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  1. The whole US industry was changing to 16" over '33-34 as a general rule (there are some exceptions). It depended on what model of the car was purchased or what the buyer specifically requested. My '35 Dodge 16" wheel attached.
  2. Just recently had my memory refreshed with an old hobby error. As noted in diagram above, #1158 bulbs are required. I had tail lamp issues. Found that someone previous had jammed #1157 bulbs into the sockets getting marginal contact and ground. 1158s have parallel pins on the bulb. 1157s are staggered pins. Just a thought.
  3. '33-35 Plymouth and Dodge to my limited knowledge. Perhaps the others as well depending on what tire size it will encase. 600x16 likely. '35 Dodge survivor car shown (currently for sale on eBay).
  4. https://wagnertech.wordpress.com/2005/09/29/popular-package-honoring-walter-p-chrysler-returns-to-select-2006-chrysler-products/
  5. I presume that is what is on this list but am not familiar with your specific car. https://windshieldframes.com/post/_docs/Windshield_Frame_Pattern_List.pdf
  6. If you like that I've got a '51 Manhattan Deluxe COUPE I'll sell for ONE TENTH that price !
  7. Call Lares tomorrow morning and discuss with them. GREAT resource.
  8. I've been very pleased with ESPO Springs and Things also. Very knowledgeable young lady (owner's daughter??) on the phone. http://www.springsnthings.com/
  9. I've done this on a restoration: the original springs of a lightly sprung, same era convertible car were failing and I had good used springs from a heavier sedan parts car. In my example they were all only one leaf heavier than the originals. The used sedan springs brought the convert back up to factory height and actually gave a better ride because they controlled side sway. In your case, adding multiple leaves may have happened from a larger Chrysler sedan. But addition by 3 leaves certainly sounds like too much.
  10. Look around this store. https://www.ledlight.com/
  11. The '57-59 Ghia limo conversions were based on Crown coupes as you suggest. Starting 1960 Chrysler shipped out partially assembled LeBaron 4dr sedans. Here is one such sedan body either ready to go, or arriving Turin. And photo of the "parts package" included !
  12. They only fit that year and only that body style. And unless you give us at least a strong hint of what state you are in, even if you get an offer of "free" in S. Texas will you come pick them up? You haven't given your location on your member page to further make your task difficult.
  13. Ask YOUR state licensing agency what to do. Each state has its own laws regarding missing titles and missing agents. For certain you will need to get a bonded title from a company that does that. They set their fees. Asking the whole of the country and the world in this forum is highly unlikely to get you Wisconsin answers that will actually get you a Wisconsin title. Its really simple if you think it through.
  14. The '60 Ghia for Rocky was just shy of 6000 pounds. I currently have a '56 Crown Imperial limo by Derham which is about 500 pounds lighter, also built on a convertible frame extended.
  15. Shot of my '60 Crown Imperial Ghia limousine (Rockefeller's) when on my 2-post lift and I on my back on creeper under it shooting up. Back when I owned it 6 or 7 years ago. Shown are some things we are talking about. The X-member "convertible" frame and also toward the bottom (rear of car) the extensions Ghia had to add in to achieve desired length. Dual exhaust shown. Driveshaft support shown. Also of interest is the box sections added to the frame covering outer floorboard areas. I think it would be correct in one sense to consider these like "truss boxes" adding additional rigidity to the lengthened frame. Indeed the car was incredibly rigid. I also think it is correct to consider these as "bomb proofing" as these boxes are hollow internally and would absorb early concussion from a bomb blast in the road under the car. Looking under a couple other Ghia limos, these are there consistently. Second photo a little further back shows the rear weld of the exensions and the taper out of the box section. By time of photos, the driveshaft had been out, individual sections balanced, new Spicer "X" joints installed and a new center carrier bearing. WHAT A CAR.
  16. Dodge Bros cars were 12Volt when they started in 1915 !
  17. Selling new in-the-crate W486 (NAGS #) tinted windshield. This fits all two and 4 door hardtops and sedans and also the retractable and convertible. It does not fit the wagon bodies or Ranchero. Incorrectly shipped to me by Auto City Classic glass suppliers. When I discovered their error much later in the restoration process of my Ranchero, it was too late to return it under their terms. ACG sells these today for $289 plus shipping. Must be picked up in Kerrville, Texas; I will not ship. Would deliver to San Antonio for $30 additional. $250 gets it out of my way in the shop!
  18. For my '35 Dodge DU the originals appear to have been ovals but the available replacements are rectangular.
  19. Now, the C56 Boano reference is for the Boano coachworks who built this car assuming the VINs match. That paperwork does not belong with the Derham files. Obviously neither does the Ghia papaer. I don't offhand know of a repository where either should go.
  20. All 1956 and earlier Crown Imperials were built /bodies by Chrysler Corporation. The very few exceptions being special orders that included custom modifications. In almost every case, Derham Coachworks, Rosemont, PA, was the go-to specialty shop for this work. In '56 Derham did two such orders for individuals (I own one). In '55 Derham converted three and all were for the Eisenhowers. '54 and earlier can be internet researched including AACA who has the photo files donated by a Derham heir. 1957- 1965 Crown Imperials were exclusively built by Ghia in Turin, Italy. For '57-59 LeBaron coupes were sent over in partial assembly for Ghia to stretch the chassis and bodywork and add their custom coachcloth interiors. 1960-65 saw LeBaron 4dr sedans sent over to start the process. Your intentions for the AACA library are EXCELLENT. Memphian and Armbruster /Stageway were not given direct contracts from Chrysler for conversions. Their work was as private contractors building a class of cars generally referred to as "airporters" referring to very long stretch, multi-door sedan conversions, mostly of entry level models for use transporting volumes of passengers for airports, hotels, and some for military bases. Memphian's specialty was usually ambulances and hearses and they built on any brand chassis you wanted.
  21. The equipment codes are stamped into the data plate. That might be on the top of the gravel pan in front of the radiator, driver side, from memory. The VIN is little more than a serial production number but typically starts with the year and or model designation - in your case to indicate a '55 Windsor.
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