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  1. Matt I presume that Gundog means the muffler I fitted on from a 1963 J3 Bedford truck to my Senior. Correct length ,Diameter , 2 inch Inlet 1!/2 out let The Bedford ran a 214 ci engine so about the same capacity
  2. We need a picture of the thumb I have done the index finger on my left hand twice in the last 6 weeks
  3. I have a 30inch I bean about 3 feet long
  4. If the steel felloe is bent out of shape they can be trued up by clamping them onto a thick steel plate and heating it with a oxy accetelene torch You will need a proper heat torch as a cutting tip as not big enough I check there it is not true mark the area clamp it down and heat the area the is out of alignment While it is still red hot clamp the bad area down and let it cool All you are doing in effect is stress relieving the felloe back to its original shape
  5. Restoration Supplies sell Penrite Oil which is made to suit our old transmissions and rears Most of the old car movement in Australia use Penrite Oils as they actually formulate and make the oils suitable for our cars
  6. Thank you Paul I have gone down that path Hoping to get some help there
  7. I have a Spanner that I made a couple of years ago Thanks Anthony
  8. Thank you Dick I think I have made my fronts too long
  9. Can any DB Senior owners please let me know what the length of the straps is for the front Watson Stabilators
  10. Can any one tell me the length of the front straps for theses Stabilators
  11. Keithb7,Early DBs were 12 volt The changed to 6 volt in mid 26 when they changer over to a separate Starter and Generator
  12. Thanks Rusty and PFitz for your replies I do have a wrench and scales but I am having trouble with adjusting the fronts It seems to be that the front straps that I made are to long
  13. I have got to the stage where I am adjusting the tension on my Watson Stabilator Springs I have remade the straps from a modern webbing and that is OK Reading the Watson Service manual they state that the DB Senior has a 6" lap on the front and a 4" lap on the rears The front are tensioned to 28 lbs and the rears to 18 lbs Can anyone with some knowledge of these shock absorbers please explain to me what is mean't by a ^' and a 4" lap Thanks Ron
  14. You may get better results if you go onto the HAMB site as on here our cars are as made not modified
  15. Anthony, The 52 tooth crown wheel and the 12 tooth pinion out of the earlier DBs ( Not sure of the years ) will fit the Senior I have that combination in my car
  16. Anthony I will check with my parts supply and see what I can find that is suitable
  17. Thanks Rick I will take you up on the offer May come up on Friday or Saturday if that's OK
  18. Thanks Bill I recon that I will be Ok with the information that you have given me All I know is that the car is a 29 Standard roadster
  19. Thank you Bill It now gives me an idea of what steel to get Dennis is coming over this morning to collect the radiator so I will ask him what model his car is Once again thank you for being most helpful Ron
  20. Thank you Bill Just what I need The owner gave me some 5/8 rod to make them out of Told him that it was way to thick and to take it home He was sure that it would be fine My reply was if I can't make them like or as close to original I wont do the job Oh I almost forgot What is the length of the rods Bill
  21. I have been asked to make a pair of radiator stays for a 1929 6 cylinder Buick roadster I need a photo of the end that attaches to the radiator frame Thanks in advance
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