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Slim Jim Throttle valve adjustment HELP

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O. K. , the tools are on the way to those who sent their addresses.

I checked the D-88 which I don't believe has ever been adusted

since it left the factory.

Would you believe, the accellerator pedal height is 3/16" shorter

than the tool. ????

This car and tranny run perfectly, smooth as silk so I suggest that

you will have to tweak things after using the tool(s).

I am going to try that dimension on the Starfire to see what happens.

Remember to get the carb. right first.

Also , here is a pic of the end of the slim jim filler tube.

I have said there is a spring behind the ball, NOT SO.

The ball (non magnetic) is kept from falling out by the two small prongs.

Internal pressure holds the ball against its seat and stops

fluid from exiting the filler pipe .

Good luck, Dave



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Mine have arrived too. Neat little tools, I've had them out here at work showing them to some of my gearhead work friends.

Dave, I'm caught up in a work cycle that's thwarting me getting to post office for a MO, but I have not forgotten about paying you.

Thanks again for making them up for us!

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Bought my wife a 62' Safari.  With a slipjim....  Takes forever to shift to 2nd and falls on its face when it does...  Hoping it needs the throttle linkage adjusted.    Opinions?    I've done a lot of reading on it.   But one stupid question.... Where exactly do I do the adjusting?    Which part of linkage?    Thanks fellas!   Sorry for digging up an old post. 

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Hope you get lucky and Dave still has some of the tools or is willing to make up some more. Saw on Classic Oldsmobile that Steve Westlake (Oldskeeper) is going to make up some too so we should have a good source for these obsolete essential tools.


Maybe I should clarify that SJ, PG and TF all operate off THROTTLE VALVE pressure. I know the other two are torque converter transmissions.😸

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