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  1. Hi Hans, could you be so kind to send me a pm? So far I don't have the permission to send mails to other members, since I have not yet met the minimum content item count (???) Thanks Markus
  2. Many thanks, John. But I produced a huge pile of aluminum scrap until it looked like that... The 1400lbs is the current weight without interior. I expect some 150lbs more until it is complete. Hopefully the Buick can cope with this boat anchor...
  3. Hi Hans, I had the same issue with the 248 exhaust manifold. Many cracks, and completely broken between cyl. 6 and 7. In my area (Frankfurt/Germany) there is a company that is specialised in welding cast iron. They fixed my manifold, the guys did a very good job, the welded areas were almost not visible... Since the repair I drove 8kmiles so far without any issues. I guess I paid around 250€/350$. Name of the company is Castolin Eutectic in Kriftel near Frankfurt. Good luck, Markus
  4. John, Wayne (what a funny coincidence...), Many thanks for your hints. I will contact the BHC and Sloane, perhaps they have some further information. The trailer was a DIY project. Initially I just wanted to build a tear drop trailer, but for some reason it went bigger and bigger... Length is 17feet, weight 1400lbs, but no interior so far. The Buick is almost stock, apart from rear gear ratio. I have changed to 3.6 some years ago, but I think I have to go back to 4.5 again, since the Buick is suffering quite a lot because of the trailer weight. Currently I am searching for a complete rear end, including torque tube and propeller shaft. The plan is it, to have a "short" towing rear end, and swap to a "long" highway rear end in case I dont tow... Perhaps one of the European AACA members has such a rear end left. I found some in the US, but shipping to Europe is a lot of $$$.
  5. Hi Gentlemen, I have installed a hitch on my Buick for towing a small camper. The instalation of this hitch needs to be officially approved by a technical inspector (German bureaucracy...). The inspector accepts the design of my hitch, but he asks for an official Buick document showing the towing capacity. My 1949 ownersguide tells, I shall contact the Buick Service Department for obtaining a trailer hitch bulletin, to get information like weight limits etc. Does anyone of you has this bulletin? Many thanks, Markus
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