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  1. I have 2 reoroduced red heads for a Chrysler modeld 72 and 75. Aosl a high compression gas cao for sale. Heads are high qualityaluminium . Jay at astheime@ptd.net or 610 863 6955. Will send pictures on request. This will be my last year at Hershey.
  2. E mail me at astheime@ptd.net I'll send you some pictures.
  3. I can't tell you the numbers but I have the fittings. Is vacuum tank a Stwert Warner ot Kingston. Jay astheime@ptd.net
  4. I have parts and possibly pictures. astheime@ptd.net 610-863-6955 evenings only. jay
  5. Send me a picture of the area. I have quite a bit of 72 and 75 parts. Jay astheime@ptd.net
  6. You can divide about 3 quarts of 600wt. oil between the them. Take care if it doesn't pour like honey it isn't 600 wt.
  7. pre1939chrysler


    Look in Hemmings . There are a few good companies listed. They all are expensice because of difficulty of production and mterial source.
  8. Looking for James Papas, he is in the Desoto club and has parts I need. He moved out west and I don't have an up to date phone number for him. Jay Astheimer 610-863-6955 astheime@ptd.net
  9. I found 4 caps but they are only 2 1?2 " I had two larger ones but am not sure I sold one or both. Sorry. j
  10. Sorry, I didn't get back sooner. I don't go on this site often. I have them but haven't been able to get my Hershey boxes out. Broken hand. Kaiser can help if he has it but in theean timi I'll look,. J
  11. If no one else has it ,send me the ID and OD I have a few but don't want to make a mistake. Jay 610-863-6955 astheime@ptd.net
  12. With all that said, are you using 600wt. oil. ? Looks like and pours like honey. Multi viscosity travels and you need a thick oil. Jay 610-863-6955
  13. 1929 Chrysler hinge bolts for rumble seat . Breaa. 6 available . $85 each. Call Jay 610 863 6955 or astheime@ptd.net.
  14. I had 6 rumble seat hinge bolts made for 1929 Chryslers in brass and are exact duplicate.They possibly fit other makes. You only need 2 pre car.They are $85. each ,a bit pricey but they cost a lot to have made. Call Jay at 610-863-6955 or astheime@ptd.net Alsop I have the base to Chrysler steering wheels for mogel 72 and 65.
  15. Thanks Keiser for the endorsement. Actually I have had both the round and square can fittings made. They require some machining. We are having trouble getting the ball bearing to fit in. But the filters are very low efficiency they can be used for show. 610-863-6955 or astheime@ptd.net Jay
  16. The dash is model 72. Tubes could have been removed in 80 years. What are the numbers and letters on the engine tag? J for 72 M for 62 H for 60
  17. As you can see from the pictures ,the car needs lots of work. It is doable as a Street Rod. The most important metal is there as a pattern. It won't be junt be junked because you don't see many Chryslers out there,original or rodded. I'm in eastern Pa. Jay at 610-863-6955 cell 610-462-3631 If no one is interested ,it will go on e-bay. Not the way I prefer to go. I have a 29 Chrysler Model 75 Rumble seat coupe that gets lots of thumbs up at shows and lots of firsts. This car needs you to bring it back to life in a good home. Am asking $1,000 and can help with some
  18. This car is probably too far gone to restore but would be perfect as a street rod. You would need to do a lot of welding and cutting but in the end it is a Chrysler Rumble seat coupe. The seats are there for the front.Have lots of pictures. Asking $1,000. I have some parts that I would sell if needed. CM is a rare car . If interested I'm in Eastern Pa. 610-863-6955 Ask for Jay
  19. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could identify this column. It's old,probably rare and somebody probably needs it. The internal box turns. Jay 610-863-6955 astheime@ptd.net
  20. A great Street rod project. Needs a lot of work but a Chrysler. Lower sheet metal ,not so nice . 12" up it is great. This is a rumble seat coupe with the seat still there. Front grill, not good but working on another. Will be at Hershey with pictures, GDD 30-31-32. Lots of upper metal for the right person. Jay 610-462-3631
  21. Will be at Hershey this week with pictures. This coupe will only be good as a street rod. Lower metal, not good but 12" up ,fantastic. Stand GDD 30-31-32 Jay 610-462-3631
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