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  1. Sunnybaba You have a 28 NATIONAL Chevrolet The capitol was 27 and only had 2 wheel brakes Best of luck with your sale It sure would be a shame to part it out
  2. Hello Ray Sorry to hear that you and your beloved DB have parted company I hope that she went to a good home and not some Dodgy Codger
  3. They were Matt. Gundog supplied me with photos and drawings and that's the result
  4. For any D B restorer out there I have the jigs and facilities to reproduce the steel frame like the one that I made for the coil of my DB Senior If you have a good coil with a broken pot metal frame and you would like to go original I have the solution Cost would be US$60 plus postage
  5. Thank you Anthony You have been most helpful when I have had a request for a photo so that I know what goes where If it wasn't for you I would have had no idea on how the rear seat was constructed I am totally in debt to you for all of your help
  6. Thank you for your kind comments Dick Both you and Sandie are most welcome to visit and stay I have very fond memories of your hospitality in Detroit You are so right, these old Dodges are almost bullet proof and so simple to work on Did you find the front Watson Stabilator strap for the overall measurement ? Please pass on our regards to Sandie
  7. We live in a quiet estate we are all on 5 acres so on the odd occasion i go for a 4 k drive Just to keep everything lubricated
  8. Dave A garage is where we park our old or modern cars Usually a 20 X 20 The shed is where they are reborn
  9. My senior has more of a bend where the pipe attaches the flange is horizontal That one appears to be on an angle.
  10. Thank you Dave , Spoke to John Post a couple of weeks back. He has been very busy. I made the two bars for the bumper bar The originals were too pitted with rust to do anything with I call this my shed or my play pen If we come home from somewhere and there is still some hours left in the day my girl says "Go.on get your Happy Clothes on and off you go" Have got her trained real well after 45 years
  11. Thanks very much Matt for posting the photos This car has been a labor of love since 1980 Being a long distance owner driver there was not lot of time spent at home to work on the old girl I did manage to have a running chassis that I could drive around the yard in 1992 From then until 2012 there was work done in dribs and drabs ,mostly wood fame work We moved house in 2009 and I started to build my workshop in January 2012 and finished it in July of that year I was still trucking at this time as well I decided to sell my Road Train set up and retire and concentrate on the cars I advertised the gear and it went as a complete Road Train rig which I was very pleased about No mucking around selling off the bits and pieces. The car was purchase off a cockey (farmer) and the poor old girl had been (modified) a fair bit It had the wrong diff center and torque tube fitted and mounted on the front left side where a passenger would sit was a Lincoln welder She was the mobile welding plant for the farm These moderfications were done by an engineering company in Perth I had no windscreen posts, no drivers side door the dash had been cut away to accommodate the welder and the rear of the body tub section had been hacked out with an axe It was not a pretty sight. In the mid 1990s a purchase another DB Senior that was more of a basket case than mine It only had an engine and transmission battered fenders and cowl and WINDSCREEN POSTS. Wow at least I now had a much better cowl than the original and a Dash panel too Then the guy says that he had more bits back at his house My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I seen the rear tub section and 4 doors Without this doner car god only knows how I would have gone The doner car panels were very rusty around the bottoms yet the right side drivers door was almost perfect except fro one small rust patch about 1/2 inch diameter The rear was a much different story That took over 6 weeks to repair I am very greatful to Dick Perry for buying the Dash Gauge Cluster that the Ebay seller would not ship to Oz and the NOS original North East coil and switch I made a new frame for the coil and it works great The originals were pot metal and broke very easily The most help that I have received is from Gundog Anthony if you read this without your help with photos and measurements and the odd phone call this project would have stalled There are many other people that have inspired me and without there help I would have given up and the person that is on the top of that list is my late Father in Law Peter Longworth He taught me patience which I never had years ago All I have to do to complete the car now is the right front fender the upholstery in leather and the top Well the sun is now up I am off to the shed Thanks Ron
  12. Ian how have you seen photos of my car I don't know how to post pictures on here Ron
  13. Reminds me of the gynocologist that rebuilt an engine through the exhaust ports
  14. They are covered with the floor mat Only you will know I know that we try to make our restorations as perfect as possible Some I have seen are better than when they left the factory If you know in your own mind that you have done your best then don't worry
  15. Trying to put the gas gauge together is very fiddly as well mate
  16. Fantastic news Glad that you found them Please give your wife best wishes from the Dodge Brothers and sisters from Down Under Stay Safe in these crazy times
  17. You are most welcome Richard Aren't you missing the cutouts for the door catches in your new pieces
  18. They are advertised on flea bay you can get the 3 hoses
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