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  1. No, suggesting ADDITIONAL RESOURCE as a overwhelming function of these AACA forums is research and one can never have enough information. And I'm the administrator of the Terraplane SEVEN page which is all Terraplane all the time and NOT part of ANY club or organization.
  2. Also several more photos at this link which is still up. https://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=87884
  3. There was no factory capability at Chrysler to build this. It falls into the coachbuilt category of "airporters" meaning stretched chassis to which additional doors and seats were added. Armbruster-Stageway, Fort Smith, Arkansas was the biggest producer here with their "Memphian". The company continues building stretches as "limousines", ambulances, and hearses. Hotel and airport uses were common. There was a gray very similar '56 sold near Portland about 3 years ago.
  4. So, did you purchase? If so, come join us over on Facebook. Page named "Terraplane SEVEN".
  5. Have three NOS '60 Mercury small "dog dish" hub caps and one that is used in excellent condition. The part number rubber stamp is still on the back side. I mounted these temporarily on chrome wheels on a very mild '57 Ford custom and then changed to another style. One of the NOS has some light face scuffing as shown. The used cap has light 'ring' scratching in one area as shown. These fit original and aftermarket wheels with nubs and have a 10.25 inside diameter. Asking $70 plus about $20 to mail them USPS in a Priority Mail flat rate box.
  6. Skirt is SOLD. Thank you all for looking. The sheet metal size and shape of the skirt seems to be identical for all '35-36 Mopars. The trim and ornament seems to vary depending on what model got the installation, Sparkee.
  7. ONE ONLY '30s Mopar fender skirt. Very good used original condition, no dents. I'm not sure of the application(s). I suspect it is '35-36. There is absolute minimum surface rust and no freezing of the attaching mechanism. Bottom trim and the emblem are very good. Its up in my barn rafters or I'd have add'l photos. Fits LEFT side of car. I DO NOT have the other side. Asking $175 plus UPS Store pack and ship from central Texas.
  8. I did purchase a reproduction of the '35 Hudson crank hole cover. STILL HAVE available the very nice '34 Hudson CHC as shown above. $125 ?
  9. Finally made contact. It had sold within 15 minutes yesterday but we had a nice chat. Maybe the "next one".
  10. THANKS AlaskaMopar. Trying to reach.... can't hold a phone call together.
  11. Follow-up for some next owner or shop searching for those trim end caps: The '56 Dodge Lancer hardtops use a very similar piece of trim to start going around the base of their backglass. It is a few inches longer. When cut to the needed length of the convertible it is exactly the same piece as I needed. That is what is on my car today. Finishing restoration very shortly. Now with '57 Hemi of 325" and modern Holley fuel injection.
  12. It has long been my understanding that the first Torqueflite went into a production Imperial in March of 1956. Several late year '56 300Bs then also received Torqueflites. But NO other '56 Chrysler products, not even New Yorkers had the new transmission available. Now, of course, torqueflites have been swapped into all other '56 Chrysler products by garages and by hobbyists and this includes into '56 pickup trucks. Not difficult to do once the 5 button shift quadrant has been procured that is correct for the dashboard intended and also need the repositioning of the support crossmember. I have a '56 Imperial limo that is perfectly well served by its Powerflite and have no intention of changing it.
  13. I have two sets of 1957 wheelcovers for sale. One set of 4 is '57 Chrysler Saratoga, 14", that are very nice but one center "hub" has some pitting. One set of 4 is '57 Chrysler New Yorker, 14", also very nice. The Saratoga set is $70 plus shipping via UPS The NYer set is $50 plus UPS ship.
  14. Yes, I do know the vent seals are available. K-GAP (Kale Graefen Automotive Parts, my company as a partnership) offered the first reproduction of those well over thirty years ago. Proprietary items made by Metro Molded specifically for us. Today, with K-GAP gone, Wildrick sells them: https://www.wrphet.com/window-seals.html. If it was as simple as keeping them greased, I wouldn't be asking. 75 years of neglect and abuse for cars that are now restoration projects requires more.
  15. Soliciting your comments and suggestions on successful rebuilding of the "disappearing vent windows" of deluxe models of Terraplanes and Hudsons as offered by Hudson Motor Car Co. in the period 1934-1939. Its a complex system of gears and channels and riveted spring chamber that in retrospect deserves to be labeled "under-engineered". Surely deteriorating and hardening vent window rubbers contributed to operational problems over the years since production. And rotting window vertical channels that made motion difficult added load to the scissors mechanism. But that was inevitable and expected and is true of ALL cars. So what have you done in your restorations to improve the situation AND make it last into future use? I would welcome all input. Thank you.
  16. Are you using some sort of synchronization tool? Like a Uni-Sync ?
  17. The Spohn Palos very recently. Cabrio top bows finished, blasted frame, fitted, painted. Body trim being fitted and installed. Meanwhile suspension and rear axle have been restored awaiting installation.
  18. Can you briefly summarize what the difference is that distinguishes early from late? Sooooo many listings of these parts for sale cross over that '36 to '37 dividing point. I'm having absolute FITS getting good brakes on my '35 Dodge convert with everything new, including a Raybestos #544 MC that said it fit "across the years" and so many models and trucks. My diagnosis is that this later style MC must has a smaller bore and so I'm not getting enough volume of fluid out to my cylinders. With ideal adjustments at the wheels my pedal is very near the floor and not really firm. Thanks.
  19. Accent and pinstripe colors, in my experience, might only appear in factory literature like service bulletins. And then by name with no color chips!
  20. Hudson and Terraplane used a VERY similar seal on their 1935 only closed cars - coupes and sedans. Has bee reproduced a couple times over recent decades. Currently available at https://www.wrphet.com/. PN #309 in the "Body" section of the catalog. Ask for a couple inch sample first. Good luck.
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