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  1. I looked into non-ethanol gas over the weekend. I never thought about ethanol being a problem until I read your comment. We do have a couple stations around town so I'll look to hit those up when its time to refuel. Thanks for the tip on the radiator and the distributor. The coolant seems to be doing its job for now, but the radiator does look like it could use some attention. Also, I know I need to address the hoses for the inlet and the outlet here soon. I'll look to install your filter suggestion then.
  2. Sounds like I've got a lot to check out and keep me busy in the winter months. Just got it back from the shop about a week ago after having the brake system overhauled. We looked at the main brake lines with the mechanic and decided that they were in good shape, but pretty much everything else was either replaced or rebuilt. The weather's been perfect so we've taken it out for a few cruises around town. It's nice to see some heads turn and we get a lot waves as we pass by.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. We will be draining the fuel tank and replacing the fuel filter. Any other suggestions or additives to be considered for fuel system? The brakes are getting a full overhaul in the shop so I feel good about that. We checked out all the brake lines with the mechanic and those are in good shape.
  4. Hi all, Quinten here. This is actually my wife's car as she found it and purchased it when we were in high school. Once married (now OUR car!) we never had a garage to keep it in until now. It has sat, rarely driven, but started occasionally, in her parent's garage for the past 15 years. We're excited to get it back on the road and show it off. Here it is on the way to the shop to get the brakes serviced so we can do some cruising here soon. Just wanted to introduce myself and say that it is great that a forum like this exists. I'm sure I'll have many questions down the road. For now, I'm just looking for some advice in terms of starting points for maintenance. I've checked the oil and fluids. The belts and hoses seem fine for now. The car starts just fine. Any suggestions on specific components I need to be checking as it has sat for many years?
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