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  1. Matt they are not for my car I am sending them over to Terry for his Senior I have ragged him for about 5 years for not having the correct ones and to also fit the nickel flexi conduit Only way to hurry things along is to make the allusive parts Very fiddly work for my arthritic paws but we still manage He is lucky that he is a great mate That's the name of the game though helping each other where possible
  2. We can get square rubber O rings down here in Aust.
  3. For your frame number look above and just to the rear of the right front rear spring hanger They can be hard to find as they were stamped lightly
  4. Let me know You can have it for the postage from Aust to Cally if you need it
  5. Poppy Where are you located As have a spare inner tank I am in Australia
  6. I bet that gasket set is for a DA Dodge Myers flog them for US$350 for the Victory
  7. Then ya gotta come over this side and give me a hand
  8. I had better get my ring into gear or you will have yours finished before me
  9. Looking fantastic Matt The wheel centers are a sexy colour
  10. Cranky There is a guy on these forums by the name of Taylormade and he is restoring an early 30s DB There is a great description on his restoration on how he rebuilt the Lovejoy shocks like yours
  11. Sorry there mate The 2249 Senior is adjusted off the car So I assumed that the box off yours would be the same
  12. They are supposed to be adjusted on the bench NOT in the vehicle
  13. There is so much "overlap' on a Straight Eight engine I don't think that taking 2 or 3 pounds off the fly wheel would cause rough idling or at cruising speeds
  14. I never got over about 20 mph but boy did I have some fun
  15. Matt this is one of the jobs that had me in a jam I tried casting them in Devcon 2 pack rubber but they turned out terrible and miles to hard I have since found that the kit that I was advised to use by Devcon was the wrong one. $118 down the gurgler This way has been fairly easy especially doing the rebating with the Dremil The curves are the easiest using a contour gauge and then transferring it onto the rubber. I have lots of mess to clean up when I finish Rubber dust is every where
  16. Will send you a photo of the Senior pump The same as yours but different
  17. Just out of curiosity has some one in years gone by changed the nipple and the grease cup fittings around ?
  18. Don't be to hard oh yourself mate You are not alone I was born one as well
  19. Thanks both Jack and Tom I will check it out
  20. Thanks they look like the goods Just have to work out which size I need and order one
  21. M/C is okay just need the resevior thanks
  22. Okay I got no replies to my first post Does anyone have a good one for sale?
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