. Anyone know somebody that has used the kit on a 56 Special? I will post some other Buick pics from todays show, file size limits and all.
  7. Heah Bill, I have never been and thinking about going also. What day would you go? Not sure I would drive the 56 though. Let me know.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I am waiting for my new dome lamp lens to arrive. I will then cut the old lens out, use your recommended technique on the posts and then insert the new dome lamp lens. I'll report back on how it all worked out.
  9. Took Red Dawn out today to stretch its legs and as I was taking a corner a little faster than I should have been, the Dome lamp came swinging down. When I got back home I made several attempts to get it popped back in place. One strong arm attempt, I cracked the dome lamp lens. No problem, I will order another one from Fusick. Now the real problem, I can't determine any real way the dome lamp rim attaches to the four posts on the dome lamp receptacle coming from just inside the headliner. The four posts are not notched in anyway and are straight up and down with no bends whatsoever. I did find on the dome lamp rim a crack where one of the posts insert but, the other three were fine, which means to me that dome lamp should attach to three posts at least. Any ideas on what I can do to get the dome lamp back in place properly?
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