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  1. I bet that YOU were the biggest kid of them all after just coming out of lockdown
  2. You are lucky to have a bush in the front of the housing The Senior Series has 2 small tapered Timken bearings that are no longer made
  3. Hi Rich As you can see the doors on my car fit flush with the body Not sure if yours are the same I will post a photo tomorrow and the do have a curve to follow the body line I used my shrinking machine to do that Was a bugger because of the stepped fold at the top
  4. I think it is banned now because it is a cancer causer
  5. The original wood in my Senior was painted the same color as the metal
  6. WOW Matt that looks mint cobber I love the before and after photos
  7. I would love to do that to my shed
  8. Is there any company reproducing the master cylinder resevior for 29 K model DeSoto Thanks
  9. George, If the can is on a Chrysler product I am sure that I have seen somewhere that they are being re produced
  10. Sorry Bob I have memory loss as well It may have been some one else with the name of Bob hahaha Congrats on your new toy It looks "True Blue" cobber
  11. Cobber I feel sorry for all car people over your way On our way home on Sunday we passed possibly a hundred club cars traveling in the oppersite direction and loads of Motor cycles Our thoughts are with you all and that some day in the not to distant future you will be able to enjoy your cars
  12. Touring cuda in answer about lug nuts the answer is No For many years they used bolts Mt old man had a 57 Aussie Plymouth Cranbrook Ute and that had bolts Left hand threads on the left side as well
  13. Choco he has no choice they are in lock down with the Covid Virus
  14. I think that the whole restoration is an absolute dedication of perfectness if there is such a word Beautiful meticulous workmanship
  15. Bumpers were an optional extra back then It wasn't until the late 20s that some cars had bumpers fitted as standard equipment They were an option on our 27 Chevy and Standard on my 28 DB Senior
  16. I was lucky that I was able to make up a set from the two bodies that I had but that is beautiful work Rich Its no easy feat making those fiddly little boxes and the caps look like you raided the Holden Body Works back in 27 Just great workman ship with a good eye for detail
  17. I would think the engine side Most other applications I have seen are that way
  18. Don't chuck them out cobber just in case I make a stuff up
  19. Rich the profile is different or that beautiful 27 four on that I have would have been cut and extended for more width The curve on my up rights are not as severe as on your one I can see that I will be sealing one end and packing it with dry sand then sealing the other end before attempting the make any bends At present I am rust repairing doors from a 4CV Renault tis very hard welding tissue paper and while doing this I am pondering ideas on how to attack this frame
  20. Sorry Matt The tummy has got the WRONG profile
  21. Looking good Matt That was all missing out of my car but remnants were in the wreck that I bought My late Father in law made one for me and it became a birthday present
  22. Thanks Rich I have seen that I have tried to get in touch with Rob without any luck I believe that he has shut up shop Dont know if it's temp or permanent
  23. Sorry Rich I have just given you another job They are worn, should be parallel. I dismantled all of my locks because they were so worn in the same area as yours and also on the part that where the outside handle fits in was crook Welded all of them up just like new ones now Word of warning if you have to dismantle them heat the little tangs up to cherry red before you try to straighten them . If not they will snap off Hope I have been of some help
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