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  1. Do you know which company made the original ?
  2. With this shot it looks like you're goin down hill
  3. I am helping a mate with the restoration of a 29 Buick Standard He is missing the 2 brackets that come up behind the front door pillars and follow the curve of the cowl This bracket doubles up as a windshield support Does any one have a pair to spare or I will have to fabricate a couple
  4. Aunty Norm said to me that they look long They are just under 4 inches by 1 3/4 wide You need a good light with the idiots that we have to contend with
  5. Rich, If you set every thing up with your body on the chassis then remove it for painting I can't see any major problems as it will be going back with the same spacers etc
  6. They are both originals Anthony The "Senior " was on the car when I got it and the crank hole cover came from Dick Perry I did reproduce the word Senior for my old mate Terry Carol Aka "Aunty Norm" for his Senior sedan I don't think that I could do another one as the arthritis in my hands is getting worse There was a lot of work in making it using small Jewelers files to get the shapes of the letters
  7. Even folks from the Land Down Under have been worried for all of you Bush fires are scary things As you all know we have our share in Aust. So glad and relieved to hear that prayers have been answered For many the loss and devistation is cruel Four years ago the little town of Yarloop where I was born was raised to the ground and I still feel the pain Take care everyone 2020 can only get better (We Hope)
  8. Great news I can't help you with the engine paint color Mine on my 2249 Senior is a Battle Ship Grey color I am not sure when Chrysler changed to silver Keep up the good work
  9. Robert Between you me and the gate post I do go for an occasional drive down our street We are in a semi rural area on a dead end street so no a lot of traffic
  10. Thank you all for your kind comments I am just an ordinary bloke that is trying to bring this beautiful and rare old car back to life When I say rare there was only 250 of these cars that were bodied by Holden Bodybuilding Co in Adelaide South Australia I know of 8 and 1 of them is in England As I have stated before without the help and advice and encouragement that I have received from so many on these forums the old girl would probably still be a heap of rusty panels When I see the achievements that Ian Greenlaw and The restoration of Daphne the Dodge, like you guys have done fantastic jobs and that's what gives us all encouragement to push on when we can't find that special part Well we have to improvise so we make it or have it made Being part of this BIG Dodge Brothers Family is very special
  11. Check the earth strap from the battery to the frame
  12. The spring shackles would have had grease nipples as well as the steering joints and king pins The cups were on the Distributor and for the throw out bearing
  13. Thank you Sasha Do you have both of the pads or just the one on the top of the guard?
  14. Thank you handleman Are the LHD Americans ones the same as Aussie RHDs As they mount on oppersite side fenders
  15. Sasha That is a beautiful car What model Chrysler is it?
  16. I have bought a 29 K Model roadster Aussie body by Holden and it has no step plates for accessing the dickey seat Any one have photos so I know what to look for? thanks Ron
  17. Hope that yours was bonzer considering the situation that you are in
  18. We celebrate Fathers Day on the first Sunday in September
  19. Happy Fathers Day to all of Aussie dads that are on these forums May your day be full of Love,Joy and Happiness
  20. NOw you will have to shine up all of the brass ware
  21. Sunnybaba You have a 28 NATIONAL Chevrolet The capitol was 27 and only had 2 wheel brakes Best of luck with your sale It sure would be a shame to part it out
  22. Hello Ray Sorry to hear that you and your beloved DB have parted company I hope that she went to a good home and not some Dodgy Codger
  23. They were Matt. Gundog supplied me with photos and drawings and that's the result
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