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  2. In some of the early" bypass" oil filtration systems only when there is an excess of oil pressure does some of the oil get to go through the filter. And as far as early bypass filters being better at filter smaller particles than a modern spin-on filter, I've cut open many Purolator and other brand canister filters to convert them to modern spin-on filters hidden inside. Just painted one Friday for a customer. And if you were to cut open those 1920's and early 30's canisters you'd find that the filter medium is just layers of cotton cheese cloth wrapped around the perforated center core tube and tied with string. And those early bypass systems don't get as much oil flow as some might think. That's why the decals on them say to change the filter either 8000, or 10,000 miles, depending on brand. At lower engine speeds that do not produce enough oil pressure to open the pressure regulator valve, no oil goes through the filter. All the output is going directly to the bearings and then back to the oil sump to go through the pump again. And if you modify the pressure regulator spring to increase oil pressure, then even less oil gets to go through the filter until that higher pressure is reached. So while worrying about why old engines don't use high oil, and boosting the oil pressure like later engines, solving a non-problem can cause a problem by lessening of filtration. I did modify one 1932 system to be full flow, but it takes away from the originality to tee in feed and return line oil lines off the oil pump output line out through the side of the engine base to a spin-on filter. A trade-off the customer wanted so as to have all the oil pump output go through a modern spin-on filter before going to any of the bearings. Paul
  3. Hello Bill, Tom, I will check out ebay USA and will simply provide an adress in USA as mentioned above, if international shipping is not listed. I guess books , brochures and literature has a different shipping rates rather than hardware in a box . should be much less expensive. Frank
  4. The original 2 barrel was only about 250 cfm. You will not get the velocity on a larger carb to give good driveability in city driving (probably runs like a scalded dog at WOT). The original 4 barrel (wcfb or 4gc) was only about 450 cfm with the primaries about half of that. If you go with the edelbrock 4 barrel, go small.
  5. Looks like some of those tire covers with nubs for traction in mud and snow.
  6. Go here if you need re-silvering on the reflectors.... UVIRA at (541) 474-5050.
  7. Pair of gas lamps all brass for early Hupmobile, $500. Happy to answer questions and supply more pictures.
  8. If the headlamp shells can remain in place and the reflectors are held to them by perhaps 3 or 4 tiny screws at the edge, remove the reflector from the lamp shell and since you say the wiring is junk and I assume you will replace then you can cut that and take the reflector to a work bench for an easier place to get the old bulb out even if you have to remove the glass part of the bulb and then the base from the socket it fits into with a pair of thin nose pliers . If it is on the bench and the glass is removed perhaps applying a little heat will loosen the bulb base from the socket. No matter what , take your time, have patience as it no doubt will become a PITA to accomplish!
  9. Tom, Yes, it is hard to believe that a government agency would give wrong or misleading information. I am thinking that certain 1st class does not get tracking like letters or large envelopes. Maybe it is an e-bay thing. I have shipped 1st class from the post office from time to time and don't recall if there was a tracking number or not. I would be curious to know what you find out. Bill
  10. Roger, I hope you had a nice vacation. I thought everyday was a holiday for us retirees! Thanks for the kind words.
  11. Given the laws regarding importing current, modern vehicles it appears unlikely you will be able to do this as others here have mentioned. I asked a VW Tech friend of mine with 20+ years experience working on VWs and 15+ years on Touaregs. He tells me that it is a pain in the you-know-what if a non US Spec VW needs repairs. He has worked on VWs traveling from Canada that needed repairs. Before VWoA would ship parts the owner of the vehicle had to provide documents proving the vehicle was in the USA legally. Warranty work might be an issue also. Could be other unforeseen issues with VW's scan diagnostic tool, programming the vehicle, recalls, etc. Basically it is a big legal thing for VW of America and the dealer so they have to cover their rear ends. Given the hassles, etc. some VW Dealers might not even want to touch a non US Spec VW. That in itself might make getting service in the middle of no where a HUGE headache if you have a broken down, imported Touareg. FYI, I have owned various VWs for the last 39+ years. I know several VW Techs with lots of experience fixing VWs. Oh, the stories they have told about me over the years about fixing modern VWs. 😉🙄
  12. Being honest , I haven’t the experience to consider that issue and didn’t even notice on the examples I saw before I proceeded , I just like the toned down chrome effect and considering the cost is only 1/3 of new wheels I am satisfied .
  13. Jack I have no desire to attack you or any other board member but I do have a question for you. In the minutes you state ":Please read the following from Roberts Rules: "It’s never in order for a member to simply object to the approval of minutes. If a member has some objection to the content of the minutes, he must offer a correction." I would like to know what section you found those sentences in. I was skimming through 170 pages worth of Robert's Rules and this is the only thing I could find discussing the nullification of votes; Carl: It was back in January , I appreciate your interest, but at this point much too much time has already been spent on this.
  14. I am not sure I am the question asked . But on the 1931 Reo Royale 8 cylinder engines the owners have made an adapter to take a modern oil filter . Then you cut a round hole in the original pancake oil filter remove the steel wool like material . Then slip it over the modern oil filter .
  15. Restoration Supply Company in CA also has the copper crush rings. The vacuum valve in the dash turns the windshield wiper on and off. Unscrew it for on, screw it in tight for off.
  16. Due to a sort vacation, I had no time to look at your thread. What you are doing is nice; I like it!
  17. If you are happy that is all that counts, I just can't stand to look at adjustable spoke wheels with the powder gobbed around the adjustment nipples. Bob
  18. Great idea... I coated it when I lined the gas tank it’s self. I’ll try some permatex and try scuffing the crush washers since I can’t source them locally this weekend. ill also stop off vacuum line to wiper as well, of course one at a time to isolate the root cause. heading now to get vacuum tester from work to check vacuum level it’s self.
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  20. I just took my ‘35’ Buick lens off to prepare for new bulb’s. The reflector is not the ‘silver’ polished type that my ‘38’ has. This is a dull aluminum color. They seem original but they seem to have not been used as the wiring was - totally junk. The bulbs are “stuck” in their sockets. I have tried to remove them (with a leather glove on to protect my hand ) but no joy. Any thoughts on bulb removal ?
  21. The January minutes had a unanimous vote to approve. You are probably referring to the January Teleconference. The transcript of that is open to any BCA member requesting it. The attempt to stall the minutes was in your words , we want to see the minutes reposted because "some of us don't trust you" that would be the four that votes as a block . Larry, don't try to intimidate me or bully me. You are just not up to the job. So I say to all IS THE THE INFIGHTING YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. I post on this forum, that the minutes have been posted, and that is reason to attack. If the bOD were not happy with my performance, all they had to do is remove me from my position, NO.!! It is much easier to attack than to actually do any work. Sir, I have never attacked anyone on this forum, and I do not expect to be attacked. It is incredible that the very people that attack others, then also blame them for causing the rancor. You are supposed to be a BOD member , Act like one. Exactly who's integrity are you questioning. So we do away with Robert';s rules and just have a free for all . Once again and for the last time I will say that nothing is being with held from BCA members and to keep insinuating that there is, is libelous .
  22. O.K.Great. When I was restoring the oil pan I found a felt gasket attached to the lower lip of the pan and assume it was there to prevent any oil from sloshing forward when you stop. It just pulled out . I cut a new piece of felt from the gasket kit I purchased and slipped it in so the tube can rotate as you stated. Did not know if any other sealing was necessary. The motor is now ready to install. Question is I have the chassis restored with the rear end and transmission installed along with the big support ring installed also with the multi plate clutch installed too. Can I just slide the engine in and drop it to engage the pins on the flywheel and slide it back to the ring? The car came as a basket case so I did not pull the assembly! Thanks.
  23. Giselle McKensie and Gordon MacRae sing the praises of the new 1946 Buick! You may need to create a simple log-in account for access.
  24. Jack I have no desire to attack you or any other board member but I do have a question for you. In the minutes you state ":Please read the following from Roberts Rules: "It’s never in order for a member to simply object to the approval of minutes. If a member has some objection to the content of the minutes, he must offer a correction." I would like to know what section you found those sentences in. I was skimming through 170 pages worth of Robert's Rules and this is the only thing I could find discussing the nullification of votes; 47. Votes that are Null and Void even if Unanimous. No motion is in order that conflicts with the laws of the nation, or state, or with the assembly's constitution or by-laws, and if such a motion is adopted, even by a unanimous vote, it is null and void. No rule that conflicts with a rule of a higher order is of any authority; thus, a by-law providing for the suspension by general consent of an article of the constitution would be null and void; so, the general parliamentary rule allowing a two-thirds vote to amend the by-laws after due notice, is only in force when the by-laws are silent on the subject. Rules that protect absentees cannot be suspended informally by general consent, or formally by a unanimous vote, as the absentees have not given their consent. For instance, a rule requiring the giving of a specified notice of certain motions, as an amendment of the by-laws, cannot be suspended by general consent or by a unanimous vote. When a vote is required to be taken by ballot, the object is to enable members to conceal their votes, and any motion that defeats this object is out of order. Thus, when the rules require the vote to be by ballot, as is usual in elections to office or membership, this rule cannot be suspended even by general consent, because no one can object without exposing his vote, which he cannot be compelled to do. When the election must be by ballot, a motion to have the ballot cast by one person is out of order. So, when the rules require the vote to be by ballot, a motion to make unanimous a vote that was not unanimous, must be voted on by ballot, as otherwise the vote would not be secret. Carl
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