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  1. Very well paid engineers designed the pump and cooling system of your car for exactly the correct volume of water movement. You won't out-think them.
  2. I don't recall two being built by Martin Swig, the "afficionado" you seem to reference. I recall him having one coupe and it was a '52 Saratoga and the shop that did race prep are friends of mine. What documentation do you have? "Chrysler Historic Racing" is a run of decals Swig made up just for fun, no sanctioning by Chrysler was ever claimed to my knowledge.
  3. Thanks all y'all for your kind comments. First credit should go to the original owner and his chauffeur, then his daughter who felt "dad's" memory so dear as to keep his car, then the grandson, Andrew Humes, who had to struggle with siblings to wrest the car away from those who weren't interested because he knew it would live on best in his hands. And Andrew, eventually recognizing the need for a new caretaker of the prize, contacted Eric Killorin of Olympic Cars brokerage as well as being a CCCA judge. Eric, not being overly familiar with earlier Dodges and knowing my Chrysler proclivities, sent me a few pictures and words asking for help appraising the market for the car. I asked for more pics, more info! Then said Eric, "I'M INTERESTED, look no further". Its just a survivor with an "oily rag" makeover using a lot of elbow grease.
  4. Unapologetically showing off my 33K mile '35 Dodge DU convertible coupe. It took a while to recommission the car to roadworthy after sitting on blocks in a NY carriage house for 25 years and then had very minimal use with the original family's grandson. Still factory paint, chrome, interior. New top, tires (Auburn radials) and miscellaneous rubber bushings and replaceables like spark plugs and brake maintenance of course. For the curious, those are '36 Dodge optional wheel discs around the original hubcaps on the artillery wheels. It is believed the original owner, NY banker Carl Jacob Schmidlapp probably bought them when in for an early service visit when the '36 models had appeared. This was CS's weekend golf car to go to his golf course on Long Island and was maintained by the chauffeur he employed for his "work car" limousine to go to the bank every day.
  5. THANK YOU so much for posting that wheel disc accessory picture. Verifies again what I have thought happened with my '35 DB owner going in for service and seeing them offered and made the purchase..
  6. As with any multiple carburetion, you MUST balance the carbs. Owning a "Uni-Sync" balancer is important. All good after that.
  7. The original owner of my '35 Dodge purchased a full set of six (dual sidemount car) apparently over the counter when back at the dealer store for service in 1936, which was the first year they were an optional accessory. I can tell you that they were made by Lyon Corp., Detroit, who made a great many of the American market accessories and post war most of the US car's full wheelcovers. I agree with the above that the ridge or ripple type were first offered in '39 and Bernbaum has them. The plain type are VERY handsome on the '36-38 cars and also on my '35. Since purchasing my car within the last year and a half and finding the identification on the back, I have not seen any for sale, I'm sorry to report. But hope more info like this will benefit your search.
  8. Joe, IF those are Harbor Freight jackstands in your chassis pics, and I'm almost certain they are, there is a national recall for them because they will COLLAPSE. I took back eight of them yesterday for credit. https://www.autoweek.com/car-life/diy/a32612380/harbor-freight-jack-stands-recalled-failure-risk-see-models-affected/ Would really hate to have that happen while you are under the car. Blew me away that I've been working with them.
  9. I have a set of new '53-55 Studebaker wheelcovers. Bought these I believe back when Stude International was briefly reproducing them from original dies(?). They were never used as I retained the faux wire wheel covers on my car despite being a pain to keep clean. So in the picture that is still the heavy separator paper from when I received them. The car is long gone as is my memory of what I paid. The question is what might they be worth today? Doing some shelf cleaning. If you'll give me some ideas of value, I'll revise the question into an ad with a price. Thanks.
  10. No one has mentioned that there is a "bug" or logo in the glass that gives the manufacturing company, quality of the glass, and it is date coded typically withing 45 days of the production date of the car. Thought there were restorers here at the AACA. LOL. Not many restorations bother with this trivia, but before you throw that original glass away, thought you should know. For all we know, you are planning a points restoration for judging. They are only original ONCE.
  11. Talk to these guys. When it comes to factory original, they are most helpful I've contacted. I don't know what they can do specifically for your need but they've helped me several times. http://www.originalair.com/
  12. I'm a FL member also. The manual itself says it is for Chrysler and Imperial and there are NO support books for '56 DeSoto, Dodge, Plymouth and that, to my mind, speaks "volumes".
  13. Try Browne Auto Salvage, Sunset, TX. They have (or had when I was there a couple years ago) a quite complete '55 2dr hdtp. Very knowledgeable owner and his son. Other Dodges and a thousand more cars.
  14. There is no evidence that the Torque-Flite transmission was factory installed in any production 1956 DeSoto or Dodge or Plymouth. Garages, hobbyists, and probably some dealership conversions however have gone on for the last 64 years and continue.
  15. YES, please post your findings! Thanks. Any comments on the "Top Tier" rating of gasolines. I try to only purchase Top Tier fuel. Locally for me (central TX) that means Shell and Valero.
  16. Its a Harley Servi-Car owned and used by a Chrysler dealership. Many dealerships of all brands had them.
  17. First photo is a vacuum switch for something. Second is part of the MoPar solid state ignition system.
  18. This is an estate sale and the widow needs to move the cars out. They are indeed very attractively priced to sell.
  19. I can but offer the few photos I took shortly after purchase of the '17 DB touring I pulled out of 73 years storage in San Antonio. Unfortunately I don't have a pic with the battery out. There was a metal cover over the battery as shown and it was lined with a single piece of pine(?) that had cracked that was held in place by a couple of screws. It was a VERY old battery! Hope this is somewhat helpful to you. From past experience, while the bottoms always rust out eventually, the removable lids for servicing typically don't get put back quite early in a car's life and are lost forever.
  20. Try these folks. They've surprised me in the past. I do not know for a fact they'll have a pump or kit. But maybe. http://northwesternautosupply.com/
  21. With all due respect, it CAN be a very useful and factual resource. The HET Club is nearly useless for Terraplane car information or help of any kind. The Facebook "Terraplane SEVEN" page is the best thing that has happened to the marque ever (in my humble opinion as its originator and moderator). The page has 573 members which certainly supports my statement. Not bad for a "forgotten marque". There are other unique supportive pages for many other interests as well. Don't "throw the baby out with the bath water". FB is a heckuva lot more than "social media". I'm tempted to add here that even the AACA forums are getting more watered down with the number of hot rodders and customizers culling the posts for cars and parts and offering suggestions for modifications. Guess I'll leave this now.
  22. I own the above car and it is in partial restoration currently.
  23. And you need that third member from a car that was NOT equipped with overdrive. Overdrive cars came with the 4.56 ratio so the little 212" splasher sixes could still pull in overdrive!
  24. Have you visited the AACA Hudson Essex Terraplane forum? There virtually every post is met with a response from Jon37 to join the HET Club and he almost never provides any helpful answers. How about that?
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